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Ray Allen and McGrady who is ruthless

j47702062010-02-28 14:11:37 +0000 #1
Some people say that Allen is 96 years later, into the NBA, second only to Kobe Bryant at shooting guard. Tracy McGrady does it? Bryant also claimed that he was not with the drums quite a point guard?

Allen can be sudden good at casting, Tracy McGrady physique better, in the end who is fierce point?
Labor ban2010-02-28 14:22:46 +0000 #2
Ray Allen I think the stronger point. Ray Allen also had the same ratio as the Mai Dike, also to the inside when the business for a breakthrough Zhu Er, only later do the injury, it was such a change in the outside as it is now becoming a pitcher. Of course, he is still inside are actually. McGrady then hung when the table is the mighty, NBA two-time scoring, 35 seconds 13 minutes to illustrate this point. McGrady is now just wilt, and decadence of the. In contrast, Ray Allen more stable. And age than McGrady large, more experience. Support Madison in support of Allen.
Frozen Alice call out2010-02-28 14:44:16 +0000 #3
Fxc_198802152010-02-28 14:36:17 +0000 #4
before it is certainly a pity that the decadence of the TMAC Meng
cafe Boa2010-02-28 15:16:08 +0000 #5
Who is ruthless? Peak period of a little better than the words of Tracy McGrady! McGrady We all know that the glass to do! Ray is also the all-rounder! But now, only left hand of COSCO!
Small Fei Ge Xia2010-02-28 14:27:13 +0000 #6
Ray Allen is the most accurate of the two-thirds, TMAC has classic moments, it should be Ray Allen Meng point.
United qingtang2010-02-28 15:04:47 +0000 #7
251,209,8712010-02-28 17:42:52 +0000 #8
is definitely T-MAC, it's Ray Allen said the breakthrough moment that is not up to much, he shot the ball well. McGrady more strong, dry pulling, breaking, in particular, is the first step just get off. Unfortunately, only a little bit depressed
xiaowu8812052010-02-28 17:26:37 +0000 #9
pinnacle of Tracy McGrady Meng



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