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Play basketball, how to exercise endurance when jumper? (Skip to the highest point shots to stay an

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Hello -!

Remember to train more than other is their own mentality must be to maintain the best condition

the mentality of playing basketball is not to feel that they will maintain the mistakes will be well

let your body think that it is fully open to express themselves express themselves when the value of

(in fact, is his own greatest enemy, fear to hold his mind,)

Be sure to show the basketball court to prove his own

To never admit defeat! ! ! Refueling -! !

Shooting explanation -! -! -!

How can we improve the shooting

Basketball is a technology more integrated sports, the amount of shots to decide the outcome of the game. So, how to create more scoring opportunities and improve the hit rate of shooting, here in the teaching and training in some way:

1, to strengthen standardization practice shooting action. Shooting action with a single hand and both hands, regardless of what form, must be done strictly according to standardized movements. Develop and master the muscles feel when shooting is a priority in all pre-conditions, which should increase standardization of practice shooting action, and ultimately achieving dynamic stereotype.

Second, improve the body's level of training. The degree of physical training to complete the basis for a variety of technical movements on the shooting has significant impact. Such as physical training, poor players, amount of exercise increases, the hit rate will significantly decreased. Therefore, shooting with the physical training should be combined, to a certain minimum time limit for the number of shooting intensity training, in order to intense competition, there is sufficient strength to ensure the stability of shooting and improvement.

3, choose a good shooting opportunity, decisive shot. A good shot opportunity is to improve the key to shooting, a good scoring chance with the team through individual and to create, and to be good at capturing the timing of shots. Shot by defender to observe the center of gravity, position, anti-distance, once the defenders lost the normal anti-bit, not interfere with shooting, or shooting those who use fake to lure defender lost focus, location, and anti-distance, the shot by creating shot opportunities, decisive shot. The use of team tactics created by the use of offensive and defensive opportunities or the time difference between both sides and space for the temporary difference immediately shot.

4, there must be a strong desire and self-confidence shot. A strong desire and self-confidence is to improve the shooting shooting the premise of the shooting plays an important role. In teaching those who make the shot to be a comprehensive exercise to master a variety of shooting skills, play to their initiative. In the normal response to the students a little more care, help, more encouragement and recognition to foster self-confidence of those shots.

5, and systemic stability, coordination and action shot training. Competition, often see some of those shots in the sudden loss of body balance the external force can still get the ball thrown, indicating the coordination of the body shots are good, shot the ball the moment, body and hands are relatively stable, space-time shot by a sense of strong, feeling good, strong self-confidence so that the whole shooting action force uniform, gentle movements, natural, coherent, smooth.

6, choose the right shot angle and shot the ball's flight path. According to science and practice proved that the angle shot the ball affects the ball flight path, the ball's flight path generally have a low arc, medium and high-arc three kinds of arcs, generally in the arc is the best. However, as shot distance from the players height and bounce the different qualities, so in the shot, the ball's flight path also different, in the training set according to the actual situation. At the same time, a stable psychological factors are also critical to learn self-regulation and self-psychological suggestion, not by the referees, venues, audience, atmosphere and the impact of scores to take reasonable and decisive action to shoot.

Playing when we usually say "hand hot", in fact, this is the so-called state of motion, in the hand when the heat into the feeling of how how to vote, jump higher than before, mental focus than ever before, this time you will be very The calm, be able to escape the lid to take such defensive action, according to the body instinctive reaction to make a reasonable technical movement. This is normal motor function performance.

In addition to practice hard, there is no other ways to increase the hit rate of the. There is a sense of exercise balls, including the hand gestures must be standards for the ball, shooting does not necessarily very high, that is, grasp the timing and the time difference. Another point is that self-confidence, determination, a little there is 0:05 seconds of delay is likely to take to eat, you feel the "hand hot" In the future, it is necessary and decisive offensive shot, when the hit is necessary to observe the decline in assistance after the "hand hot" teammate, the best pick and rolls.

Talked about shooting rhythm, the key is that you receive the ball at the moment my mind should already have the next plan is bogus action or direct jump, if you receive the ball and then think they have no rhythm to speak of the .

Shot - explain the learning method videos

as well as more detailed training and shooting shooting tips please click . html? wtp = tt

jumper are many heads off essentially the same

jumper are many different kinds, the simplest is to base jumper, thus also derived from E-STOP jumper, jump shot, and throwing hand shot their heads off. Base jumper moves basic gist is this: First, leg bent and focus on the calf. Then raised his arm, two arms form a "V"-shaped, the basketball over his head, forced jump, homeopathic hand thrown basketball. Hand details of the action is this: the left thumb and right thumb to form "T" shape right index finger pressed on the spherical center of a circle, note the dial refers to the index finger the last to leave the ball, be careful not to drop his left hand Wangchu, it will affect the ball's line. As for the emergency stop, it had better find a good shoes. Note that the pace of movement in the running time, emergency stop when the feet are to become "8" shape, so that the inside of the friction stopped the use of feet, immediately jump, shoot. Jumper need to stay in the recline capability, a base jumper, based on take-off when the body backward, you can prevent cover. Be careful not to recline too, otherwise they will fall. As for the throwing hand, a bit similar to the hook, but also different. Defender in his back when he suddenly turned, with a single hand cast a basketball court, pay attention to is the one hand, when the other hand completely useless, like the other actions and base jumper.

