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How to get thicker physique changed expanding

520jym2010-02-27 01:11:15 +0000 #1
My 175CM 113KG third-year students like to play basketball ability to grab boards PF wants to do good, but physically weaker, I have eight abdominal pectoral muscle are also three small ask, but how to let the body bulked up physique changes Thick
CutSuper2010-02-27 01:13:57 +0000 #2
3 muscle: push-ups can do the elbow backward, a group of 20 a day, five groups, I practiced for a month, Ting Meng's

chest: go to the gym doing bench press. No bed to carry heavy weights on the line to do also.
Small Outback2010-02-27 01:19:42 +0000 #3
push-ups and effective
zeng99092010-02-27 02:12:15 +0000 #4
go to the gym to do a Gui-Bin Zhang card, two months, do not come to me Zhuang
SuN_SNiper2010-02-27 03:04:18 +0000 #5
buddies children, 113 pounds bar. . . 113KG exaggerated bar. .. 呵呵

physical fitness, and the relationship between muscle morphology, but not necessarily physical good shape muscles.

So wide-arm push-ups ... exercise pectoralis major and deltoid triceps, in fact, push-ups is the most comprehensive upper extremity training methods, to do more, you will find all the muscles from the waist up in force. Must adhere to.

To practice pieces, you can on the equipment. Dumbbell, barbell elected, bench press or something.

In fact, play basketball, lower limb is very important, is not to bounce high or low, is a stable, balance, power, projectile velocity. . . It was a powerful upper limbs, while the lower limb weakness, so that the body center of gravity, not to fight capability.

Confrontation, in fact, lower extremities more important than the upper.

Basketball, strength is the foundation. Three muscles to stabilize your shot, waist, back muscles can increase your endurance can be, that is, the air dodge confrontation. Leg is the key. (You can practice leapfrog, static squat, Dunqi)

all of the training: low intensity, a large number of training muscle endurance, can be long pieces.

High-intensity, a small amount of training is the explosive force, vertical jump height, explosive moment.

Each training to achieve muscle saturation Suanzhang. The training is completed, remember to fully relax, beating muscles, stretching the muscles. Otherwise it will lead to muscle stiffness. Flexible muscles is good.
xgp19892010-02-27 03:15:45 +0000 #6
226 jin said weak ??????????? wrong, right?
510,028,2222010-02-27 02:48:25 +0000 #7
can go to the gym, seriously trained in, the result will be a very good
priest wolf2010-02-27 03:02:24 +0000 #8
very thin .. .. 113KG ... What is the concept ...



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