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skyjsd2010-02-28 04:10:39 +0000 #1
Can anyone teach me how to play? I want to learn - please brother who teach
Di-profile ÓĘÔõ sprinkle2010-02-28 04:26:24 +0000 #2
1) crotch dribble

dribble dribble to the next time inter-fraud action, to prevent confusion opponent steals. Of inaction, when the opponent rushed to contain the ball, to be a change to be able to break through.

First of all be familiar with the ball, and from fingertips to wrist to the upper limbs and other parts should be familiar with the. Followed by posture: legs open, par slightly wide, lower center of gravity (basketball refer to all the lower center of gravity rather than the straight leg back straight and knees bent down), the lower the better (best hand to the ground). And other skilled center of gravity of re-elevation. You can then cross under the dribble from both before and after the ball landed in the middle point of best legs. (Do not mind the ball by hand, using the power of a finger)

and so skillfully were re-opened from the front and rear legs cross under the dribble, the ball landing in the middle point of best legs. Easy to master.

Note that when you have to dribble the rise, while the situation in the court observed while controlling the ball well. Otherwise, you have done such actions, and opponents are in place, teammates and your chance wasted. All the dribble should rise, especially at point guard. Dribble is a basketball does not rise taboo. To be a habit or a bad thing after the action of qualitative changed. (This point is very important, the professional from the gap, the gap from the details.)

Key: crotch dribble is to change the march route or fraud action breakthrough (passing, shooting). A breakthrough is not the amount of fake and style, you really want to extraordinary, a move action fool he has held. How cheat? The key is the center of gravity of the move, so when your crotch when dribbling the body's center of gravity must move with the ball, (commonly known as rock), etc. with your opponent and then change to move the center of gravity to accelerate breakthroughs in your direction at the center of gravity changes in processing of the sudden deceleration. Otherwise, the crotch of skilled dribbling and then do not be fancy utility.

(2) grasping the ball

basketball basic movements, to avoid double dribble.

First and foremost, on the premise that your hand is large enough, not big enough then there is nothing. Then the hand is your power, by means the outer layer of skin friction and catching the ball. By the way, you can stay long fingernails, to increase fingertip force. The second is the friction generated by the ball, Spalding has strong adhesive skin. The ball very good material, surface and your hands had a greater friction, so you can easily grasp them.

In the final analysis is a friction problem..

Key: we pay attention to the ball when the hand movements, first chopping the front, next pull, so that the ball should bounce for the inertia and friction. Grasping the ball is simple and very efficient technique is to enhance the speed of the attack.

(3) back body alternating dribble

to 360-degree turn dribble dribble to break through the defensive techniques, turning faster, the focus should be at the end.

After the break turned to his left foot to do the central leg, for example. Turning its back to the basket standing, feet parallel to the opening, his legs bent, center of gravity lower, both hands holding the ball in the abdomen before. A breakthrough with his left foot axis turning, stepping right foot to the right side of the rear, upper body, turn right toes pointing to the rear side, right hand to put the ball in front of his right foot, left foot before the soles of his feet inside the pedal quickly, the direction to the basket and together, dribble break defense. To control a stable center of gravity. The right foot to the right side of the rear taken the right path to follow when the toes on his left foot before the soles of his feet inside the tread strong and active.

In order to break through before turning left to do, for example the central foot. Break before the action was turned and ready to prepare the same action. When the focus moved to the left foot on the break, the inside of his right foot before the foot pedal, the left axis, with the right foot before turning to the direction of the basket and together, the left shoulder to the basket the direction of pressure, after the left hand dribble leg thrust forward and together, break opponents.

Shift the focus of tread to dribble actions are aligned.

(4) single-hand shot

we did not have his left hand, right-handed jump shot. If you shoot the ball with this shot if the other party will be very frustrating. Shot very fast and difficult to seal, but it hit a low, preferably not.

