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Seeking a winter training program is mainly physical aspects of

Kaka Xi beautiful for words2010-02-28 09:11:37 +0000 #1
Basketball ball of what is the physical fitness can not go up still line

I am 15 years old weight 83KG high a height 175 is not a whole body muscle types of

would like to winter training speed bounce Fat Burn to improve physical fitness should not load up
! !

Can be practiced every day in the winter about a month's time

1:00 to the system are effective training methods

best not to burden the growth and development

If time is not enough demand on the re-opening after a training program

Dade Hao who can be combined with sub-
▓ Jujue 恋 嗳 ℡2010-02-28 09:25:44 +0000 #2
hello -

Each person has to upgrade the space -! As for the effect of the latter part of that effort depends on your own

I'll give you about two kinds of -

Let me talk about practicing under the attention of

willpower to keep the spirit of desire must be the best to practice every day the state

when they have to say to yourself will be able to successfully

Most people practice the range of 1 week

1 week after no willpower willpower of their desire to give up

so it would be difficult so that every day right said to myself will succeed

practice even when the goal should be accurate and should practice today at busy times

trained in order to feel under no determination of the future of how I accomplished here can not give up

is a war of psychological adjustment to to overcome the

I'll give you sell some bounce Comparison

but definitely more practical because I was trained in the second has been almost a

bounce training methods and more practical:

the first one -!

First of all you have to master the jump method, when you dance with the toes hair force, remember to take off the moment abdomen (this may be the beginning a bit difficult, but for a long time will naturally be of the abdomen), bring up the whole body, in particular, hands, jumping up when the hands are too forced! take-off Respiratory breathing when, after landing breath! refueling exercise bar, in addition to focus on practicing jumping, basketball, but also pay attention to practice!

followed by a big jump training methods other than those other, more practice you have to fine Aberdeen focus on:

1, power, this practice you can sprint 100 meters, so have a good calf muscles so explosive, a lot practice and from 100 meters or 50 meters sprint bar.

2, usually more than skipping a day, hundreds of thousands of sub-total hop. In this way, can reduce the fat, and increase the leg muscles to enhance sexual drive.

3,, step by step according to the training courses, the Department must will succeed and I believe that yourself, and strive to pay a return there will be surprises!!!

The key is to practice exercises leg muscles (thigh, calf), and the explosive leg ...

Oh, and then add one point , you squat, put his hands behind, and then skip steps, just started jumping a 2. and then slowly add up, and so well trained in their own feelings, and jumped on their feet and hands like a natural place ... can also be ... there is to be practiced long jump, standing long jump and red running long jump, these details are the key to determine your jumping ability ah!!!

There is also a practice bounce -!

The second is the most full of tired of this person, I practice is this

You suddenly can not practice too slowly to

every few days no problem on the 10 million increase in other grueling a diet and rest behind me written by

I suggest that you practice now I made this -!

Remember to train more than other is their own mentality must be to maintain the best condition

the mentality of playing basketball is not to feel that they will maintain the mistakes will be well

let your body think that it is fully open to express themselves to express themselves when the value of

(in fact, is his own greatest enemy, fear to hold his mind,)

ok I'll tell you if they feel too much you can from here is absolutely no problem reduced training

definitely can go to when you can dunk a

you can gradually increase the amount because it is the most complete (with original copy, but there are essence)

The following is a detailed explanation of

want to strengthen my bounce, remember three things: hard work, persistence, self-confidence .

1. Exercise waist, abdomen that is sit-ups, slow down fast from each group 20, three groups! ! ! Waist, to find someone to help, you first you have the waist on the bed, so your friend or family hold him down, so the entire upper body would be vacated, and then let the head next to land, suddenly raised to the highest point of stop 1 -- 2 seconds and slowly fall, each group of 20, three groups! "Oh, this is a direct copy."

2. La Achilles tendon find stairs, standing above the toes, and toes, like, straining up top, then slowly fall and fall when the heel must be met as far as possible, the way each group of 20, do three sets! ! ! ! "This is a direct copy of the"

3. Toes because that post is that weight-bearing, but the impact of development, we can only increase the volume. 200 each, making four groups! ! ! ! Toes upward when the outbreak of the rapid upward mention that at the highest point should be set 1-2 seconds, then slowly drop, can not look down to! ! !

