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Defender of the technical problems

Snow Traceless GAFQQ2010-01-21 11:01:36 +0000 #1
I have control of the ball slightly better than the average point, dribble break fast, bouncing is also very good, the problem is breaking through the process of slow down if they get defensive, then (especially when washed around 3 seconds ), extraordinary ability is not a good offense is difficult to play successfully, of course, if too late to file my words would be ... ...! Furthermore, I am relatively thin short, the general breakthrough is fast coherent, otherwise there is no goal, and relatively speaking passing, shooting is very unstable and how the above issues should be resolved? Advice we can give a bar! Oh, I have to be changed!
0 orange flavor 02010-01-21 11:12:22 +0000 #2
guard at the different types, such as the defensively outstanding, outstanding offensive, passing and salient point guard ... first of all have a ball, this is a must have, and is the basic the basic. Court game when you can not expect the ball inside to you? Speed is built on the ball .. you have a good basis, even if there is the same as the speed of a rocket, but the ball well rim hands the ball did not all equal to 0. Nabu Zhu fast speed and then the ball is no good. Followed by Enhancing the ball and feel you have the ball at a height, will improve your shooting ability.'s third-best defensive point guard will raise your opponent's luck when the other party in advance to determine the ability, that is, to strengthen your defense.

exercise control the ball moves a lot, such as the one-back of the hand in hand exercises, practice dribbling with both hands, his hands folded in situ stationary dribble dribble practice, etc. .. ..

Here's next in my experience .. just the beginning of the contact normal The dribble moves very simple moves such as crotch a little more difficult to dribble, dribble behind it is more difficult to train, etc. .. because of the impact point and speed of the ball bad master. At this time you find a small stool. sit above the leaned forward to do crotch dribble, dribble behind the body to do a little backwards. so you are familiar with the bench removed later in your supporting foot circle drawn four directions, and then do dribbling exercises, in order to fight for every ball The landing point of control in that circle ... After four slowly increase the complexity of the action, then the court must guard experiment ..

followed by a basket, hit rate can not be too low. When you have a good gap to If you do not vote outside the ball forward, not only to crack down on players to give you the initiative passes, but also against their own self-confidence. other competitors are not allowed to find your basket, and for your defense will be targeted. For example anti-Anti-You do not break shot, it will greatly affect your ability and organizational capacity breakthrough. The other side you can turn left out of the other players double-team defense .. All of this contraction in a chain reaction, so do not think that but are not allowed to basket, multi-rebound will be able to resolve. ..

then is the passing of your ability, basket and then associate, once the other side you have to defend, such as double-teamed, this time with the defense, etc. .. is the need of a good pass. When you ball offensive (meaning that you scoring ability), the other inside stations will be considered, as well as you to assist in the defense or double-teamed the timing, so that his own Defenders focus will come down, if your players and you have a tacit understanding will Paowei, then your ball is paramount. A good assists and scoring important than your own, because even the best individual score far less than the whole basketball power. the court will always be 5 persons. Xiehui ..

I went out to buy a Popsicle

continue to talk about defense .. .. The following is not a strong ability to defend each other when the attention of the guard, The problem is not a great attention to protecting the rebound with you .. if the other party or the capacity to almost stronger than when the defense must pay attention. First of all look at each other when the left or right hand, that is, which side he is an expert from the attack, defense, when stations firmly under control, he specializes in the direction of (generally right-handed right-handed dribble well, the same left-handed). are not good at the direction of his escape. let him attack as never good at the direction of play (against the side aside) so that your defense is half success. The rest is to see your feet can keep up, and teammates such as the timely anti complement ... then if he chose to shoot on reaching interference, in short, how uncomfortable him how to fight .

finally talk about physical endurance and strength, these are built on a good physical basis, there is no good physical strength, or endurance, playing a game will not last long physical decline, if serious, not to mention defense, even to play both offense can not be cases, even the best technology is no good. As for the strength to confront each other .. Do not say you are no better, and the other side technology, physical contact, basketball is a very intense campaign against, there is no physical contact than the .. instance, if you play table tennis dribble breakthrough, there is a physical contact, then action will have no force flew into deformed, do you mind to design a good offensive movements are translated into fantasy ...

finished ..
gsw332010-01-21 11:19:51 +0000 #3
dribble slightly better than the average person is tantamount to saying that you point a little no

urgent need to train hard edge ball technology, turn around, crotch, behind the dribble must be proficient

have the speed and bounce is your advantage, other skills as you rely on to watch the two on their own and repeated practice of the

shooting practice of the most important, did not strike while the iron self-confidence will be playing the old basket did not

see more NBA, ball skills need a lot of games come out in order to feed
Starry Light2010-01-21 11:46:56 +0000 #4
Multi-practice passing,

can be a breakthrough in time when it was defending the ball came,

assists teammates scored in



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