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I was born 93 height 196cm weight 72kg likes to play basketball how to take a better path of profess

qiuyalin5212010-02-28 21:10:10 +0000 #1

hys50193372010-02-28 21:25:08 +0000 #2
level - so high - but weight slim - if not previously received formal training in the words of the basketball I regret to tell you may not be raised - but things do depend on man-made - not to say that may not have had - to enhance physical exercise - to be a bar inside - because the technology can not live a day back to practice two days out of -- plus a high degree of good health achievements of an initial post player, good coordination is a good jumping inside plus another two powerful trump card, height advantage is not obvious, then it needs to practice hard bounce - and although much of this bounce and talent, but the relationship between the acquired the training is helpful, footsteps, careful, card position, inside singles capabilities, which are summarized in the combat against the improvement - like playing basketball and there are so high there should be a lot of height inside the experience of playing it? Although the opponents are not likely to play up your high-effort, but when you go to College? Enter university basketball system, you only know what some people outside the Jiao Ren, always other able men - and one by one do not know how long, I have 185 in that which is a sub-dwarf, our team had the highest faster 210, but with your The height is still a good place to play forward, especially PF, strengthening exercises a close weight, multi-shot, break through the basket, inside strong fight, hook, inside fake moves, red rebound, the red rebound is a good thing ah -- lot of practice there will be a great surprise Yo - I am not very tall, but will be washed to rebound, so I can re-pitch the occasional cameo PF position - because I would high school practice is the PF, they still have some grounding , but usually play SF, you do not fight it if height inside the pity ah - but if the NBA ready to go, then I say you can ignore the -
z4479029832010-02-28 21:25:22 +0000 #3
196 cm. 72KG lost points. a body Zhuang point more training is in the affirmative, one should guard it, I wish you success!
victormilan2010-02-28 21:54:05 +0000 #4
you this year is already 17 years old, if you do not become a professional player before the idea, or they have not received systematic training in basketball, which I can only to tell you, if you want to set foot in from now on career path has been too late.
zlw1989012010-02-28 22:48:03 +0000 #5
weight stepping up their efforts to practice shooting skills and basket techniques, entrance exam when special enrollment in the future into the provincial team
Onio Li evil2010-02-28 21:25:19 +0000 #6
No ah you this physical, technical Enhancing hard on the line, and physical fitness must be strengthened, do not and Yi Jianlian like, I have a meter 92, 200 pounds, but I do not look a little fat, are training for so many years already, and many go to the gym and thought, you are now of age are still very small, not suitable for large strength, to find a fitness coach, to make up your physical, physically up to 190 can be very strong, and the body is the most important, whether to play or to fight Oh, He He
wx438850662010-02-28 22:41:50 +0000 #7
If you're still in school, then the test in a basketball Health is the best sports talent, however, and to the university, you will find many opportunities at this stage do not see in front of you ...
Xuan Xiao-Qing2010-02-28 21:31:50 +0000 #8
wow, how are you high Oh. First of all, a good coach is a must, and he is very hard, playing basketball is not a better offer a certain line, Yao Ming is also a step by step out of. Avoid quick success, become too materialistic will destroy you. Inexplicable very optimistic about you that China has reached new basketball, and I do not know will give you all a pleasant surprise



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