4. Skipping three groups of 100 each "to increase projectile velocity"

5. Leapfrog each group of 60 four groups

feel like you can fit training from home, listening to a bouncing good people, said such training is best training day, a day off. Lianwan time to relax, massage muscles. This can not a dead muscle.

I will speak about the principle of people take off! ! ! ! When jumping ability, first leg hair, so thick thigh strength of the pressure foot on the ground, but what about your reaction to the large, then it will jump up (frog). Also in the moment is about to take-off depends on the strength of the lower leg (key), but this time rely mainly on the strength of explosive. So, with the bond length is because people can jump with the bond length of explosive like! (Do not think that they now button good, will lose confidence) Another point is that already after take-off from the land of the people who stay in the air, which is depends on the endurance capacity of calf, and calf finer then legs of the body burden on smaller, stayed in the air on the back a little longer. (Iverson of calves, fine), but also to point out, that stayed in the air after you do the ability to move depends on the strength of the waist. OK, to understand the principles of the bar hopping!

So thick thighs. Fine leg, and with the bond length of people are able to do jump Oh!

Then we practice direction is the leg strength, leg of the explosive. There are practice time to pay attention not to practice too thick legs, oh!

I talk about method. Thigh exercises the power can go to the gym to weight-bearing exercises. To do squat jump effect is very Hao E:)! Month or so the effect will be very obvious! Is the weight-bearing after the squat. Knee to 90 degrees. Then jump in the force! The amount depends on their situation, but not greedy Oh. Otherwise, have difficulty walking the next day! Exercise calf is more difficult, because the practice would be thicker leg strength! ! ! Therefore, a short leg exercises can not excel at. Say that a simple and effective way to walk on tiptoe on the stairs when the OK of the! We should pay attention to practice after playing the right muscles to relax, or death of the muscles back to practice, so that the muscles well-developed, that can not jump! !

I am because it is school sports, I do squat load is 100 kg! I can only say that coarse calf bar! But the strength is sufficient! Beijing has a play on the streets, called 5U, his original 1-meter 70, can touch basket. . Now it seems 1 meter 73. . . Have had a hand basket and a half. (Not a human 呀, ha ha..)

Tiaode Gao is still not high, mainly rely on explosive power and strength of the calf muscles to decide. So that is developed is a well-developed leg bouncing the key.

Misunderstanding: There are many ways to increase Bounce For example: leapfrog, stations, etc. Bu. You can look at their own practice, you jump 20 points or 10 minutes Bu leapfrog the first two days to see is a sore thigh, or calf pain. (I tried it for myself, and the first leg two days did not feel) So, these movements are exercises thigh muscle.

Method: I think this is very effective in several ways.

Toe weigh on the stairs (thick books, thresholds, etc.), the heel vacant, and then tiptoe exert oneself, to let the body back and forth up and down movement. Be 50 or so, you will feel very tight calf jumped. Then do 10. Do a few hours rest. This method is not tired, but can do anywhere. Very good!

Additional training leg explosive ways: from 1 meter to the ground and dancing, and then quickly jump up after landing.

1st item: squat jump

1, the beginning, squat to 1 / 4 position, hands placed on the former,

2, up jumped off the ground for at least 20 to 25cm. (If you feel easy, you can jump to 25-30cm). When in the air, your hands need to be placed behind. Touch the ground when complete a.

Next, simply repeat the above steps! ! !

The second: lift toes (toes)

1. First of all, find a cascade or a book to pad feet, and then only the toes on the top, heels should not touch the ground or Dianzhe

2. Toe carried to the highest point of

3. Then gradually down to complete one. . Feet completed, the completion of a group.

Third: Step

1. To find a chair to put one foot is entered, a 90-degree

2. Make every effort to jump in the air for feet, in the place the chair,

3. repeat 2, the original take-off foot back into the chair, complete another jump.