Right-handed shot, the right foot in front, left later, knees peg-leg, the focus falls on feet palm. The natural separation of his right hand fingers, wrist turn slightly under the ball of the rear part of the left hand side of Rotary in the ball below the right side of the ball move to the top of the head position, visual the basket, big arm and shoulder parallel, large and small arm about 90-degree angle, elbow adduction. Shooting when the kick made by the lower extremity strength, body forward along the top of the stretch, while the direction of lifting the elbow to the shooting cantilevers, with wrist flexion and fingers dial the ball moves, so the ball gently from the food, the finger tip line to cast. When the ball away from the hands, arms should be as natural with the ball to send, heel filed. Wrist turn ball on his shoulders, carrying essentials should by no means forget the elbow, frog flexion allocated to soft, fresh allegations of the direction of the middle finger.

The first ball shot preparation grasping postures and movements shot to master shooting techniques. Standing ring below, give the ball to shoot shot shooting position, experience refers to the wrist when shooting action shots. Grasp the coherence of action shots to master the coordination of force shots. One hand or both hands with the in situ method of transmission has curved shot the ball, and then gradually pull long distance, after the experience of changing the distance when the kick shot, cantilevers out actions force the ball co-ordination body. In the shot the way of basic mastered, can be used fixed shooting angle, changing shooting distance (from near and far, from far and near), the distance between visual experience and appropriate force.

(5) running pass (direct passing)

can directly pass the object passes the selected technology. Behind the pass, surprise, hidden high guard will learn.

When a pass with his right hand and left foot stepping forward lateral, upper body leaning forward, side of the ball target after the ball with both hands placed in the body on the right, the left hand quickly left the ball, his right hand the ball to continue along the hip cited horizontal direction of the moment after the swing to the hip, right hand button to pass the direction of rapid wrist, food, middle and ring finger force dribble the ball came.

Ball in stride at the same time, upper body leaning forward, side to the pass direction of the ball came.

(6) change to break

breakthrough often used, it is practical technology. Huzuohuyou, the premise is the right hand dribbling skills to be proficient.

Change is to control the ball players to dribble and constraints from a sharp weapon for defensive players. Contrast front of body, behind, turned and equivariant to dribble, dribble crotch change to have the following characteristics: 1. To change direction before and after, the ball can be kept at side of the body to facilitate the protection of the ball. 2. Change to dribble hidden strong, unpredictable opponent.

3. Combination with other technologies, continuous changes in the use of

cases of a "1 +1 crotch" change to:

to the right hand dribble, for example, the face of defensive players left foot in front, right hand Bounce the ball through the thigh the right side of the body under the ground shells, while the right shoulder to the left front of the dump out to make ahead of the competition like. At this point if the opponent steps corresponding sliding block bit, that is, make another left-handed bounce the ball through the crotch on the ground the right side of the body, while right in front of the left shoulder quickly dumped out, step right foot for left-handed dribble quickly ahead of the competition.

Cases of two, "the former body + crotch" change to the

right-handed dribble to the defender prior to step in front of body that can change direction suddenly as Citation shoot the ball to the left side of the body on the ground, while the right foot close to the former rival hip-STOP . Opponent must be the right time with the ball sliding block bit, while it is too late to change direction more timely occasion of his left hand Bounce the ball through the crotch on the ground and then jump back to the body the right side of his right foot before the hip to the left of the right hand dribbling fast break from a rival .

Cases of three, "crotch + behind the" change to:

crotch with the cases of a change to the method described. Citation to the left-hand dribble the ball behind homeopathy, and back to the left side of his right hand dribble break fast from the opponent. This method can be changed in the crotch after the left-handed dribble to dribble once.

(7) behind the back dribble

fast and dribbling, and defense is the instantaneous distance between team members to ensure that the dribble of space technology, is a shooter must learn their skills. Retreat further shots can suddenly be cast.

