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Basketball in the meaning of the language as well as the detailed description of the rules.
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(slam) dunk: (strong) Dunk

bank shot: rub Cricket

double pump: rod-style shooting (verb)

fade-away shot: backwards type jump

hook shot: hook shot shot

jump shot: jumper

layup: basket ball

perimeter shot: middle-distance shot

set shot: standing shots

three-point shot: one-third of the ball

NBA all kinds of statistical terms

assist: help power

block shot: blocks, cover pot children

defensive rebound: Defensive rebounds

field goal percentage: pitch hit ratio

field goal: hit the pitch

free throw percentage: free-throw shooting

free throw: free-throw offensive rebound: offensive rebound

rebound: rebounding

scoring: Score

steal: steals

three-point shot percentage: three-point shooting

turnover: mistakes

venue and equipment篇

backboard: rebounds

back court: After the field

freethrow lane: free-throw circle, closed

freethrow line: free-throw line

front court: front

game clock: racing the clock

halftime: intermission

hoop: hoop, ring

mid-court: Midfielder

net: Nets

painted area: free-throw circle, closed

restricted area near the basket : restricted area of the small circle under the basket area

rim: basket, ring

scoring table: Record sets scoring Taiwan

shot clock: time clock (offensive side to be shot within 24 seconds, and the ball must touch on the basket, otherwise illegal


three-point line: one-third (the ball) line

top of the circle: close to the restricted area to the top of the third (the ball) line near

wing: (left and right sides) The bottom line rules of the regional chapter

blocking foul: blocking foul

buzzer: (for each team) buzzer (for the end of time, substitutions, etc. ...)

charging foul: (ball) and gave the driver (foul )

dead ball: a dead ball (to stop the match time)

defensive basket interference: interference with defensive side shots

delay of game: impede the normal progress of the game

disqualification: Man guilty of leave, "graduation"

double dribble: double dribble (unauthorized)

ejection: removed from the scene

elbowing: abduction and child

expiration (of game, first half ...): (a full match, first half ... the game)

first time to the end of half: half

first (second, third, fourth) period: the first game (second, third, fourth) and

five ticks left on the (game clock, shot clock ...): (All games, time on the clock ...) time only 5 seconds

flagrant foul: a vicious foul

foul: a foul

foul out: Man guilty of leave, "graduation"

foul trouble: is about to commit at least from the market, "received an associate diploma"

full timeout: full-time (100 seconds) Suspension

goaltending: interference with shots

hand-checking: in order to palm block shot the other offensive player of the foul play

held ball: ball (both the ball and hold)

illegal defense: defensive illegal

illegal offense: assault offense (see isolation)

isolation: four offensive players on the one side, and by the fifth player to eat each other alone Defensive Player of the

jump ball: ball, jump ball

loose ball foul: the two sides have no right of the foul ball (usually occurs when the two sides compete for rebounds)

offensive basket interference: interference with offensive side shots

out of bound: the ball out of the line (Do not say that outside)

overtime: overtime, to extend the match

referee: Referee

second half: the second half

shot clock violation: violation must be shot within 24 seconds (and the ball must touch on the basket) the time limit provided

substitute: Substitution (play, end)

suspension: to stop a race (the punishment)

technical foul: technical foul

ten-second violation: offensive side did not take 10 seconds offense the ball over midfield

three-second violation: (basket) 3 seconds of the offense

throw a punch: punching fighting

throw in: Serve Admission

traveling: (ball) walking

twenty-second timeout: only 20 seconds, the suspension of

walking: (ball) walk

tactical chapter

backdoor cut: from the baseline to the basket on both sides of the tactical

block out: the other players stopped to make it difficult to strong to basketball games, the card bit

cut: Cut

double team: Defensive Player of the double-team with two offensive players

dribble out the time: offensive side to dribble mode consumes the remaining game time

eat up the clock: offensive side to dribble or pass mode consumes the remaining game time

fast break: quick attack

foul strategy: foul tactics

give and go: (offensive side ball players ) transmission of a cut tactical

jockey for position: (the basket) card bit

milk the time away: attacking side to dribble or pass mode consumes the remaining game time

