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09-10 All-Star calendar

丶 Naruto de-Xinxin2010-02-26 17:10:22 +0000 #1
and talk about what sets Beijing live.
No culture is wonderful, terrible?2010-02-26 17:19:04 +0000 #2
This is the 2010 NBA All-Star Game to all projects Beijing is Beijing

All-Star race was in the February 14 Valentine's Day New Year's Eve 7:30 am start

the other events you can look at your schedule in great detail some particularly spectacular example is the Slam Dunk competition CCTV5 certainly live

February 13th

7:00-13:00 (Beijing time are calculated in accordance with the same following both Beijing)

NBA fans Carnival

8:00 NBA / NWBA All-Star Wheelchair Basketball

February 14

3:30-7:30 NBA CARES

7:00-1:00 (15) NBA fans Carnival

7:30 -- 10:30 NBA All-Star Masters

10:00 Rookie Challenge

10:15 NBDL DreamWorks Skills Competition

February 15

0:00-1:00 NBA fans Carnival

2:15-3:15 Eastern Star team training

3:30-4:30 Western-Star team training

5:00-7:30 NBDL All-Star Game

9:00 NBA All-Star Saturday night, shooting Star Competition Skills Challenge Shootout , slam dunk contest

February 16

1:00-8:00 NBA fans Carnival

9:00 the 58th NBA All-Star Game

February 17

1:00-8:00 NBA fans Carnival
Invincible chic Columbia 3692010-02-26 17:59:04 +0000 #3
2010 All-Star game next February 14 in Dallas Cowboys stadium, this All-Star balloting continues to provide network are two ways of voting and paper ballot, paper ballot deadline for the 2010 January 10, while the Internet voting deadline was January 18. In the January 21, 2010, the final All-Star break starting list will be officially announced.



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