Squat jump

1, at the beginning, squat to? Position, hands placed on the former,

2, up jumped off the ground for at least 20 to 25cm. (If you feel easy, you can jump to 25 -- 30cm). When in the air, your hands need to be placed behind. 着 地 时, 完成 一次.

toe jump

1. will be carried to the highest point of the toe,

2. with the toes quick take-off, jump shall not be less than 15 or 25cm

lift toes (toes)

1. First of all, find a cascade or a book to pad feet, and then only the toes on the top, heels should not touch the ground or Dianzhe

2. Toe carried to the highest point of

3. Then gradually down to complete one. . Feet completed, the completion of a group.

1. First of all, find a cascade or a book to pad feet, and then only the toes on the top, heels should not touch the ground or Dianzhuo

2. Toe carried to the highest point of

3. Then gradually down to complete one. . Feet completed, the completion of a group.

Training volume: The above action to be a 20 * 5 group (very tiring, but we must adhere to live, think about the future be able to fly stance bar)

There is another point, you can do it point of Europe and the United States released the song, a strong point: for example, LINKIN PARK, and can stimulate the body's potential.

There is also a positive approach such as the heart suggests that the firm that they can be completed!

Living habits: In addition, daily exercise is very important:

empty multi-rope skipping, shuttle run, touch the basket like that.

Everyday life are the most taboo smoking, drinking all night, very good

another casualty loss is also a major stumbling block!

Diet: training, president of muscles, eat more protein food;

daily insistence milk, eggs, beans. Remember that eating plenty of vegetables is very important!

Perseverance: The last point would like to insist, remember not 3 days fishing, two days drying nets,

training, no matter how good, do not adhere to mean wasted effort, we would bar for six months as a unit.

Adhere to all of the above note for half a year old, to see how well their bounce changed!

After school to continue his training continue to adhere to exercise recommendations -!

As follows:

Running: time to get up every day, not usually have to go to school would not have a special morning together, as long as a reasonable, regular like, but preferably the sooner the better, jogging for half an hour to 45 minutes, it is best to find the kind of park or there is a uphill road, jogging, so will your leg muscles helps a lot, run Do not drink water during the first 10 minutes, jogging, and other body joints open, at an appropriate speed You can own grasp -

skipping: Due to weather, so skipping the option as far as possible at night, eating dinner a half hour later, a group of 10 minutes, each 5-minute break Tiaowan consecutive 3 groups.

Dumbbell: The growth of muscle you have more big help, you can choose any position, as well as training sites, but to remind you that not a one-time practice of too many too fast, so easy to muscle strain, counterproductive, other sports have also done .. personally recommend that you do not become a sit-ups and push-ups insist on doing 10-15 minutes a day can be a

movement of the most important thing is to adhere to, as long as you adhere to the will find a robust summer a lot of their own body length the muscles, people envy, but even after going to school not to give up, or else the pity, because only persist over many years, exercise and body will remain to live!

If Louzhu feel that my answers to help you, please give me extra points bar, thank you, Hehe -

Louzhu even if some of the words I have also found a number of Baidu full address com/question/58426772.html? si = 6

The above is the summer that I feel that those who practice the body to answer one can do on the hair, made a -

Original -! If you want to improve basketball skills directly in Baidu news to me tell me in detail to you

One last point: learn to seriously life, cherish the time and love people around! ! !

OK ...

I have now re-edited,,,, Fat Burn Training

at the same time strength training and aerobic training, is a good way to lose weight. Because strength training consume a lot of glycogen, while the subsequent aerobic, you can enter the Fat Burn the earliest state.

But this method depending on the degree of obesity of the person should be adjusted. The body's muscle growth, fat coverage for about 15%. If you are male, 15% of body fat around the abdominal muscles you can see the outline of 4-6 blocks, but it is not so obvious. If body fat is too high, too much of fat, strength training, when too much fat increases weight-bearing. If the body fat is too low, then certainly the lack of growth in the muscles need calories, because in order to maintain a low body fat, need to adhere to low-carbon water and low-fat diet.

So, if your body fat is still relatively high. I suggest you do first the number of low-weight high-strength training with aerobic to focus reduce fat, such as weight loss is complete, further reduction in the number of aerobic exercise, strength training to improve strength, focused on increasing muscle. .