one-one-one defense: people stare man defense

pick and roll: (attacking side to do a cover of the player's) block cut tactical

post-up play: (attacking side with his back to the basket ball player) single to eat each other's defensive player of the tactical

triple team: Defensive Player of the double-team offense with three players

zone defense: area defense, area defense articles


(throw a) baseball pass: (fast attack time) a long pass

(shoot) an air ball: (IMS) of air-balls, "bread"

behind-the-back dribble: Behind the (changing hands) dribble

carrying the ball: "turning the ball"

cross-leg dribble: crotch dribble

dribble: dribbling

driving to the hoop: dribble layup

four-point play: Dropping the ball three minutes after the penalty due to a foul and then into a sub-

hacking: hatchet man foul

holding: handle foul

make the basket: shots

make the hoop: shots

monster dunk: Kuangmeng dunk

nothing but the net: hollow ball (into the basket)

palming: "turning the ball"

reverse dunk: intrusion basket

reverse lay-up: backhand to go basket

shoot behind the arc: two-thirds vote in the ball

score a basket: shoot the ball

swish: hollow ball (into the basket)

tap in: prop the ball into the basket

three-point play: Dropping the ball two minutes after the penalty due to a foul and then into a sub-team players


assistant coach: Assistant coach

backcourt: defender group (including the point guard and shooting guard)

backup: back-up (replacement, support) players

bench: (referring to all) back-up (replacement, support) players

bench player: (refers to individuals) back-up (replacement, support) players

center center (also known as 5 Position No. players)

coach: Coach

frontline: up front (including the power forward, small forward, center)

GM (general manager): Team Manager

Mascot: Team mascot

MVP: most Value players

one-guard: point guard

point guard: point guard

power forward: power forward (also known as No. 4 position players)

rookie: the second year players, rookie (the players)

shooting guard: point guard

sixth man: Sixth Man

small forward: Small forwards (also known as the No. 3 position players)

sophomore: the second year player

starter: (refers to individuals) starters

starting lineup : (referring to all) starters

swingman: swing man (referring to and able to act as a shooting guard and small forward players)

trainer: the team of trainers

two-guard: point guard

veteran: veteran players, fields and then (player)

Competition chapter

away game: away match

final: Final

first round: first round

GB (games behind): behind the leading team wins record-spot a few

guest team: the visiting team

home court: home

home court advantage: home court advantage

home game: home games

home team: home team

losing streak: a few straight games, a record

post-game losing streak season: the playoffs

regular season: Season Race

road game: away match

schedule: Schedule

semi-final: semi-finals

standings: record (table)

winning streak: Number of consecutive games,Game winning streak matches

first chapter as a whole, "Basketball Rules" referred to are male coaches, players, referees, etc., there is no meaning of sex discrimination, it is clear that it also applies to women, is thus written, just yes the sake of convenience.

The first definition of each basketball game by two teams in each team played five players. The purpose is to score the basket ball into the other side and to prevent the other party to obtain the ball or score. Can pass the ball in any direction, cast, shoot, roll, or transportation, but subject to the following rules.

Chapter II

size and equipment, the second pitch size of

1, the golf course is a rectangular solid plane, no obstructions.

2, for the main FIBA official competitions (see the "official game procedures" section V), pitch dimensions: length 28 meters wide and 15 meters, measured from the stadium along the boundary measured from the inside.

3, for all other games, the FIBA appropriate departments, such as the Regional Committee for the region or continent, race, or national federation for all domestic competitions, the right to approve the following sizes within the scope of the existing golf course: the length of by 4 meters, width of a decrease of 2 meters, as long as the change in proportion to each other.

4, the ceiling or minimum barrier height of at least 7 meters.

5, stadium lighting should be uniform, light intensity should be sufficient. Lighting equipment shall not impede the placement of the visual team.

6, the size of all new stadium should be the main FIBA official competitions and the requirements of the same: long 28 meters wide and 15 meters.

3rd of the line and the size of the lines mentioned in this article should be:

1, with the same color paint;

2, a width of 0.05 meters (5 cm)

3, clearly visible.

