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xxxxhy2010-02-28 15:10:52 +0000 #1
my 185CM, 100KG, the main way to play inside G and PF position, lower extremity strength is good, to elect the following paragraphs watched basketball shoes

1. Gong Li Ning Shaquille O'Neal basketball shoes (2BMB753-1)

2. O'Neill Professional basketball shoes Li Ning (2BMD163-4)

3. Gong Li Ning basketball shoes (2BMD245-4)

4.TS BOUNCE COMMANDER Howard 3 (G08133)

5. Anta Basketball shoes (1931102)

6. Howard 4th generation (G06558 )

7. Howard's two-generation (G08490)

8.ADIDAS TS BOUNCE COMMANDER Howard Queen's boots (355,338)

In addition to these the rest of the line

to be encapsulated, breathability, comfort, shock absorption, good

Thank you
pschly2010-02-28 15:21:31 +0000 #2
TS BOUNCE COMMANDER series of bar.

followed by a relatively large weight if you are damping is still very good, then.

ADI's shoes has always been well encapsulated, not to mention, or inside shoes.

breathe basketball shoes, it is very difficult to guaranteed.

also recommend that you a NIKE: HYPERMAX, lightest full-palm MAX Air, the latest fly line technology.

strength of type?

that there is no doubt that AF 25 HIGH.
7792052010-02-28 15:50:52 +0000 #3
Anta can choose the CBA center steel ,1931102-4.

Stability, abrasion resistance, cushioning, but also breathable, breathable soles of the feet are also A00L, and encapsulated nature is also a very strong foot care
hbywcs2010-02-28 16:34:07 +0000 #4
main wear their own comfortable, there is to protect the good performance, at least twisted foot have the time to protect the ankle, there is one point I think the most important, is the sole flexibility should be enough, should not be too hard, this is a pair of basketball shoes I choose the most important criteria. Hope can help you!
wanghemin13142010-02-28 16:02:19 +0000 #5
Adidas is still better, I suggest that some of Li Ning, some of the cumbersome, because you are playing G and PF Swingman
Yishenshidan is also sub-Long2010-02-28 15:57:04 +0000 #6
John Howard four generations!

Good flexibility and is the main salient features of
, but I suggest you right to lose weight - good shoes are a good physical coordination needed to drive - the estimated age you do not do a good job protection measures is the most important -

I wish you happy --
Master Chau Island master2010-02-28 15:54:08 +0000 #7
Air force Series
wutong78452010-02-28 17:18:03 +0000 #8
to rely on these are really good pick to play inside of

the first election lightly, it robbed the convenience of take-off board what ah, too bulky inconvenient

followed by a high proposal to buy, or more to help better high parcel of the province of easily Wei foot

love-STOP jumper bought the kind of non-slip soles, to ultra-durable shoes

the other depends on how the price Shuai Shuai do not like the

of the most important comfortable I wear your favorite has been elected to buy basketball shoes are the most handsome of the
QIAN Da God King2010-02-28 19:08:07 +0000 #9
so I and you speak, you have the weight of the best selling NIKE shoes, because the basketball shoe, basketball shoes, Adi is not durable, NIKE very wear, and the NIKE quality than Adi good, guard shoes recommended buying addy, you best-selling series of NIKE's FORCE! ! ! ! ! ! I believe I am not wrong, the Columbia basketball team! ! !
dkchina2010-02-28 18:51:01 +0000 #10
*********************************************** *******

need to know your style of play

for example, that you are a power-type or flexible type, is back playing a lot or a positive extraordinary power of multi-type

Because it is recommended:

1. James 6 (this subsection shoes is very powerful and also very obvious shortcomings, the weight was too heavy to wear this pair of shoes can give up bouncing, but still can not deny that a good inside a pair of shoes)

2.TS BOUNCE COMMANDER (do not want to say anything, and this shoe It is commonly used inside shoes)

3.NIKE SHOX UPS (This shoe can try, but I think your weight is not enough weight, may be more demanding to control them, this shoe is a heavier weight, the more labor-saving)

*** ************************************************** *
56,265,6262010-02-28 16:14:31 +0000 #11
Anta of the CBA can choose to center steel ,1931102-4.

Stability, abrasion resistance, cushioning, but also breathable, breathable soles of the feet are also A00L, and encapsulated nature is also a very strong foot care
zhu love love to death2010-02-28 16:54:07 +0000 #12
I think that Howard's shoes to buy ADIDAS good I myself wear Price a little expensive but the quality is also very comfortable wearing a very solid
rcq159097752010-02-28 16:28:41 +0000 #13
Kobe Bryant did not Cuoa several dozen G Mody
zny19923172010-02-28 16:42:32 +0000 #14
Do not Nike, it is necessary Adi



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