Increase muscle and reduce fat is the opposite of the two processes, so at the same time, and will affect each other. I suggest increasing muscle when to stop oxygen or Zhizuo relaxed within 20 minutes of aerobic exercise. . When weight loss, reduce the intensity of strength training, strength training, but to improve the frequency and time to consume more glycogen, helping fuel faster aerobic exerciseFat.

I hope you read these to understand it.
sizhiyishu2010-02-28 09:43:31 +0000 #3
bar you go to the gym. . .
998,666,8992010-02-28 09:56:42 +0000 #4
running and most effective, first cut down the fat!
513.0902 million2010-02-28 09:49:25 +0000 #5
want to play basketball. Rely on their own to play his practice normally not do. If you are a novice. In addition to the usual basic skills exercises and strength exercises outside. Need to keep combat. Real basketball skills to play the more progress faster. especially the 3 on 3 half-court. can be rapid growth in personal technology. In addition. the court's experience was playing a very important part of basketball. This is also often hone in actual combat. You certainly have some balls to local ruffian (real skilled ball riffraff). Their ability to act according to circumstances are strong. more to fight with them will be able to experience fast growth market. Lianqiu and play Do not be afraid hardship. because it is true depends on basketball skills. There is no one thing is that you do not pay can be harvested. Do not be afraid to play their own bad play. what with the poor not to vote not sudden. basketball fear most is fear fear in the first leg. have the opportunity to vote. there are neutral gear on the sudden . I do not think a person who claimed to be expert to play basketball from the beginning has been a master. Who has the time rookie. playing self-assurance. having one's own style. is mainly Ganpin. shot does not matter how many times. pitching into the non - Shinya does not matter. The key is in the pitch were doing and the passion for basketball. I think everybody was afraid of such a rival - another time in peacetime Lianqiu. efforts to train one or two strokes and his nirvana. Oh, to create his own characteristics. Lianqiu when normally. Do not be too fancy. should take practical. beautiful .. the speed is very important mainly as a part of. I do not want you to learn all 100 meters. as long as you look from that extraordinary speed fast enough you can - and to do so requires a great deal lower limb strength and dribbling skills. This is not how much. only practice. If you are already a master. just want to improve their day joint exercises. and that's with the above do not look at this .. you need to find a coaching position based on your own body gives you a fixed set of systematic and effective training. If you just insist on to be raised. at this stage is very difficult to progress a little. another. you need some heated confrontations . I would not say useless things. This is my own experience. want to help you.

Today's basketball tense, exciting and full of charm. Not only does it have the speed, but also a high level; not only to attack the size, but also a solid defensive; not only have a tacit understanding teamwork, but also a superb individual skills, so that only a comprehensive and balanced development of the team can be in the increasingly fierce counterbalance to the rise to the occasion to overcome opponents. In the vagaries of the basketball kingdom, the basic technology is still vital. A solid basic skills is to become a basketball star sine qua non. Skilled personal technology is the basis of all tactical coordination. "Michael" Jordan said: "The basics of my game in the NBA the most important part of anything I have achieved can be attributed to what I trained to master. Whether you want to do or want to do, if you want to achieve the most well, you can not ignore the basic training. "Anyone who wants to learn basketball, in order to show their skills on the pitch, only the most basic dribbling, shooting, breaking through, and learn the defense and so on, through the efforts of a step by step and much hard the sweat in order to achieve their goals. How can we do that playing basketball?

Pass should pay attention to the problem: 007:

1, should pay attention to the team's offensive co-location of their ball to be a premonition that the attack may occur with and opportunities.

2, as observed in advance of each potential players and defensive players catch the situation.

3, pass should be in place to receive people will use the ball as much as possible to achieve the ball to people that the general situation is put the ball away from the defensive side of the companion location.

4, we must learn to be able to pass left and right hands, often against strong opponents when the defender when the emphasis on the use of a weak hand pass is more effective.

5, passing a timely manner.

Catch should pay attention to. : 011:

1, in this team within the framework of the tactical requirements, and actively welcome before moving the ball or receive the ball before to find the ideal angle of the ball.

