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I can play left-handed underhand layup can also be a normal shot, but that is impossible when the st

comeonfanrong2010-02-27 13:10:50 +0000 #1
ball such as pretending to shoot the left side of a breakthrough can only be made if a sudden step-STOP shooting left-handed I brought more than three steps would be finished. . . . But I am left-handed hook and a low hand layup are also quite good and normal shot! How to train no matter how ah achievement is impossible to control! Who help me! !
hys50193372010-02-27 13:14:25 +0000 #2
This issue ...... most people are left-handed can dribble but can not shoot, and the basket, you are such a problem is when the body left-handed dribble left-handed dribbling pace and the pace and distance from the lack of coordination, I suggest you practice slowly, first with the left-hand dribble away, feeling transported into a handy jog in, and finally the rapid dribble, this practice is the persistent practice, not a day two days can give rise to effects - may be a very long time ,3-5 months is almost up - there is to do more in situ before and after the pull the ball left and right and left pull the ball - this is your left hand dribbling a great help - personal humble opinion, you want to help -
65,658,0962010-02-27 13:55:47 +0000 #3
and I, like ah, I will not dribble left-handed
_ allows you to leave2010-02-27 13:26:40 +0000 #4
rare, I will swap left and right, you go to try to use his left hand too low a continuous transportation the ball, do not stop, train 150, and then go to dribble, the general so you can train well in
szhnasxkdz2010-02-27 14:34:15 +0000 #5
you do not dribble, ah, ah you are suited to play inside! ! !

Should be according to their own special expertise to bear! !
Sea in a yu2010-02-27 14:10:32 +0000 #6
This has nothing to ask, of course, has always been Lianxia Qu



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