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Come play with many years of experience

0 orange flavor 02010-01-21 16:01:41 +0000 #1
11-year-old to play basketball for 10 years now, most recently encountered bottleneck. Whether in peacetime training or playing. Is not always in the shot. As essentially equivalent to PG in terms of the ability to waste half of my . Yaoda immediately welcome event, and you have any good suggestions hope to hearing.

2009-09-02 00:51 supplementary shot when I felt the usual no difference, just do not normally vote in a play goals .. no admission of the death of me .. .. really depressed to play basketball and have some experience of the predecessors to Zhijiao, Ctrl flow of self-respect. add that, nor is it the ball does not enter. be said to be shooting a lot lower now than before Only 3 or so into the shooting of the ..
Bebe2010-01-21 16:15:46 +0000 #2
Louzhu specific situation is not clear, but play is also frequently encountered shooting down short period of time my personal solution is to slightly speed up the shooting speed of Do not rely on rhythmic old Aiming to vote in the less into the more observable because a lot of people when the shooting rate is relatively high when the old thinking of casting a result, it will cause the hollow shooting down of course, may also be because of your arm (mainly triceps ) produces fatigue suggest that you take some time off playing the game can be if it was the basket look for a few more breakthroughs in attitude is also important to hand over another is personal experience want to help you
the wind, like a man2010-01-21 16:12:29 +0000 #3
a large number of multi-cast feeling will come back, and remember that the ball should be rotated slightly backward.
yulei86672010-01-21 16:22:56 +0000 #4
If you think I am a pure theory can message, I will answer deleted -

based on the principle of pleasure in helping others, saying that some of my humble opinion -

play encounter a problem, is very normal thing, all the Players will encounter.

Professional athletes would do likewise.

When the level rises to a height, there will be a confused period, is difficult to say, but does exist.

But once broken through the bottleneck, we return to another realm, not to say that there will be basketball said it was a qualitative leap in the understanding is that basketball will be very different.

I have encountered this problem and has no cross in the past.

But will feel that they have some understanding of basketball is different, sometimes at the court read the game better than before. These are built on top of thinking.

I want to do regardless of what is important diligent in thinking it, at least I like to play basketball, playing time is not only a popping in his own quiet time at home will think that many, such as thinking about some details of the action, like These actions should be done under what circumstances, do not think I shot action.

In addition, the upstairs said, and many did not harm the overall practice, but without thinking, blindly practice results would not be good.

Said that a number of NBA pitcher every day the mirror plate moves his shot, though I do not know really, but for exacting detail, I think it is key to success.

Before I shot it can not be accurate, but pretty stretch and smooth, and some the ball into the action, if not feel very comfortable, at least for a time when his shot felt very comfortable, think this is just more practice will be able to change.

But now, perhaps a small point shooting has improved, but action was no longer stretch so smooth, even into the lot of the ball nor do I feel kind of smooth feeling.

There are many reasons may have already started practicing like a child when the so attention to detail and demanding of their own.

And then there are, to the bottleneck period, there is no way to find a crossing, stagnation down.

More practice it, and then more to think about, such as a movement Do not just excel at his body's instinct to know when to do this action it is appropriate.

Shot too, just because thrown in the meet, if not find the kind of feeling, hit ratio will be very unstable, especially when the race.

Personally think that makes excessive demands on the details of their more stable, and the showdown between the master often depends on the details.

Repeated practice is cultivating feeling, though very abstract, but he does exist, as we encounter do not know, even reading a word can also understand this sentence the word about the meaning, which is the language of a sense of long-term culture. Basketball is the same, are often the body's instinctive reaction to occur immediately Emmanuel flash, of course, the prerequisite is to have a good foundation as a cushion, like English, no matter how good a feeling that if a passage known only to one or two words might have guessed is not out of all.

One day fails to grasp the bar --- just like that one day I suddenly have a new understanding of how the layup, followed by even more sharp break, suddenly come to feel, feel the hang of -

talk about while shooting speaks very little, but I mean is that -

his own understanding, bar ---

Let us put aside right and wrong, if they feel can not be accepted, please message, I will not speak -
rundedian2010-01-21 17:07:01 +0000 #5
Oh, that knows no would be the best answer, but the bar still say something. Each person-year playing basketball, there will be peaks and valleys, and a man is the same. McGrady When he was young is not very NB Well, now Buxing Le. Let's not professional, not every day a high-intensity training to maintain high-quality feel, so the usual warm-up becomes more important. I like you big time yesterday in the outside play into the 16 consecutive two-thirds, but today's vote also played 10 times in the three, because there is no pre-race warm-up Bale. Nash show you a video, shining his methods do, in peacetime as well as to do a lap before the race, feeling slowly came back. Does not require each ball into the feel right on into the.




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