2, should be combined with ball players are required to pass signal and a clear position, the ball must be able to control the large range (especially inside players) to the ball team players a sense of security.

3, the ball at the same time as soon as possible with the next step of action linking the attack.

4, catch the ball the moment to take advantage of the inertia of the ball and "stick" in your hand.

Shot should pay attention to. : 014:

1, must be clear before shooting himself and the distance and angle.

2, to judge the situation of defenders.

3, there must be sudden and master shooting opportunity.

4, as far as possible according to their own custom rhythm.

5, should be shooting for a good fight rebounds.

6, we should concentrate on shooting the action and shooting targets.

7, confident of being able to vote in the basket.

Dribble should pay attention to the problem: 012:

1, and always keep the ball beyond the control of its own within the framework of

2, we must rise at any time observe the court case, there must be the destination passes

3, to stay away from defender's hand dribble.

4, should learn to be able to dribble left and right hand.

5, to pass time try not to dribble.

6, not to gather members of regional dribbling from the edges and the field angle region a bit further.

7, dribbling is necessary to master the rhythm, not only a change in direction, and should speed the pace changes.

8, dribbling is not good when you do not pass the opportunity to stop dribble, attack the other side to avoid being robbed or cause the ball 5 seconds offenders, in particular, especially when pressed.

Ball break should pay attention to the problem. : 018:

1, using a breakthrough when the ball should be combined with the shooting and passing.

2, for quick, mobile and flexible defense can make more use of false moves, the reaction slower mobility weakened defense can start over with a breakthrough breakthrough in defense.

3, lower center of gravity before the break but surely.

4, a breakthrough must dare to quote the past defender to conduct a reasonable physical contact.

Defense should pay attention to the problem: 005:

normal circumstances, the defensive team should stand between the opponent and the basket with the ball side of the biased position, defensive positions and distances of those who must be based on the transfer of the ball in time to adjust. Right away from the ball closer to the opponent should be facing the opponents defensive side the ball ramp step. Far away from the ball to the opponent, often used for the ball flat side-step defensive opponent. Defensive players must be the first to move in before the offensive player, so destructive and aggressive defense.

Defensive center of the main principle is to minimize the lower part of the ball center in a restricted area, the destruction of their contact with the external members of the lower part of the center in a restricted area, if necessary, should be used around the pre-anti-Hand (body tight quote center front, squat legs, ready to jump to interrupt each other's lob), the threat of a larger center, it is difficult to rely on their own defense, and must pay attention to defense. : 015:

hope that we can significantly increase the level of basketball!

USA's most famous vertical jump training program, the ability to excel at is expected to increase vertical jump 20-30 cm above training process is hard, the whole process to 15 weeks .

For each action item, if a movement to make three groups, the groups can not be more than two minutes rest between, if completed, be made directly to the next project, remember not to rest! !

1st item: squat jump

1, the beginning, squat to 1 / 4 position, hands placed on the former,

2, up jumped off the ground for at least 20 to 25cm. (If you feel easy, you can jump to 25-30cm). When in the air, your hands need to be placed behind. Touch the ground when complete a.

Next, simply repeat the above steps! ! ! : 003:

The second: lift toes (toes): 005:

1. First of all, find a cascade or a book to pad feet, and then only the toes on the top, heels should not touch the ground or Dianzhe

2. Toe carried to the highest point of

3. Then gradually down to complete one. . Feet completed, the completion of a group.

Third: step: 006:

1. To find a chair to put one foot is entered, a 90-degree

2. Make every effort to jump in the air for foot In on the chair,

3. repeat 2, the original take-off foot back into the chair, complete another jump.

Fourth: Vertical Jump: 016:

1. put your feet straight, and shoulder width , "lock" your knees ...

2. just use your legs jump, only bend your feet Guo, knee bend as far as possible ...

3. to the ground when the rapid take-off again to complete one. ..

