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Played the ball to the NBA where there were a number of Chinese players?

Lucky2010-01-21 12:01:31 +0000 #1

United Kingdom2010-01-21 12:08:29 +0000 #2
NBA played the ball a total of five Chinese players is

the first one landed NBA player is: Wang (2000 VS calf)

the first one to get NBA championship rings The players are: Battle (Spurs 02-03 last season)

the first one to "rookie champion" status added to NBA players are: Yao Ming (2002 VS Rockets)

active national team Yi Jian Alliance formally signed in November 2007 in Milwaukee Bucks, the Nets after the transfer.

Active national team in 2008 formally joined Sun Yue Lakers.

The first one and the NBA contacts, have been NBA players in the team phase are: Song Tao (1987 VS Eagles)

the first one received a ten-day contract with NBA players are: Hu Weidong (1995 VS Magic Team)

In addition, Tang, Jiangsu, Xinjiang's Xue Yuyang, Shanghai, Liu Wei, Zhang Kai, Dongguan have in the NBA workout.



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