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Winter break training in basketball would like to give me a planned bar

step by step FAQ2010-03-01 02:11:34 +0000 #1

bo Germany2010-03-01 02:19:37 +0000 #2

like casting a fixed basket first hand type

and then practice shots from the start can be in the basket, because the goal is a kinds of sensation (lack of strength is also the one hand). And then gradually pull distance. The beginning may be due to their lack of strength is unable to do jump shot, this is not to force himself to do it when the jump shot. The most important thing is the feeling of the hands. Contact practice for a long time Zaiqu jumper.

Would like to hand experts and precise basket, you must ensure that your practice numbers, you decide to practice at this stage of the basket is best not to play baseball.

I have just started to love basketball when such a practice is this: to practice every day shooting 100 2 minutes 20 3 minutes (I am talking about is the input of quantity) will certainly be the beginning of a long time to complete the gradual you will find that you completion of these shots were in the shortened gradually over time. Wait until you can light Songqie rapid completion of these shots were counted on when you should be a good pitcher of the basket.

Individuals returned to you suggestions, want to have the basket to strengthen the power of their own wrist, then that is the strength of your shoulder, these two forces can ensure that the distance of your shots and your hand (the most important thing is to play more time to shoot will not be tired very quickly)

accurate shooting was fatal, and individual advise you of your shots have a certain time of the furnace still have to practice a breakthrough, because only you breakthrough and accurate shooting is a combination The most terrifying.

Good break, and then you combine precision shooting attack on the strong

mainly the ball dribble a sense of nothing to touch the ball, and then primarily a training exercise in disguise. Enhancing the initial stage of the first right-hand man is now in disguise, at the time of this play is the most useful (if Enhancing any).

Dribbling no more than coincidence is to transport more training, but remember that the ball is in the front side of the body, not on the front. Other There is nothing now.


when the defense will not always follow the ball to run, do not always go to think about what to cap, a good defensive first go to a reasonable physical contact, and then the objects in your defensive shots, or layup to go full time to interference (for example such as the distance from your unguarded shot 10 to enter 8, then if you have a defensive shot when you have people rush up anti-tampering you, it would be natural Your shooting dropped). When the defense is on their own pre-judgment of the opponent's attack, there is their speed of response. This is not one or two days it can become a need for a long time you play and practice Lianqiu out. Fuel bar.
Call me the son of a bitch2010-03-01 02:33:07 +0000 #3
first practice ball. Lianqiu sense. Lianfa: himself a man shoot the ball to the playground! Shoot back and forth! Beat around the line.

To practice shooting. I suggest you take a look at NBA video, look at shooting position, to find a position suited to their shooting after the hard training, muscle movements repeated a 300 times and then will create memories of this position will not help you when you make such a shot action, so every time practicing for more than 300 times Oh! I suggest that you shoot a point a point of practice, from then to two-thirds vote.

Finally practicing breakthrough, a breakthrough depends mainly on the pace, this a matter of personal talent, and read more star video bar.

In addition to the physical exercise is also very important, strength, endurance, explosive.

Strength to practice push-ups, dumbbell.

Endurance proposed long-distance running training.

Explosive Well, it depends on the talent. You can practice very squat jump, standing Dunqi.

These are the my experience.
qdwudunchuan2010-03-01 03:25:29 +0000 #4
Training can be divided into: physical and technology.

Physical: Take dumbbells, doing push-ups, distance run, chin-up, with sand bags tied to the legs, arm, 5-6 weeks can be paid off, provided that persevere and not be wasted. (All of the physical training is mainly insist)

technology: to be divided into playing what position.

1.PG first should train dribble, a change in direction, crotch, behind the dribble, and then pass this requires the help of a friend, or play against a wall. To be behind the ball and so on.

2.SG more practice in the long-distance shot, the number depending on physical conditions.

3.SF Ibid, another multi-body practice back singles.

4.PF, in a close shot to be more training, more use of the strength of the basket shot mainly bouncing rebounds better.

5.C, ibid, rebounds to be able to protect the living, we must strengthen the awareness and bounce, PS: PF as a second center is also necessary.

Fighting! Finally I wish you success! -
Ding Chunqiu 92010-03-01 02:32:27 +0000 #5
do not know the basis of what is standard in the ah ... ...


1. Dribble, turn around, practicing touch

2. Fixed-point shot, jump shot, free throws, layups

3. Dribble around the pole Exercise break

4. basket skills, grab 5 rebounds. actual practice with the team, tactical


1. endurance, long distance

2. explosive, template practice, the bottom line shuttle run

3. Lumbo-abdominal strength, sit-ups



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