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Kuo-mediated difficulties?

mime882010-01-21 14:01:09 +0000 #1
Town do not live players armed forces can not be achieved Yongming, which is Guo Shiqiang has no choice. In the Asian Championships during the Mesozoic Era L once the players in the locker room openly Guo Shiqiang destabilize. And Guo Shiqiang bigger frustration is that he is not even in accordance with their wishes to deal with the player.

During that conflict, L Guo Shiqiang no doubt have been consigned to limbo. Asian Championships the last two games, although the Chinese men's basketball "Feng inability to" Symptoms are very obvious, even to outside requests begun using the voice of L is very high, but the firm will be L Guo Shiqiang frozen. Right coach, the right way to do a dare to challenge the authority of the players is not too much. However, Guo Zhang's team is by no means the final say, even in the deployment of employees.

Sri Lanka before the Cup, Guo Shiqiang from the CBA received an embarrass him instructions. CBA order, L is the promising striker, the Sri Lankan cup must give him enough opportunities for exercise. So Cup in Sri Lanka's first games had previously been sentenced to death, L suddenly appeared in the starting lineup, it is greatly unexpected. If not, then injured, L fear Cup in Sri Lanka firmly occupy a starting places.

0 orange flavor 02010-01-21 14:16:18 +0000 #2
statement from the LZ found several issues

1: Guo guide prestige, reputation, curriculum vitae is not enough

2: The player on the coach create distrust and lack of respect for

3: Head Coach and Before the players lack of communication and exchange of

4: the players on the coach's personnel and tactics are not sure the implementation is weak and

5: Basketball coach's employment for excessive use of forces to interfere in

6: CBA's this indirectly encourages players challenge to the coach (Anyway, you did not dare to Zeyang)

7: Guo guide employing fear fear hands feet, unable to realize their transformation and construction of the national team could not put his plan a good implementation.

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