This is a difficult, You can use your hands to help jump ...

fifth entry: toe dance: 001:

1. will be carried to the highest point of the toe,

2. toes quick jump, jump shall not exceed 1.5 or 2.5cm

6th entry: squat jump: 008:

This one is only practicing on Wednesday

1. Standing, embrace basketball in the chest

2. Squat (squat), look at the front, back straight, lift toes, thighs must maintain 90 degrees.

3. Jump to 8-13cm, we must keep these two positions,

4. Touch the ground to complete the look. . .

5. If you want to jump under 15 words, 1-14 need to jump on the 8-13cm, 15, the need to make every effort to jump

how to correctly use their heads off style jumper

has not encountered such a situation, you have to shoot when front of it stood a tall defender, how to do, can only pass do? Or be sealed? The answer is: No, no. I would like to shoot, it is up to how to do?

"Recline jump shot," Here's to tell you how to properly use their heads off jumper.

Recline-style jumper bounce less demanding on the players (can jump could be a forty to fifty centimeters), the key is action.

The following elaborate on the connection with reality: those with right-handed dribble ball from the right-sided break (of course, first, better to be a fake), defensive players will follow you on your left to run, when the ball into their own range of the shipped inside (away from the basket nearer the higher hit rate), suddenly to the left by about defensive players, so that you break to the left, the action heads off for you to create the movement jump space. At this time, you suddenly recover and make a left front right foot in the post-position (Note: At this time we must prepare for all prepared jumper). At this point, you face the basket, but to make baskets and your two shoulders in a straight line, and then counter-clockwise rotation jump. In the rising process, your upper limbs to keep the usual shooting position, your right leg will naturally put forward. Well, now you can use rotation to bring the power of inertia and the arm relaxed shot, the ball is flying out ... ... the ball into 啦!

Recline jumper in the You may also encountered many problems, such as throw the ball is not rotating, heads off excessive loss of balance and so on. Solution is the key - what one can. If you do not feel comfortable, then jump up slowly when the body rotation angle of some or smaller heads off, and so skilled a little faster and then be too late. As long as we practice, I believe you can be a very good grasp.

Ball to prevent being shut down when the ball approaches

ball when the ball way to prevent them from being copied point:

point when you are most afraid of being the face of defensive shot, his back to defense when the greatest fear was dig.

The face of defense when the other side, there are two steals in France:

1. In your right hand on the ball when a big one, his body attached to the right side of your body, stretched a long arm, insert your

body and the ball between the ball Paidiao.

2. on your right hand for left-handed extraordinary time on a small step on your arm just the ball line, waiting for you to send the ball into his hands

to deal with the first cut method, simply When a fierce opponent rushed to the right side of the body, with the left shoulder block in the enemy's path,

the enemy got the message, or slow down; or head against your shoulders, 有苦说不出 know that you do not mess with. What is more,

You can skillfully deflected the question, when the enemy rushed to a fight with the shoulder, the enemy will probably throw out. I once method has been applied to 一一百六十 jin Han dynasty fell to the ground.

to deal with the second cut method, remember live ball a little lower on the list control.

turn their backs on defense, the enemy they often forced to dig again, and made your heart is empty, in fact, to deal with the enemy forces you dig your best way to take the initiative on the

is that you get into him, Once you squeeze him live, he mobility, nature can not break your ball. this forward and fast

especially effective when you attack one on one, you do not have particularly fast red, as long as stubbornly resist the enemy, while control the ball side of the basket, pack into.

the same time, you must also play a role in his left hand, right hand ball, the left hand must be stretched too long, the best block in the enemy

waist, so you're clear about the enemy movements . This move in particular picked up on the turn extraordinary.

teach you The secret sauce cap

If you want to overwrite every opponent shot, you will fall into too much foul trouble. Also, you can not say: "I am tall, I would like to build his hat." You can have fast reactions? You must have an appropriate time, to understand the opponent, to study their shots. You also must know when to stay away from your defensive target. Because a great blocked shots and not just defensive players cover their own hat. My teammates can catch the defense the opportunity, they know that I was there.

Opponents are also aware that I was there would be blocks. When they found me there guarding restricted areas, they will be forced to make difficult shots. How many kinds of shots you can change their ways? This is where you become the master of the secret cap:

1, A vigilance. Need to know where the ball and know the location of the ball. Usually, you want to build a person's ball, you want to farther away from him.

B research opponents. Before you start blocks, make sure that he would definitely be shot.

