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How much do you think that this team salaries?

RipVanWinckle2010-02-28 07:11:28 +0000 #1
C: Dwight Howard PF: Maureese Speights SF: Ryan Gomes SG: Dwane Wade PG: Jose Calderon
help you for the sake of2010-02-28 07:21:09 +0000 #2
the first set of good

Wade scores Brewer scores 3 points, but allowed the strong This is much stronger than one-third of Brewer Gomez made up for the problem

Calderon Wade outside the organization strong and Conley is a strong mark on the scene

If we say yes definitely look good

but the record of the second set of the first set of positive Good

5000W about
135799877342010-02-28 07:45:55 +0000 #3



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