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NBA Michael Jordan even earlier than that, there are an explosion of wearing No. 32 who is the head

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a matter of fact, Dr. J, Julius Erving through six good and 32, do not know what you said is not this

Julius Erving, the great and mysterious "J Doctor, "was his era's most dominant player, he is an innovator, he changed the game way. He is a ball wizard, shows the world had never seen a Myth: The endurance of the flash when you turn maneuvers, and the thunderbolt Shitailichen dunk. This is a NBA basketball talent first "night", he stayed in the air moves into the NBA, pioneered the art of basketball precedent. He was the first to improvise those individuals performing melt-cast as an integral part of the game one of the stars, to establish the style of this show has been popular so far.

He is an elegant, noble and self-discipline, he is the best ambassador for the game. He is a class example, no player like him be so respected.

"Julius Erving was the first truly the torch and become the spokesman for NBA basketball player." His friend and former coach Billy Cunningham says. "He understood his role, and as the alliance's performance on his behalf is very important. Julius yes I have seen the first one to elevate sports to a high degree of people, and having a name - Doctor -- - The well-known. "

Owen attendants in the ABA's Virginia team and the New York Nets began his early career. He is widely considered the greatest player of that era, he also often seen as the ABA and NBA merged in 1976 as a catalyst. As a 6-foot-7-inch, 210-pound small forward, he also played for the Philadelphia 76ers were 11 years and led the team in 1983, winning the title.

In his five ABA seasons, Irving has won three times in scoring, three times Most Valuable Player Award, and the Champions League two times. In his 11-year NBA career, Michael Owen every season All-Star team, or the 1981 NBA Most Valuable Player five times named the best NBA team. ABA and the NBA, he won a total of 30,026 points in professional basketball history, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar hook only days, Wilt Chamberlain, Karl Malone and Michael Jordan won more than he scores.

Julius Winfield Erving II, on February 22, 1950 Born in Roosevelt, New York area. Roosevelt high school, he had sparkle was widely praised, but still a very solid basic skills are not knowledgeable player. Although the source of his nickname is not very sure, but the most common story is that the nickname came from a friend in high school was because of Owen called him "the professor", who in turn ridiculed Owen is "Doctor." The term handed down, and is used to describe Owen on the pitch this way. [The other argument is that one of the reasons from "Julius Erving" of the "J", the reasons of the two will be able to jump because of Owen, "J" refers to the "Jump" the first letter "J". Others say that this chic nickname one to describe his demeanor Qianqianjunzai inside and outside the court, and second, describing his single-clutch ball, one arm waving and majestic sky. ]

, He entered the University of Massachusetts in 1968. Although the two college season, he averaged 26.3 points, 20.2 rebounds, when he in 1971 (not yet graduated) as a free agent with the ABA's Virginia team signed attendants, he was a nobody. [Because, NCAA regulations prevent dunk, and Owen gives us the deepest impression that it was his thunderbolt dunk. NBA At that time, the provisions have not graduated from college players allowed to enter the professional league. ]

Professional basketball in the 1971-72 years of erratic performance, good times and bad, but in that year, Owen began his brilliant career. ABA and the NBA was already started to discuss the merger of the two players who jump from one union to another union, the team continue to fluctuate.

However, Owen was the first to go ABA. Although Virginia has long had ABA in scoring Scott (Charlie Scott), Owen has made a contribution immediately. He later said that in his first game as a rookie, when he realized, and this is the most suitable for him (he was in his element).

In one drives to the basket when he stands before the Kentucky Colonels 7-2 Artis Gilmore and height 6-9 of Dan Issel. In the Boston Globe article, Owen recalled, "I am both of them to pass through, but stay in the air, waiting for their floor, then I a dunks, the results of carrying land and fell to the floor. This is After that, I have confidence, no matter when and where the face of what, I will always be fearless. "

As a rookie, averaging Owen was 27.3 points, named ABA Rookie Second Team and the ABA team. He ranked second only to Gilmore, almost as ABA Rookie of the Year.

Virginia last 45 wins 39 losses, second place in the Eastern line, behind the powerful Kentucky Colonels, the latter 68 wins 16 losses ranks first in the League. Owen Field in the playoffs, both had 33.3 points, including four games in straight sets attendants team who beat the Florida team, but in the Eastern Division finals, they lost to Rick Barry-led New York Nets.