C to be patient. Do not leave your defensive players too long, otherwise, he would like unhindered, easy shot.

2, A time to be fit. Card up your moving time, in his shot before, you have to close to him. B should be in place quickly. Dashed shooting or who he wants to shoot position.

C identification shot. The key is to know how he would shoot his stations and physical action will show that he shot types.

3, A rapid take-off. You do not have time to take-off knee bending movements, we must quickly take off both feet.

B the body straight. Be careful not to foul because the physical contact, or hired thugs. Unless he is thrown back jump shot, due to inertia, he will hit you.

C fully extended. If you stretched out the arm fully extended to the cap, you will enough to a higher place.

D dial the ball. Call the ball with the wrist rapidly, but the action should not be too large. Remember, that is, gently wave, you can change a pitch that could have been hit.

How can we improve the shooting

Basketball is a technology more integrated sports, the amount of shots to decide the outcome of the game. So, how to create more scoring opportunities and improve the hit rate of shooting, here in the teaching and training in some ways:

1, to strengthen standardization practice shooting action. Shooting action with a single hand and both hands, regardless of what form, must be done strictly according to standardized movements. Develop and master the muscles feel when shooting is a priority in all pre-conditions, which should increase standardization of practice shooting action, And ultimately achieving dynamic stereotype.

2, improve the body's level of training. The degree of physical training to complete the basis for a variety of technical movements on the shooting has significant impact. Such as physical training, poor players, amount of exercise increases, the hit rate will significantly decreased. Therefore, shooting with the physical training should be combined, to a certain minimum time limit for the number of shooting intensity training, in order to intense competition, there is sufficient strength to ensure the stability of shooting and improvement.

3, choose a good shooting opportunity, decisive shot. A good shot opportunity is to improve the key to shooting, a good scoring chance with the team through individual and to create, and to be good at capturing the timing of shots. Shot by defender to observe the center of gravity, position, anti-distance, once the defenders lost the normal anti-bit, not interfere with shooting, or shooting those who use fake to lure defender lost focus, location, and anti-distance, the shot by creating shot opportunities, decisive shot. The use of team tactics created by the use of offensive and defensive opportunities or the time difference between both sides and space for the temporary difference immediately shot.

4, there must be a strong desire and self-confidence shot. A strong desire and self-confidence is to improve the shooting shooting the premise of the shooting plays an important role. In teaching those who make the shot to be a comprehensive exercise to master a variety of shooting skills, play to their initiative. In the normal response to the students a little more care, help, more encouragement and recognition to foster self-confidence of those shots.

5, and systemic stability, coordination and action shot training. Competition, often see some of those shots in the sudden loss of body balance the external force can still get the ball thrown, indicating the coordination of the body shots are good, shot the ball the moment, body and hands are relatively stable, space-time shot by a sense of strong, feeling good, strong self-confidence so that the whole shooting action force uniform, gentle movements, natural, coherent, smooth.

6, choose the right shot angle and shot the ball's flight path. According to science and practice proved that the angle shot the ball affects the ball flight path, the ball's flight path generally have a low arc, medium and high-arc three kinds of arcs, generally in the arc is the best. However, as shot distance from the players height and bounce the different qualities, so in the shot, the ball's flight path also different, in the training set according to the actual situation. At the same time, a stable psychological factors are also critical to learn self-regulation and self-psychological suggestion, not by the referees, venues, audience, atmosphere and the impact of scores to take reasonable and decisive action to shoot.


one shot back in situ, using the timing: 1, when the center turning its back to the basket player hands the ball when pressed in the face of the other defense cases, can be directly backward shooting shot; 2, when the center Players turning its back to the basket ball with both hands, has been the use of turning or stepping hook shot no shot, they can use in-situ backward shooting; 3, when the center turning its back to the basket ball player, it can leave with action, such as the use of around upper body feint, or turn fake fool the enemy, the back top of the shots.

2, action method: (to turning its back to being the basket case) When the center player in the restricted area off the place, received a companion pass, the feet or so before opening, knees peg-leg. When the other defensive player close behind, the elbows the ball naturally droop, visual midpoint of the side the basket, his arms back the top of the stretch, their hands the ball cast a uniform force.

