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How can we regroup Bayi revival?

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81 Team 81 Team is the reason why is because of their uniqueness! Chinese basketball team was once the brigade "half the sky." The first CBA league, the 12-strong total of 81, Shen department, economic department, the Air Force, the South, avant-garde 6 brigade team. 81 teams from the army because of selection and to dominate the Chinese basketball. For example, 81 teams from the Nanjing military Liu Yudong, Li Nan from Beijing forces, Fan Bin troops from Jinan, Shenyang, troops from the moco ... ...

1 disarmament in all its military Ti Gongdui Chebian

People's Liberation Army from 2002 onwards successively disarmament 50万人. The military Ti Gongdui, 81 football and swimming are Chebian so. 81 Men's Basketball Team as its illustrious honor is not Chebian, as a strong contingent of Chinese basketball, 81 men's basketball team has been built since 1951 in its 50 years of expeditions history, won a total of more than 40 national championship. From 1992 to 2002, 81 Men's Basketball is for 10 consecutive years won the men's national basketball league, the club races and competitions for all Basketball Games Champion. Access to professional basketball in China, after the 81 teams in 14 years, 11 reached the CBA Finals, won the championship eight times, three times runner-up, as well as that of the CBA astounding record 48 game winning streak. In June 2000, the Central Military Commission Chairman Jiang Zemin signed an order granting 81 Men's Basketball Team "unity Athletic crack" honorary title. Peak period, the 81 team constitutes the main players all the main Chinese Men's Basketball team - center Wang Zhi Zhi, forward Liu Yudong, Li Nan, guard Fan Bin, Zhang Jinsong. In the Chinese Basketball Association professional of the CBA to access the system in the process of 81 teams and Ningbo in the absence of cooperation in the formation of the club before the Fubon Group does not meet the qualifications as an independent legal entity, but because of its distinguished honor and identity, basket Association have to lenient on them. 81 teams, according to presentations, the first few seasons, when the 81 teams deep difficulties, the Central Military Commission had 81 teams have personally attended to the difficulties and said that any training conditions will be as far as possible to help resolve the difficulties, because eight 1 Men's Basketball Team is a piece of the flagship People's Liberation Army. The military Ti Gongdui the Chebian to 81 teams continue to lose at once the advantages of the army selection, but if this backwardness reserve personnel that they were a blatant exaggeration. This is evident from China's national youth team can be seen on the big list, Chandler black, Zhang Bo, etc. from 81 per capita. In fact, 81 teams did not lose their good young players. On the one hand, in the various military regions Ti Gongdui Chebian ago, 81 teams of all military Ti Gongdui good young players have transferred to the 81's youth team; the other hand, years of championship glory is not worse than the local forces of economic income, while access to housing, taxation and other preferential policies, and the level of training of 81 selected 81 created a brand almost certainly become useful effect, military status after their discharge will continue to enjoy some of the treatment of favorable terms for allows 81 teams into professional basketball in China, after the market is still able to attract outstanding young local players and parents are attracted to their children sent to 81.


Although the foreign aid the introduction of foreign aid to improve a lot of the team's strength, but it is foreign aid causes the decline of 81 I absolutely disagree with. Can only say that one aspect. There is a time when foreign aid is still 81 teams achieved good results. With the CBA the development of increasingly high levels of foreign aid, which is necessary for a mature league, and it is the market demand.


