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Guo guide referred to people?

mime882010-01-21 14:01:15 +0000 #1
Today reported that written this way: the end of war match with Angola, China's men's basketball in the first section is only 1 point ahead. Walking on thin ice scenes, forcing Guo Shiqiang in the second quarter put to the F and P 2 veteran. The two men, in the Adams Cup in the previous three games, has not played ...... But, P 2 and a half minutes after being substituted, F has only played 4 minutes. Although Guo Shiqiang once illusions, but the two did not play his veterans play the role of hope. Guo Shiqiang livid ... ... Guo Shiqiang her face into the locker room suddenly stopped and his eyes swept the circle, he even shouted themselves hoarse growl said: "Some people obviously do not want to fight, in the hard ground is not hard Anyone can see that. This is not a question of style, it is questionable character. "Guo Shiqiang has not named, but everyone present knew that he was reprimanded P. At that moment, the atmosphere of the locker room rattling ......
0 orange flavor 02010-01-21 14:06:00 +0000 #2
the competition is indeed the attitude of the Chinese men's basketball game point problem so do not blame Guo a new official guide angry .. office will not even hit his temper no matter how good he was referring Stories behind Olympic ... As for who should be clearer than anyone else LZ heart ... Hei hei. LZ say that P Me, of course, Peng internal contradictions of the national team .... is not blind can see it .. For example, the Tigers players in the team's ratio (the number of players still playing time), compared to previous years? Tigers struggle in the national team for many years, the international competition experience, there are a lot of games are the players to turn the tide for example Hongyuan Wang Shipeng that the classic two-thirds, and so can be said to have replaced old ones, of course ... ah, the national team shake-up and so on, However, Wang Lei do? Guo quarrel with the guide has been contradictory, and directly on the bench ... he was throwing the strength to see that the Sri Lankan Cup striker played the Chinese team is called the ugly one, but the court did not figure ... Lei Li Xiaoxu 118.4 Zhou Peng 111.9 Sun Yue 107.6 Qing-Peng Zhang 80.1 Wang 72.6 Ding Jinhui 42.8 Su Wei 58.6 Peace and Harmony, 56.8 Lei 25.8 Wang Shipeng Liu Wei 34.1 Du Feng 8.7

18.9 Chen Jianghua 13.1 online looking for Sri Lanka's Cup men's basketball players playing time .... take a look at the top few are Which CBA team, the last few answers .. what team finished --



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