Body change after changing hands to dribble

Action Methods: dribble the right side of a breakthrough from a rival team, Pioneer opponents on the left with the direction of dribble. When the opponent moves the body center of gravity to the left, suddenly pulling Bounce the ball with his right hand on the outside, the ball from behind the left front of the press to their own beat. The first hand when his right foot began pulling the ball, left foot on the step at the same time, so that the ball rebounded to the left from behind the front, right foot stepped quickly to the left front side near the opponents on the right shoulder to arm, leg to protect the ball , change left hand dribble, quick break.

Action points: the rise of visual front, variable forward, pulling the ball when his arm greet his right foot in the former; in the previous step, while the left, with bent arm, transfer wrist, finger dial action afterburner, so that the ball from the left rear to the left before the rally. Left-handed dribble to accelerate.

Body before the change does not change hands to dribble

Action Method: A horizontal body when dribbling the ball from the body right (left) side of the body by making the middle position, hand the ball to move with the body before the As the body has the right (left) side of the rock, and then the ball back to the right (left) side of the left (right) foot to the right (left) quickly and together, retaining the ball sideways with the right (left) hand dribble speed breakthrough Defensive

Action points: Bounce the ball in hand according to the site and pull Bounce the ball's movement, while stepping in time, sideways acceleration protection beyond the opponent.

Body before the change to change hands dribbling

Action Method: dribble players from the opponents on the right breakthrough, the first quick left into a dribbling opponent, when the opponent to the left ready to intercept the transfer of the body center of gravity, the dribble members of a sudden change of direction dribble with his right hand by Bounce the ball to the right of the top, and send Bounce the ball to the left near the body, so that placement of the ball near the left foot, the left side of the body rebound, while the right foot to the left front stride, upper body left side of the shoulder, to arms, legs, upper body to protect the ball, changing the top left hand by Bounce the ball on the left, from the opponents on the right dribble break

(8) fake

pretend to take the ball on the basket or a dunk in the air after passing the actions. Needless to say, use more. Is a layup plus a pass.

(9) Fadeaway

escape blocks quickly after jump shot. With the basket can be used only after a certain distance.

Recline-style jumper bounce less demanding on the players (can jump could be a forty to fifty centimeters), the key is action.

Here to elaborate on the connection with reality: those with right-handed dribble ball from the right-sided break (of course, first, better to be a fake), defensive players will follow you on your left to run, when the ball delivered to their range of within the scope of (away from the basket closer the higher the hit rate), suddenly to the left by about defensive players, so that you break to the left, the action heads off for you to create the movement jump space. At this time, you suddenly recover and make a left front right foot in the post-position (Note: At this time we must prepare for all prepared jumper). At this point, you face the basket, but to make baskets and your two shoulders in a straight line, and then counter-clockwise rotation jump. In the rising process, your upper limbs to keep the usual shooting position, your right leg will naturally put forward. Well, now you can use rotation to bring the power of inertia and the arm relaxed shot, the ball is flying out ... ... the ball into 啦!

Recline jumper in the You may also encountered many problems, such as throw the ball is not rotating, heads off excessive loss of balance and so on. Solution is the key - what one can. If you do not feel comfortable, then jump up slowly when the body rotation angle of some or smaller heads off, and so skilled a little faster and then be too late. As long as we practice, I believe you can be a very good grasp.

(10) after the jump

rapid take-off, quick shots.

Jumper benefit is not as easy as the set shot by his opponent sealed. Young athletes may be due to leg, arm, shoulder and back muscles are not strong enough to do well and the jump shot, it can temporarily abandoned, or else due to lack of strength caused by the error action will affect the self-confidence, so that after subsequent power up to the required difficult to obtain the ideal jump shot technique. Jumper's technical essentials are as follows:

your hands holding the ball, non-shooting hand placed in front or side of the ball side (as you put a comfortable position). Shooting hand-placed the ball back, knees peg-leg, his hands on the ball from the chest to move the eye at the top, and then his legs upward bounce. Jump when the elbow (forearm backwards), the wrist has turned back. Skip to the highest point, the forearm protrusion, wrist forward, throw the ball down with the ball movement (see on the shot) to fully, the eyes must always live in the basket Ding.
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school street ball -



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