3, Technical points: center team members should be back to feel each other's defensive situation, eyes the basket as this side (assuming two goals basket for a line), in which the other party in accordance with their distance and angle of the basket to assess their own shot determine the shot strength and curvature. Force should be uniform when shooting with both hands, the body should be coordinated.

4 advantages: easy to learn moves, shooting of a sudden, shooting concealed easily sealed, the other very hard to detect, is "a small play big", the "Ling system of large" an attack on the highly technical.

5, less than: than shooting the basket for the basket or shoot the high side. The need for deliberate efforts to reinforce the training. Center team turning its back to the basket after the ball with his partner should be noted that complement each other, looking for the opportunity to attack and attack methods, not in order to demonstrate their use of turning its back to the basket and blindly shot back in situ. I believe, "Practice makes perfect, Qiao could Sheng Zhi", and shot back to the basket in situ anti-technology people do not try it out.

Teach you to withdraw sliding defense

withdrawal sliding defense is a strong defensive offensive mobile technology, while the other attempt to hunger in front of a defender or a direction of a breakthrough, the defenders withdrew sliding control over the use of each other, occupy a favorable position, undermine its breakthrough line.

Withdrawal of sliding the key is: to withdraw step stride and pace, direction and follow-up step to withdraw sliding step frequency and body center of gravity control. Withdrawal step stride larger, faster pace in order to achieve the leading occupation of position (withdrawal steps taken the stronger in each other slightly in front of the front foot), a breakthrough line of control and damage the opponent's goals.

In order to increase the pace step to withdraw, withdraw further action should be based on the hip as the rotation point so that the pelvis around the hip side of the vertical axis for lateral rotation, increasing the first step in stride, taking steps to withdraw the leg thigh in full on the basis of outreach accompanied by moderate rotation, the order to increase the withdrawal step stride. Step withdrawal according to opponents of the direction of the case may be, the general control and break through the route of the direction of 45-degree angle, the angle is too large, easily lead to blocking foul, the angle is too small, unable to control opponents, so that withdrawal of sliding into a retreat step. Step frequency of follow-up sliding faster, follow-up steps to quickly tread the ground and accompanied by a certain degree of Nianzhuan, step foot in the withdrawal of the ground an instant, to quickly follow suit, the slide direction of movement and to maintain basic defense posture, in order to ensure follow-up defensive move mobility and flexibility. Sliding withdrawal when to keep knees, upper body slightly forward body position, can not withdraw while the upper body backward step, resulting in loss of body balance control.

In the follow-up sliding, we can not, and legs, so as to avoid sliding in the body center of gravity greater ups and downs affect the sliding velocity. Using sliding defensive withdrawal when suddenly a straight line will never be allowed to ring the other direction, it should at least force it along the ring on the ground projection point of 40-50 degree angle of attack Xiece direction.

Dribbling extraordinary points

First of all to solve the dribble a matter of habit, not unconscious dribble, dribble like good what to do before, do not you photograph to neither extraordinary nor shot a waste of time and opportunity. If you like the dribble Louzhu breakthrough. Then the extraordinary time it is important to fake, and you could teach you a simple way, Lianshu a good land.

First of all, against others to make your first shot when the ball moves (regardless of when the time to face the basket ball, head to face basket, his legs have to face the basket, the only way to be shot at any time fake action) when the other party if there is action, you can take advantage of his moment to move the focus of him, and then more complex, you can first make shooting action, and then make passing moves, and then break, passing to do the right moves breakthroughs from the left, passing to the left to right break

technical points: flexible freely dispose of their own center of gravity, the action can be done with the real thing!

These technologies a prerequisite, you need to have some shooting and passing techniques, if you are neither shot, they do not know the ball to a teammate points, then no matter how you feint, opponents will not believe your !

Why does everyone say Liu Yudong Hunshen are fake? In fact not the case, but his shooting is too much, as long as a rival for shooting action on the terrible tension, Liu casually as the focus of this movement for the removal of rivals, and thus avoid being deceived by fake.

As a basketball fan, the last one to send Lou Zhu, basic skills are the most important on paper than the basic skills training hard!



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