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nike dream season (black) how samples

Devil in February Bird2010-02-28 01:10:03 +0000 #1
how to wear, talk about
cxs372010-02-28 01:24:36 +0000 #2
These are all wearing my experience, I was bought in July Zihei nike dream season, to wear to the present, pressure the road, playing field is often a matter of life in accordance with terms of shoes, very commendable, and now my shoes and 9 into a new addition will protect the shoes is also essential.

The next to talk about its configuration: Nike Dream Season basketball shoe uppers by a large area of network-layer composition, an extremely excellent heat dissipation capabilities, particularly suitable for the use of outdoor wear. In the ankle protection, their design philosophy with the Nike Zoom Kobe IV exactly the same, relatively low upper, an increase of wearer ankle movement range, but due to the stability and supportive shoes are very well hidden and would not leave the injured .

In the cushioning and energy recovery, Nike Dream Season feet before the site using Nike Zoom and LunarLite foam material. Traditional cushioning systems foot will absorb the impact energy, while the LunarLite foam is both a superior cushioning function and energy recovery. Nike Dream Season obvious advantages in weight.

Super wear-resistant rubber sole use (XDR) is made of such materials, the life of an ordinary rubber rubber two to three times, very strong and durable. Herringbone pattern to provide a good grip effects. In the shoes easy to wear and tear of the parts covered with wear-resistant coating, so that a more solid and durable shoes.

Hind paw of the air zoom air cushion is very durable, very soft, wearing more than six months, no clear sound. And most commendable is that the outer end of XDR, very wearable, I play mostly plastic field, and now the lines are still very clear soles.

Finally although there is no shoes inside the boots, but encapsulated still very good. And the black NIKE DREAM SEASON melted synthetic leather is dirt. Ye Hao clean-up.

In summary, NIKE DREAM SEASON is a more than capable of hitting 85 points a rare field shoes, compared to being on behalf of the zoom kobe series, he was more suitable for Asians, feet, more suitable for field.

Hope you can help

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