Absolute detailed explanations and jumper jumper technology application please click

way to say under the heads off -

backwards-style jumper

English Name: fadeaway

basketball professional terms; is a more difficult technical moves backwards purpose is to prevent man-mark the person covered pot, but the take-off timing and the angle of recline of the foundation in order to grasp the need for a considerable Insincere very accurate, The most important thing is to stay in balance and landing when the slightest mistake would be Zuodao, and even twisted ankle; this man-mark opponents shoot baskets in a higher or bounce often than they will be used to good;

defensive after the Yang-jumper of the most important thing is to not throw the ball away, or to vote or to cover off the ball Paidiao blink of an eye. Of course, if the other party to do a good job protecting the ball, or difficult to achieve.

The key is the high jump, rather than from the next hop, as long as the appropriate body moved backward just fine. Backward to move away from his hand the power over the General Assembly is not enough good shots.

Their heads off with a turn around jumper in general action. Jordan's jumper classic backwards movement, usually with his back to the basket with both hands holding the ball to the right turns as an example: one small step left foot to right in front of the body homeopathic turn right, jump, shooting.

To the left with mass movements to the right turn just fine.

The key is to practice more, find a good feeling handy.

I suggest that you first shot is well after the standard actions like Fadeaway, Fadeaway is the case of someone a free hand to do, if you are necessary in order to look good then there is nothing, and no one let go your own difficulty of doing such a great shot Why? Dry crunchy direct investment more than good, you say that this argument does not? you want to learn Fadeaway recommended to see more of the action JORDAN, Fadeaway most of them are using the power of anti-hand members backward take-off, if you move in place, I guess could be several reasons I do not know that the right not to forgive:

1. you do not shoot position, coupled with the difficulty recline relatively large, so we shall not good

2. not just look at your actions, your physical fitness requirements to achieve Fadeaway it? heads off to have a certain endurance first, then first of all ask you to waist abdominal strength better; another shot to vote is not upper body strength inadequate? or shooting posture is wrong with it? This has nothing to do with your hand length

3. is that you do this movement of time. (under what circumstances to do? defense do not need nobody to do such a great difficulty in shooting it? you look at TV game, Nobody Who do when defensive Fadeaway, the direct use of the simplest and most time-saving action scores neat, is not it?)

backwards-style jumper bounce less demanding on the players (can jump up forty or fifty cm can be had), the key is action.

The following elaborate on the connection with reality: those with right-handed dribble ball from the right-sided break (of course, first, better to be a fake), defensive players will follow you on your left to run, when the ball into their own range of the shipped inside (away from the basket nearer the higher hit rate), suddenly to the left by about defensive players, so that you break to the left, the action heads off for you to create the movement jump space. At this time, you suddenly recover and make a left front right foot in the post-position (Note: At this time we must prepare for all prepared jumper). At this point, you face the basket, but to make baskets and your two shoulders in a straight line, and then counter-clockwise rotation jump. In the rising process, your upper limbs to keep the usual shooting position, your right leg will naturally put forward. Well, now you can use rotation to bring the power of inertia and the arm relaxed shot, the ball is flying out ... ... the ball into 啦!

Recline jumper in the You may also encountered many problems, such as throw the ball is not rotating, heads off excessive loss of balance and so on. Solution is the key - what one can. If you do not feel comfortable, then jump up slowly when the body rotation angle of some or smaller heads off, and so skilled a little faster and then be too late. As long as we practice, I believe you can be a very good grasp.

First, the stronger the better instincts of leg

and then shot waist up in the air and Yang have a certain power of the waist rotation will affect the stability of

the final shot of the strength of arm strength of wrist and hand is very important otherwise the degree of soft cast out either smaller or no rotation -

which I did not previously been concluded to play side to side is about personal experience of ... so be it.

Turned to which side the time to switch to compare which is like holding the ball low to the left side that in turn stick to the ball with his left hand turn when the body is almost finished two hands firmly controlling the ball stayed in the air and then shot a strong ability to take off if you can fine-tuning in the air

take a look at what is basically their heads off jumper Twister video bar rejection legs ... the body is the aspect of coordination.

Saying so long to actually shoot was just as one would want and thought they knew where the lack of I think the most important thing is Yao Li and hand strength to grasp! ! Jumping is not a problem in general can jump like a low reclining ... ...

Let me give you a far the most practical -

--- take your time playing cricket

you mainly use the right hand bar. Is naturally on the left than the right of the shot angle is big, Duncan that is professional, right-hand man as well, so he was, on both sides of the same angle, but Duncan is also often choose to play on the left panel, the right selection less. I suggest you more and thought they left, though right-handed shot, his left hand and flexible, and angle larger. You are much stronger than I am, my left 15-60 degrees, 15-45 degrees on the right before

playing board goals is the most basic goal is the easiest way, though not hollow gorgeous, but also the most really.

Playing board seems to me that there are two main points: First, identify the point of playing board, and second, the intensity on the subject.

Playing board is generally a black box on the backboard, in the right shot, playing board points in the box to the right or the upper right corner, playing board points, more depends on the intensity of the more should be small; the left side of empathy ; in 90-degree angle shot, the playing board is relatively easy, usually within a box hit enter, it is best when shooting a high arc, so drop the ball on the rebound after the impact on the intensity and angle of the ball into the box to make it easier for . 0 degrees also can play board goals, on the right is the upper right corner of the box on the left is the upper-left corner, intensity is difficult to master, medium can be.

Efforts to grasp with your do not necessarily proportional to the distance from the frame, as long as you can accurately identify the point of playing board.

With which the fingers are mainly used to shoot you when playing golf, power means the hair, usually the middle finger.

Available from the basket to play board practice and become familiar with playing board point and can also take a look at Duncan's shot, he is playing live score board of textbooks.

呵呵 加油 wish you an early and successful -
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train heads off jumper
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main contact bounce, and waist

day leapfrog and squat is mainly because the weight of squat

squat larger point practice time will be a period of time stayed in the air a little longer



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