When the Irvine university end of the course, he was in the 1972 first-round NBA draft pick 12th overall by the Milwaukee Bucks. For the Bucks fans is concerned, it really is too little, "kindness", that is: Imagine if Michael Owen was able to, and then Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Oscar Robinson has extensive experience in the composition of trident, what will be of a situation. [Dream Team prelude to an alien ... ... ... ... ET Wimbledon Grand Slam ... ... oh yeah]

However, when the players have a musical harmony in the team play in the play, Owen is no exception. He had not thought to be playing for the Bucks. He tried to go before the start of the 1972-73 season, the Atlanta Hawks. In Atlanta, he was prepared to play before the race, in his almost put on a Hawks team uniform, the Virginia team attendants team a lawsuit filed to stop him. The Court ultimately ruled that Irving could not be done, so he eventually had to return to Virginia to play ABA games.

This year Owen ABA in scoring standings is the first, scored a career-high 31.9 points per game data. About his exciting, innovative way of play spread like wildfire, his first team debut at the ABA, the other four players are Gilmore, Billy Cunningham, James Jones, and Warren Jabali. That he will honor four consecutive.

Owen began to realize that in comparison with others, he does have remarkable of the office. "Until I became a professional player, I really accepted that," he told the Sacramento Bee journalists. "I never thought I could be the world's most gifted athletes in one. But ever since I became a professional player, I think I can make something really unique things to."

Owen ABA is recognized, but he is still very limited, because the attendants team is in a very small market in the non-dramatic economic constraints of the team. Thus, in the 1973-74 season and before the servants will play Owen and Willie Sojourner traded to the New York Nets, the exchange is George Carter, Kermit Washington of the draft picks and some cash.

Due to New York media, more attention, Owen rate of 55 wins 29 losses his team's regular season record, and received the 1974 ABA championship. New Jersey's roster there are some talented young people, such as Larry Kenon and Billy Paultz, but once these players are familiar with each other in the field after the team just can not stop it. In the three games using the game to obtain the Eastern championship after two victories in New York in five playoff games beat Virginia, and went on a four-nil to Kentucky team was swept out into the ABA Finals. Then five games with the Nets beat the rival Utah, was the overall champion.

The Irving You Yi averaged 27.4 points in the league in scoring column. He gave a comprehensive quality movement has been reflected in the race: he finished sixth in assists, in steals and blocked shots in table are listed third. In return, he received the title of Most Valuable Player of the ABA, after three consecutive, have also the case.

ABA has a lot of good players, but Owen is still one of the league's most prominent elite. His position at small forward Odyssey. But more than that, he will be highlights on the Connie Hawkins had done such a soaring dunk-style performances, became a night there must be a scene. He was always doing new things: invention, individual shows, impromptu performances. He was the first one to elegant posture and pure skill with the combination of ultra-long endurance person. He is ABA's top superstar, his success in New York, establishing him in any league, people are the most shocking star status.

To the 1975-76 season, a number of ABA teams merged with each other, or for Kunshouyoudou in order to meet the needs of wage rates, the Alliance has also merged into one district to complete its final chaotic season. However, ABA is a place where no shortage of talent. In the season, these guys were the introduction of three colors red, white and blue ball [It was reported that in the U.S. sold nearly 29 million such as basketball], and the introduction of one-third of the ball rules and founded the first session of the All-Star dunk Competition. Owen was won Gilmore, Kenon, Iceman George Gervin and David Thompson, the final victory.

1976 ABA slam dunk contest Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Irving, also included a deduction will be Lali Ken Agriculture, "Iceman" George Gervin, Edisiji Palmer, David Thompson, with the present point of view, which easily can be described as one of the participants are reputed the world, while the "J 博士" in such a thrilling confrontation emerged. That night, Owen on stage last before him, Gilmore Tomahawk button to the right of the bottom line, and Thompson turned to the left of the bottom line 360 deduction went on to win applause.