Now that foreign aid professional and young players are not 81 reasons for the decline, in the end What led to 81 of today's predicament? A 81 coach of the river since the Bulls dynasty, there are more than the collapse time. Analysis of well-known basketball commentator Yang Yi, said: "Whether on athletic sports or professional sports in perspective, this day would come sooner or later. 81 has created a miracle in the entire new Chinese sports history, no team can follow the example from the 81 teams this way, enduring for decades, before Yao Ming, a succession of Chinese men's basketball players are almost all from the core 81. train hard, tenacious struggle is their tradition, but the Extreme will decline, metabolism, anyone may not always remain at the pinnacle of the developmental needs of young people in school fees. At the same time, despite the CBA is not yet mature professional league, but 10 years of career-oriented reform, after all, produced a certain amount of change. "the most important changes are summarized in one sentence can be described as bearing that in mind. 81 side lost the advantage of the army selection, while the local clubs, not only in the context of provincial sports bureau, provincial and municipal youth teams have two or three-line echelon; the same time, market-oriented so that clubs can also be at the national level within the selection. "Ten years of trees" effect is gradually emerging, to today's Chinese basketball supremacy Guangdong Hongyuan, for example, its main players from Xinjiang, Du Feng, Zhu Fangyu from Guangxi, Wang Shipeng, Xiao-Yu Liu from Liaoning. Take a look at today's men's basketball team, the core of Yao Ming from Shanghai, and the rest of Guangdong "Gang of Four", 81 teams is the main phenomenon that has become the main national team history. Therefore, from this perspective, 81 teams are no longer the pinnacle of basketball in China it is truly inevitable. This is evident from the Champions League in recent years, CBA, or the team into the final championship game elements can also be discerned, from 2001 onwards, has a 81, Shanghai, Guangdong, 81, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Liaoning, and other teams, and this year's regular season will again be two in Guangdong and Xinjiang. So, this time 81 teams missed the playoffs, both for the 81 teams themselves, or Ningbo city and throughout the CBA for the acceptance of a relatively quiet, because the early rounds before the game, from the quarters may be missed race, to the destiny in the hands of others, to the theory, and eventually did miss, everyone has been psychologically prepared. In fact, several years ago, we would have anticipated this moment.

"Stood out is not a spring." Yang Yi, said, "CBA has already entered the era of flourishing. For 81, it might be more cruel, but China's professional basketball league as a whole, this is definitely a good thing, which can the promotion of Chinese basketball level, and two-way development of the market. any one area if there is a monopoly or dominant, right in this area is not a good thing. sport is also the case, it makes racing a loss of suspense, the audience lost interest, rivals lose their incentive to compete, the market losing its appeal to strength. "lived through the United States Basketball League (NBA) of the 81 team members Wang agree that this statement:" First, we tried, but we still failed to make the playoffs, that shows that someone else than we have done better, this is the progress of Chinese basketball. This gives the other teams in the hope that also reminds us that if you want to create greater glories, need to work harder, and sports is such a heartless. "Some people asked Wang, Ningbo fans saw eight After losing a team is no longer constant, as always, love them, and Wang's answer is that "sport is one such, and now you always lose, of course, no one will support you, just as we always win, just as no Fans look at the ball because the fans think there is no suspense. or the competition two years ago when the most popular, the market sold out. "doing business is responsible for the promotion of Chinese basketball Infront Sports & Media (China) Co., Ltd. CEO, said Ma Guoli, competition and market needs. Indeed, from 1995 to 2000, only 81 team swept the top five season championship, and that other teams with their games, often hit Section III has become a garbage time, 81 over match there is no suspense, even in the Finals, too, so not many fans concerned about, because we all know 81 teams surely will win, other teams for the interest in CBA league was not strong enough, because they know they compete for her second child's sake only a maximum of children. Such a situation occur until after Yao had begun to change. From 2001 onwards, not only in the regular season, Yao Ming led the Shanghai team to beat the 81, in the finals, the 81 team finally tasted the taste of defeat. 2002 NBA Finals is thus attracted a lot of fans and journalists, followed by 81 years, and Guangdong is also true hegemony, CBA ushered in the so far recognized as the most hot for some time.

So, Yang Yi, said: "not so much the 81's decline, as it is the rise of other teams., Including 81 for all, including no longer the old-fashioned look at Chinese basketball, '8181, 8 first ', they are now, and other teams at the same level, we have the same opportunity to win and be out of true. "to 81 teams the level of training and perseverance, no one believed they would not stage a comeback, wait until the 81 teams to come back again, obviously the level of Chinese basketball in turn may be raised.

So I think that market-oriented and professional team of 81 is the main reason for success than in the past glory.



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