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Basketball star's nickname

Lucky2010-01-21 11:02:01 +0000 #1
Please say you know the nickname of NBA players, the better.
phoenix2010-01-21 11:07:36 +0000 #2
"little giant" Yao Ming:

The nickname temporary use in the future when the title should be changed to a more appropriate name.

"Michael" Jordan:

slam dunk contest on a startling jump, so that people a taste of how Jordan's jumping ability is amazing. As the league's most successful players in history, he almost became the NBA's behalf, said Jordan fans in China, many, many people are first get to know know NBA, Jordan.

"Mailman" Malone:

Jordan contemporary tragic figure, like the final of the year when the Jazz and the Bulls, almost turned out, John Stockton and Karl Malone perfect match two people for 18 years, but Malone's 18 years in the Jazz only missed a few games, it is admirable, Unfortunately, it was to the Lakers still do not get a championship and retired, which in NBA history, regarded as one of the most tragic hero of the.

"Sky hook," Abdul-Jabbar:

total score league first, the number of league third rebounds, blocked shots league third mark of hook, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in NBA history's status is very high, His achievements also makes the current players were envious.

"Big Bird" Bird:

a fly white, like the Bird in the field, such as bird flying, Bird and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar of the confrontation has become a classic of the NBA. He was two different teams which have won the championship, which is inside all the white players are unique, and now the Bird is the Pacers boss.

"Peter Pan" Kobe Bryant:

Bryant is the second after Michael Jordan, NBA star focus on training, excellent instincts, assertive personality, strong scoring ability, Bryant has experienced three consecutive years in the scenery, it is now starting to lead young players to enter their second peak.

"Killer Glove" Payton:

old Payton is also grappling in the NBA for many years, and outstanding ability to make him get the steals titles, and his number of steals in NBA history, ranks third, behind Stockton and Michael Jordan, last year in Miami has been a champion, the old Payton is now in the NBA arena is still grappling with.

"Beast" Rodman:

hot temper, strange dress, Rodman entire basketball career was full of personality, excellent defensive skills impressive.

"Rain Man" Kemp:

I only remember that Dustin Hoffman has the name of a movie called the "Rain Man", a superior memory of disabled people. Kemp's game I have seen very little since the nineties the games have not yet so rich as they are now.

"The Answer" Allen Iverson:

1 m 83 small a player, draft pick, four-time scoring king, two steals, scoring ten super-20000, Iverson on the floor a lot of people encouraged by the spirit would like the original, and the Lakers final, when 76 people won only one game this game is Iverson scores 50 points to get a case, even though both hands was all Kobe Bryant, but in the world Ai Iverson has a number of fans definitely more than Kobe Bryant, in today's transfer after the Nuggets, Allen Iverson toward his championship dream began effort, although today he and Anthony together to get 70 points are still lost to jazz, but we have already see the effectiveness of his efforts, won for him not a dream.

"Stone Buddha" Duncan:

San Antonio Spurs David Robinson of the year due to injuries, has deteriorated, but they have so elected in the second year to a draft pick Tim Duncan, Duncan, stern and South Korea's Lee Chang-ho have the same nickname, NBA shut down that year, the Spurs won the championship in a rather disdain, but won the next two 02-03,04-05 finally let people know that San Antonio's victory by no means short-lived.

"Air Canada" Carter:

Carter the air swivel 360 degrees "big windmill" type is the continued Jordan dunk after dunk most people memorable shot, and now Carter is still able to fly to buckle.

"Garnett" Kevin Garnett:

Timberwolves point guard, standing arm length of Garnett technology is a comprehensive, EA released NBA games in the inside, Garnett's technical index is the highest in 99, enough to see that his abilities.

"The King" James:

a young age, James has become Cleveland's "The King", and ample power, amazing explosive, James has become the idol of a new generation.

"Dwyane" Wade:

Renruqiming, Wade in the field can only be described as lightning, and his layup, in addition to open eyes one eye closed one eye, or directly outside the foul, almost can not stop He score, so Wade's free throws per game so many times, as in 2003, one of the three masters, he has won a championship and Finals MVP, will have boundless prospects ah!

"Big sharks" O'Neal:

said so many players, how can we forget the "big sharks" mean? O'Neill is definitely today's NBA, a clown, basket, he has absolute control over, you can also look at the air show relay and "King Step", especially during the All-Star game performances, spectacle of himself, who's phone is in the soles containing it? And, who would sort out their own bald front of the camera do?

→ small A ←

"Admiral" Robinson: David Robinson

"Big Dream" Olajuwon:

93-95 two-time champion MVP, Michael Jordan retired in the period, He finally won the Champions, from Africa that he and Dikembe Mutombo to many children in Africa to bring hope.

"African Big Mountain" Mutombo:

40 at the age of the players still in the court, NBA, few, Jordan, Malone have all done it, but in the recent injuries to Yao Ming this period of time, 40-year-old people still be able to continuously 10 offensive rebounds in double figures in scoring, rebounding are double and even fewer people, Mutombo blocked shots came in ranked second behind the big dream, his signature was finally shaking finger movements were officially recognized by the NBA "legal", is commendable that Mutombo has always been enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings in the motherland, he gave the people fighting outside of Africa has set an example, I heard that George W. Bush has recently also received praise in the State of the Union will be held in Houston, meaning race really want to Mutombo had a thumbs-up. If in the future development of Mutombo entered politics, I am afraid will not get on the pitch than he achieved little political achievements.