(A) boundary

1, the golf course to use the line drawn according to the provisions of Article II, and the line from the audience, billboards or any other obstructions at least 2 meters.

2, stadium sidelines long side of the line called the short side of the line called the end line.

(2) from the sideline in the stipple a line parallel to the end line is called midline; middle to outer edges on both sides of the extension of 0.15 meters (15 cm).

(C) free-throw line, restricted area and penalty area

1, free-throw line with the end line parallel to its outer edge along the distance of 5.80 meters inside the end line; side of the line length of 3.60 meters. It must fall on the midpoint of two end line connecting the midpoint of the imaginary line.

2, from the free-throw line at both ends of two lines drawn from the end line to the midpoint of each 3 meters of the place (both measured from the from the outer edge) the composition of surface area and called the restricted zones. If the restricted area within the color, its color must be in the same color inside the circle.

3, penalty area is a restricted area in order to free-throw line with the midpoint of the center of a circle, to 1.80 m radius, drawn to the restricted area of the semi-circle area. In a restricted area to be painted semi-circular dashed line.



4, the location of areas on both sides of the penalty area for the players to use in the free-throw line. Drawn as follows:

(1) The first line inside the end line along the distance of 1.75 meters, measured along the sidelines on both sides of the penalty area.

(2) The first location area with a width of 0.85 meters (85 cm), and the neutral region, beginning with the end of phase.

(3) a neutral region with a width of 0.40 meters (40 cm), and used the same color lines, and other real-Tu.

(4) The second location area and the neutral area adjacent to a width of 0.85 meters (85 cm).

(5) The third location area adjacent to the second location area, a width of 0.95 meters (85 cm).

(6) All of these locations is used to draw district lines, its length of 0.10 m (10 cm), and perpendicular to the outer edges penalty area.

(D), the ring

ring to be drawn on the pitch in the center of a radius of 1.80 meters, measured from the circumference of the outer edge. If the internal coloring in the circle, its color must be the same color within the restricted area.

(5) 3 points shots from 3-point shooting team Qumou area is defined in the other side of the following conditions near the basket out of the entire golf course area outside the region. These conditions included:

1, respectively, 1.25 m away from the sideline, from the end line leads to two parallel lines;

2, a radius of 6.25 meters (measured to the outer arc) of arc (semicircle) with two parallel lines intersect;

3 The arc of the center of a circle to the center of the basket in the other vertical line at the intersection with the ground. Within the center of a circle along the end line from the midpoint of the distance 1.575 meters. Note: If the pitch width of less than 15 meters, 6.25 meters radius of the arc based upon the draw.



(6) club seats according to the regional team of regional seats to draw the following conditions:

1, stations and club seats in the record off the same side (see "stadium size" map);

2, each region from the end line by an outward extension of at least 2 meters long lines, and the other a 5 meters away from the midline and the vertical edges and at least 2 meters long defined by the line.


1, during the match, only to allow coaches, assistant coaches, substitutes, and a maximum of five squad officers with specific duties (such as: manager, doctor, massage, statisticians, translators, etc.) sitting in the team seats in the region. I can not sit on the team other personnel within 5 meters.

II squad officers have the right to have their responsibilities. Therefore, his behavior under the jurisdiction of the referee.

3, such as the situation warrants, the main judge can reduce the seats in the team squad number of personnel within the region.

Article IV equipment

a, rebounding

1, two rebounds and transparent use of appropriate materials, they are monolithic, and has the 0.03 meters (3 cm) thick hardwood backboard the same stiffness. They also can be 0.03 meters (3 cm) thick, painted white, made of hard wood.

2, backboard size is: horizontal width 1.80 m, 1.05 m high vertical, the next along the 2.90 meters above the ground.

3, FIBA appropriate departments, such as the Regional Committee for the region or continent, race, or national federation for all domestic competitions, but also the power to approve cross-width 1.80 meters, 1.20 meters high vertical, the next 2.75 m above the ground along the backboard size.

4, in front of the backboard to be smooth, and:

(1) All lines drawn as follows:

a, if the backboard is transparent, with white;

b, if not transparent, black;

c, a width of 0.05 meters (5 cm)

(2), rebounds side holes according to the above (1) outlining the use of lines.