Owen is very calm with both hands take off with a double-ball around the basket button to warm up before the start of the second buckle, he dribbled the first measurement of the midfield to the free-throw line, the pace of distance, this very moment, the stands have been boiling up, the fans They know that, and then Dr. J Challenge "free-throw line glide" to the limit. Irving retreated to opposite-point line to begin the run, the fans all stood up to watch, whistle applause continued, we saw Owen ball moving faster and faster, on the free-throw line on his feet the moment, a vertical left the ground , forward drift of the moving process, the right hand squeezed the ball in the basket. This time free-throw line dunk take off the height and degree of stretch is much at ease now, the only regret is that because of the pace of the calculation error, take-off position stepped into the free-throw line a little. [J Dr tricks of the ghost of the free-throw line a total sob jump dunk, and finally its "slam dunk Godfather" the true body rectification of names. ]

Then, Owen once again from the right 45-degree angle cut into the ball-point line, vacated Flip rod drift to the left hand to pull the climax atmosphere; fourth buckle 45-degree angle from the left point line ball dash Panzhu hoop with his left hand after they vacate the right hand stay in a small circle buckle succeed; to wait until the last button Owen take-off from the right baseline drift to the basket in front, right hand, "pull back to Flip," succeeded, even the on-site commentary all as Kuang Hu: "You can see Juliet Erving! he came from New York Nets!!"

Nets and the Denver Nuggets in the ABA finals in the last encounter, but Owen led his unit in the three a second championship season. In the playoffs, Irving is averaging 34.7 points too, and was named the playoffs Most Valuable Player. In the four seasons, he was the third time scoring, averaging 29.3 points too. In an era of almost away, lifted his third Most Valuable Player trophy. In his five ABA seasons, he won two championships, three times MVP, 3 times scoring title.

Note: "As a basketball player Julius Irving was the first truly the torch and become the spokesman for NBA." Julius is the first one I've ever seen in sports to a height, and having a Name - Dr. and well known. "- Friend and former coach Bill Cunningham

ABA's era ended. NBA must have Michael Owen, but in order to get Owen and they want to receive the rest of the league. So, the New York Nets, San Antonio Spurs, Denver Nuggets, and Indiana Pacers next season, was absorbed into the NBA, while the rest of the ABA players on the market in the draft by other teams selected Runiaoshousan.

In the 1976-77 season and the eve of Michael Owen with the Nets on the wages of so much noise is very stiff, the matter has been unresolved, New York had 24 hours before the start of the season, to three million U.S. dollars of the price of the Owen deal to the Philadelphia 76ers [while Philadelphia paid him 3 million salary]. In Philadelphia, Owen and the other one before the ABA's leading scorer George McGinnis to join, as well as offensive guard Lloyd B. Free (or later World B. Free), and Doug Collins.

the face of this situation, Owen will be his most eye-catching ability and the offensive talent to devote to the team successful. It is due to this, he seemed inconsistent with his previous public image - or at least so, until in 1977 the All-Star Game, he seized the opportunity to shows why he is the ABA the most exciting player, was his artistry. He scored 30 points and grabbed 12 rebounds, 4 steals, finally taken away the MVP trophy. He also seized the opportunity to , has become a spokesman for the success of signature products, was also the first batch of a named in his shoes, one of the players.

In this course, the first year, Owen was averaging 21.6 points, led by 76 people got 50 wins 32 negative results, and won the Atlantic Division title. playoffs, but it is another battle. Philadelphia had to battle through the seven games to defeat the Boston Celtics beat off fierce fighting through six games Houston Rockets. in the finals against Portland, when the 76ers won the first two games, but later encountered a pioneer Bill Walton led the team launched a frenzied counterattack opponents win the next four games winning the title.

Philadelphia's management realized that they should focus on Owen to form teams, choose complementary players with him, rather than the reverse. Over the next few years, Pat Williams, general manager of the reconstruction team, chose the gifted Bobby Jones and the defensive genius on the pitch, conductor Maurice Cheeks. While Philadelphia in 1978 and 1979 are for the eastern part of Elvin Hayes and the Washington teamWes Unseld whole wedding dress, but the team has been making progress. Owen promoted faster, and he was already established in the NBA first team in the rigid position.

All in all, Owen other than the union guys are playing a higher standard. NBA35 anniversary in 1980, he was still playing the only two selected NBA history, one of the greatest players of the star (the other was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar). In the 1979-80 season, Owen has been in his career highest score of the games were 26.9 points, fourth place in the league, only the text in the ice personality, Free (at that time in San Diego Clippers), and Adrian Dantley.