"Magic" Johnson:

in the field, he is the magician, he was the only one scoring, rebounding, assists an average of three pairs of players, with the Lakers, he is also remembered, though subsequently suffered from AIDS , but he did not despair, and now he has overcome his disability and became a Lakers team leadership.

"Glider" Drexler:

know that he is also the Olympic Games in 96 years, but even more to remember is that in the dunk contest and compete against Michael Jordan, when Jordan made a motion later, Germany Leikesile will be doing the same movements, or even Jordan's stunning jump, Drexler also copying, their competition in order to spot the heart can be seen, but also shows his courage, even though his action is not Jordan So perfect, but they did not prevent him have "glider" in the world.

"Gorilla" Ewing:

look at his pictures will know as the Knicks headed, there is no access to title is also a regret.

"Melon" Anthony:

baby face even Anthony was suspended for 15 games because of punch, and now he has just lifted back, the current scoring and former scoring champion started the journey together.

"AK47" Kirilenko:

wearing a No. 47 jersey, aggressive defense, as well as long shot, CS Headshot on the AK47 shot the cold, quite suitable for him.

"Old Cat" Mobley:

rockets Qi Jiang is now performed well in the Los Angeles Clippers.

Human Film essence - Wilkins

probably strike the previous year's dunk contest, JR Smith, regarded as performing a bit older presence.

J, Dr. Julius Erving.

"Sundance Kid"斯达德迈尔
and competing draft pick Yao Ming failed, and now still bear a grudge.

"Batman" Michael Jordan Scottie Pippen

and fighting with the hero.

"Potato" Weber

had high hopes, but at present only inside the Imagination champion Detroit Pistons.

"Mouth", "" sharpshooter, "Miller

one whom I respect a star, NBA history," Miller time "No I do not know, Wurenbuxiao, recognizing that he is 96 years of Olympic Games and China team match, his third of the outside, daunting, but the mouth of the name, not only because of his big mouth, but because so many "Yanduobishi" so offended many people.

"big bamboo" Bradley

and a big man like Yao Ming, has been retired a few years ago because of injuries, and we also need to pay attention to Yao Ming, the protection of their own bodies.

"Tiehan" Mourning:

take of a kidney,咱still do regarding title, even more valuable is the champion took less than retired, and then stand up their last departure Kong, admire!

"Penny" Hardaway:

Jordan contemporaries cattle person 1.

"," Rasheed Wallace

Pistons win one hero, a typical blue-collar image, especially his big beard.

"Beast" Ron Artest:

NBA Today The most comprehensive one player. fierce defense that he received this title, but I see his head shape, like a little devil inside Yan Wangdian.

"Madman" Sprewell:

is also a guy.

"Smiling Assassin" Isiah Thomas.

"Big Ben" Ben Wallace:

really is a big stupid Oh. His free throws, and no better than O'Neill.

"Red Bishop, "Auerbach:

had just died.

" Big Z "Ilgauskas:

Cleveland Cavaliers blue-collar workers.

" Wuhan "Kenyon Martin:

former draft pick, but this season has been reimbursed because of a knee injury, the Nuggets are now inside the home team, there are two draft pick oh.

"Full Spectrum Warrior," Iguodala:

Today's him, because last year's dunk contest, and Allen Iverson of the transfer will be considered appear, have boundless prospects.

"white chocolate"吉森威廉姆斯.

"Little General" Johnson:

Today, the West led the Mavericks and Suns fight first, last year's final fall short this year will stage a comeback .

is worthy of the title at the Little General.

"villains" Buckley:

This guy is a ruthless word play, but I remember him kissing ass butt down the lens.

"masked Assassin" Hamilton :

because the bridge of the nose bone fracture, only, and super glasses lasting bonds, however, the Pistons, I liked this guy.

"Little Fish" Fisher:

Why call fish I do not know (fisher, should also called the fisherman Caidui), only knew then this guy into the Lakers won three-set a lot of credit.

"Ring King" Robert Horry:

from the rockets winning start to the Lakers to the Spurs, this guy does not know the number of wins title, others are not

a supporting role, but often also "key man" then he must be thinking that if your born a few more fingers


"Alien" Cassell :

from the nickname, not because he was capable, but his Zunrong, very like "ET" in the alien


"The Little Prince" Prince:

in the piston, he can indeed be described as a prince so much security around them ^ _ ^

"master" Brand:

Los Angeles Clippers headed Huadan naturally a captain.

"number," Alston:

he The play style is indeed very "street ball", the Rockets needed a more pure point guard.

"privilege" of Francis:

in the basketball court, what privilege? that he can stop himself with the ball in the basket, and the people's height is not more than 1 meter 90.

"German Tank" Nowitzki:

and accurate shooting, deadly one-third, strong body, is an all-round car course. After several years of hard work that he had, and champion it to close, the state is still a very good year he is expected to re-enter the final.

"Pan Toutuo" Antoine Walker:

some time ago the Heat players coach but also because of the obesity problem has been criticized, but he certainly not convinced, on the physical, O'Neill Nasi should lose weight.

"rock" Richmond:

Kings team carry structured movements. Jordan, one of the era of the superstar.

"Cobra" Grant

" Big Dog "Robinson:



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