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I 152,11-year-old speed is good, a good bounce. Will be thrown back at close range jumper, the cast

go972010-02-26 14:11:20 +0000 #1

ggEason Yu2010-02-26 14:22:22 +0000 #2
11-year-old plasticity is also very high, the words not fully developed, is not it say

but the basics can be practiced, especially the dribble to cultivate a sense of the ball, do not think the shooting will certainly be quasi - to play a good

since the original condition can be, the body can be practiced, especially upper body strength, waist (endurance), and chest strength of arm (against)

as far as possible to the swingman direction, that is all-powerful, can suddenly be able to vote, the best but also a certain degree of organizational skills

more than watch the game, can not just watch the fun, games were done to observe the action, but their follow-bit

general professional standards of the players are very technical movement
520howard2010-02-26 14:24:53 +0000 #3
Shooting guard ah
qq11615914452010-02-26 14:49:35 +0000 #4
learn bar ..
yuekilling2010-02-26 14:41:05 +0000 #5
PF is point guard playing baseball so much like you would be making rapid progress, especially assists, good assists and is often very important to play a decisive role
o0 small rustic2010-02-26 15:20:02 +0000 #6
Louzhu Do not hurry, 11-year-old is the time to lay the foundation does not need to do ourselves in the position Louzhu can try to play a variety of locations all play on ourselves and master the basics, basketball is a team sport, a variety of locations are played later, you will know their individual needs
52 Iron2010-02-26 15:11:17 +0000 #7
PF is a point guard ... too much music of the ...
441,365,3022010-02-26 16:13:32 +0000 #8
first practice and then locate the body because it was a long long been a long night
MIKE ah2010-02-26 15:00:50 +0000 #9
megamanzerogeo2010-02-26 17:03:53 +0000 #10
playing point guard is a bit difficult, effort to practice big points (one-third of the regular on-line), and then grow high bar.



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