76 person team began their NBA playoffs for four consecutive years to attack the road. Achieve 59 wins during the regular season with negative 23, the Philadelphia easily defeated Washington, Atlanta, and Boston (led by the one-year rookie Larry Bird), access to the Eastern championship. In a series of exciting against the Los Angeles Lakers NBA Finals, both teams have equal shares, but Owen is the most noteworthy player.

In the fourth field, Owen made a classic "bottom line glide" (the Move) performances, which became the NBA's history, one of the most amazing moves. At first Owen broke the bottom line along the right side of defender Mark Landsberger, ready to jump in the ipsilateral backboard layup. But Abdul-Jabbar diagonal stabbing blaze, stretched his long arm blocks the line, the body still remains in mid-air transfer of Owen briefly flash and continue to slide, the screen seems to freeze-frame in general, from the rebound after the cross, just like a glider Luezhi on the left. Finally, after the opponents have been beyond the reach of the ball into the basket.

In Owen's career there have been many wonderful performances and classic moments, but this time show is one of the most great.

At that time Michael Owen on the right ball to attack, defend him is Mark Landsberger, a tall burly, but the slow pace of the Los Angeles Lakers forward Michael Owen with his fast pace walk away from the Landsberger, ball in the end line, the high leaps preparations basket or a dunk.

Just then, the Lakers center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Qiangbu come in, ready to Owen cap, or a foul. Dr. J who in mid-air in the body moved away from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, although this seems to be away from the basket and the attack could not be completed. Owen in the air and glide Abdul-Jabbar, the body to the left, reverse the ball with his right hand into the basket.

"I came here to win the championship fight, I was on the chin may have to fall," said Magic Johnson said he was still a rookie year. "He (Owen) really did it. I was thinking: 'We do? We want to serve it, or asked him to do it again?'"

Though, is Johnson had the last laugh. The Lakers won the fifth, leading to a race in the series. Then, in Philadelphia in the sixth, Johnson filled the vacancies in the injured Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, demonstrated his all-around technology, under the H-42 points, the rate of the Lakers win the championship.

The next season, that 1980-81 season, is Owen's greatest season. He averaged 24.6 points, while hitting a career-best result: There are 364 assists (averaging 4.4) and 173 steals. And therefore was selected as Most Valuable Player. Philadelphia and Boston, played in all 62 regular season wins and 20 losses, in the Eastern Conference finals before Qifengduishou will encounter good. Owen rate of 76 people with three to one lead, but Bird's Celtics massive counterattack, Quinella four promotion, and use it as a springboard to win the championship.

The loss of the playoffs only inspired Owen courage. He is still not satisfy the 1981-82 season, averaging 24.4 points and continue to NBA first team selection. There is no doubt that 76 will still be the upper hand in the regular season. But the question is: how far they can go in the playoffs? In the 1982 Eastern Conference finals, 76 were once again facing the Celtics, the Celtics win more this year than last year five games. Philadelphia won again, two games to Boston, pushed out of the edge, but the Celtics went on a comeback, the two teams into the final game. This time, is 76 wins, they win 120-106 to enter the Finals. The Lakers have proven they are more resilient in the sixth inning to win their four games, won the blue sky above the second consecutive difficult.

Philadelphia already has created a play around Owen stable winning team, but the lack of a championship team on a very important piece of jigsaw puzzle. 76 people need a dominant center in order to confront and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Struck by this idea of this, the general manager Pat Williams with Caldwell Jones and a first-round draft pick in exchange for Moses Malone of the Houston Rockets, who have been following Michael Owen after the 1981-82 season, was selected in the NBA's most valuable player. Now, this team can not withstand the strength of Dr. J under the (irresistible force) has also been unusually strong foundation (immovable object).