(3) In each backboard behind the basket to draw a rectangle according to the following requirements:

a, outer dimensions: horizontal width 0.59 meters (59 cm), vertical 0.45 m (45 cm)

b, a rectangle at the end of along the edge of the horizontal flush with the Quan Ding.

5, rebounds firmly placed according to the following requirements:

(1) placed the two ends of the court, with the ground vertically, with the end line in parallel;

(2) they are the center of the pitch to fall vertically from the end line in along the mid-point of 1.20 meters of the place;

(3), the backbone of rebounding from the end line to the outer edge of at least 2 meters, in order to match team members clearly seen, its color should be clear, and the background behind the end line with the obvious difference.

6, 2 rebounds on the bandage material should meet the following requirements:

(1) on the rebound at the bottom and edge, dressing material to cover its bottom and side, side dressing material from the backboard at the bottom of a minimum of 0.35 meters (35 cm);

(2), rebounds at the end of the smallest hole bandaging material thickness of 0.05 m (5 cm);

(3), rebounds before, followed by 0.02 meters away from the bottom of the lowest (2 cm) Office would like to cover, bandaging material minimum thickness of 0.02 m ( 2 cm).


7, backboard bracket to make the following dressing:

(1) in rebounding behind the height of 2.75 meters below the bracket of any rebounds, to its lower surface dressing, until it rebounds from the front at 1.20 meters. Bandaging material minimum thickness of 0.05 m (5 cm), and its density and the density of objects backboard dressing the same;

(2) All movable rebounds, course-oriented base surface must be fully Gd-tie, bind The minimum height of 2.15 meters. Bandaging material minimum thickness of 0.15 m (15 cm)

2, the ball basket includes basket, and the Nets basketball.

1, ring produced according to the following requirements:

(a) solid iron bar, a diameter of 0.45 m (45 cm), painted orange;

(2) circle of minimum diameter of 0.017 meters (17 mm), maximum up to 0.020 m (20 mm) along the next circle has a small ring or something like that in order to fly the Nets;

(3) they should be firmly installed in the rebounding (see note below), the top ring to be into a level of 3.05 meters from the floor, and two rebounds away from the vertical side of the same; Note: We recommend that: The best to ring the structure of racks installed in the rebounding, so that ring on the force would not have suffered a direct role in the backboard.

(4), rebounds inside the ring plane away from the nearest point along the 0.15 m (15 cm);

(5) can use the compression ring. They must meet the following technical conditions:

a, they are to have the activities of those who can not be exactly the same ring rebound characteristics. Constant pressure device to ensure that these characteristics, and to protect the ring and the backboard. Ring design and manufacture can guarantee the safety of team members;

b, with anyone, those ring locking device, in the farthest point away from the ring ring on top of a static load applied not yet reached 105 kilograms, the constant pressure device must not be loose ;

c, when the constant pressure device is open, ring down the rotation, with the original angle between the horizontal position shall not exceed 30 degrees;

d, when the constant pressure device is not Zaishi set to open, the ring transported back to self - to its original position.

2, the Nets used a white cord to form, hanging on in the ring; its structure to be able to make the ball through the basket from time to time a temporary pause. Net length not less than 0.40 meters (40 cm), not longer than 0.45 meters (45 cm)


3, the ball's material, size and weight of

1, the ball is round, for the recognition of the dark orange;

2 , shell with leather, rubber or synthetic material made of;

3, not less than 0.749 meters circumference (74.9 cm), not more than 0.780 meters (78 cm);

4, the weight of not less than 567 grams, not more than at 650 grams;

5, after inflation, so that the ball from 1.80 m in height (measured from the bottom from the ball) fell to stadium on the ground, bounce up and the height of not less than 1.20 meters, but also no more than 1.4 0 meters (from the top of the amount of the ball onwards);

6, spherical joints or the slot width should not more than 0.00635 meters (6.35 mm).

7, the home team should prepare at least two used, and comply with the above specifications the ball. Main referee is to determine whether the ball only up to standard expert.

If the ball was identified as a suitable game ball, he could choose to provide the visiting team the ball, you can also make pre-race preparations from the two players choose to use.



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