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Aspire to dunk.

la97525462010-02-28 09:11:10 +0000 #1
My Bidet 174 plus shoes 176CM Weight: 65CM. . Add wingspan 223CM. . Legs bounce: 50CM. One leg: about 60CM bar. . I have to use one leg jump. . I finished the body heat to seize basket [junior basket]. However, under the dunk test the overall difference 10CM. . Not catch the ball. I would like to quickly increase the 10-20CM bounce. . What useful programs do. . Under the bar for me. . Winter vacation to the school for 1 month. . Hopes to increase the 10-20CM. .

Note: 1: hair well-known that even if the United States. The best test in person before.

2: Do not affect the height of the hair 啦. . . I was 15 years old

3: No pull - He He watched oh! ! !
Ha_Ha_Xi_Xi2010-02-28 09:20:10 +0000 #2
amount of weight, the amount of

65CM! ! ? ?

Tell you a simple way: people with higher than you Lianqiang board, so as to raise, I had also trained in this way, I am higher than you 2CM,, 呵呵

slowly to practice it, you are pretty good! !

Day, jump, jump every day on the line, insist on! !
Dragon hourglass2010-02-28 09:36:07 +0000 #3
Then you wait for two years solid bar buckle

you are more powerful than I - -

I am now 183cm finish the three steps with one hand to buckle in, very reluctantly
yaoti4402010-02-28 10:16:25 +0000 #4
ask the two a handle 1 La Jiao, every day will be able to pull enough to pull a pull more than 10 CM



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