76 people in the regular season 65 wins 17 losses, the time, Moses Malone was averaging 24.5 points, Owen was 21.4 points. End of the season two players were named to the NBA first team, Malone was re-elected the Most Valuable Player. However, 76 people actually win in the depth. The two superstars side is excellent Maurice Cheeks, Andrew Toney and Bobby Jones. 76 people in 1983 playoffs, if unhindered, in the former rounds of 9 games, won eight games. Finals opponent is an old acquaintance in Los Angeles, which is in four years, the two teams win a championship for the third time. But this could be nothing dramatic, Philadelphia, completely overwhelming the Lakers a four-nil, Owen has also been his first NBA championship rings.

Won after the season, is the golden age of Owen. He still played well, but more intelligent, rather than rely on purely physical superiority, although it was his trademark. In 1984, the All-Star game, he still demonstrated his outstanding talent show, and Yong had 34 points.

When Owen started his career in decline, 76 people is also true that they had in the ten years is a pinnacle of the teams ranked one of the NBA. 76 people began the transition, there are young players here, like Charles Barkley. When Owen announced he would retire in the 1986-87 season, the news, all the games became Owen's farewell performance. He went, each court are respected, while fans across the country in the history of this epoch-making has been the greatest players to express their love and worship.

Owen retired at 37 years old, in his ABA and NBA career he scored over 30,000 points mark. His 11 NBA seasons, averaging 76 people was 22.0 points, five ABA seasons, Virginia servants in the team and the Nets, averaging 28.7 points 12.1 rebounds and 4.8 had assists. In 1993, Owen Hall of Fame.

Retired, he succeeded in starting a business and basketball operations. His investments include: Coca-Cola cans in Philadelphia has a factory in New York and New Jersey has a cable television station. For NBC (since 1993 Live NBA) for interior commentator after Owen June 4, 1997 as the Orlando Magic, RDV Sports, vice president and chief operating officer of the team.

This is his life
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J Ph.D.

Julius Erving

cattle were one. Is a forward.

Slam Dunk .. The disadvantage is that long shot.
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Julius Erving, English name of Julius Erving. Born February 22, 1950, height 201cm, a small forward playing Nian 1976 and-1987, the Philadelphia 76ers on the 6th, the New York Nets 32. The hand-arm length is a big NBA basketball talent first "night", his greatest contribution was the action will be stayed in the air and fly into the NBA, and created art basketball precedent. He is the first of a "play above the rim," the star. Today we see the "night" Jordan, there are many who then Owen's shadow. Back in college, when Owen will be free to control the ball with one hand the ability to famous. Each to his University of Massachusetts where the game time, the audience will be admitted early accounts seat, rushed out to see the the basketball genius performances. "J Dr." nickname is unveiled and shouted out at the time of the. This chic nickname to describe a golf course with his demeanor outside the Qianqianjunzi, two to describe his single clutch ball, one arm waving and majestic sky. College, Owen every game 20 points and 20 rebounds as the above, such a star in American basketball history, with only 6 people. Owen have an excellent running, jumping ability and agility. He often jumped in the race across the opponent's head in the air and dunk. He whirl round the arm, the majesty of one-handed dunk by fans known as "Windmill." His start-up speed like a bullet to collide with opponents tend to know his offensive line could not stop him forward. He is currently the NBA the only three scores more than three members of one of the extreme barrier. Owen's professional basketball career was bumpy. From 1971 to 1976, Owen first in the ABA played five seasons, especially in the first season is finished, his team went so far as the judges of Virginia where the verge of bankruptcy because it can not afford to pay his salary. In 1974 and 1976, Owen led the New York Nets won the ABA championship twice, in 1976, Owen transferred to NBA's Philadelphia 76ers. 1983, Owen led the Philadelphia 76ers won the NBA championship. After the start of 1983-1984 season, J, Ph.D., had 33 years of age, the body's sensitivity and resistance capability have declined, but whenever you need to show him, he was, as always, the commencement of wings into the sky. 1986-1987 season, Dr. J made the decision to retire this season, kick down, 76ers team to visit one for each city, the home team had arranged a strong welcoming ceremony, the game gave the visiting team when the fans are the most enthusiastic applause. In 1980, Owen was elected to NBA35 anniversary of the best team. His five-time All-NBA and get the 1981 NBA Most Valuable Player. After watching the current NBA president David Stern, after Michael Owen's performances have been very excited. Owen retired as the NBA's voice in the world, and often on television analysis of video games and technology. In 1993, Owen was elected to the U.S. Basketball Hall of Fame.



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