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How can I play basketball

qq21001332010-03-01 02:11:49 +0000 #1
bounce I 180CM 45KG good but they are not physically strong than I have encountered I have been completely suppressed the body back now I mainly turned to the left heads off a single anti-counterfeiting actions in attack and a single jumper right hook I do not like Yun seek a variety of offense the ball good to have video ...
▓ Jujue 恋 嗳 ℡2010-03-01 02:26:10 +0000 #2
Hello -!

You belong to power forward or center type of

back to explain the body's singles! ! ! -!

To constantly practice and practice in actual combat to be a serious effort to deal with

detailed explanation click back the body's singles


look at the two Video:

1, Boozer back body

2, the foreign body back teaching video is particularly useful -!


back singles who are mainly close to the defender's legs that made power. Because it is not only inward squeezing force. More to maintain the whole body balance. The other one foot is just a balancing role in Bu ..

non-dribbling hand should be flat Taizhi waist to the chest this location .. one .. try to withstand the defensive to protect their dribble .. because of your distance from the farther. you have the ball more secure ..

if the counterparty does not Tieshang Lai. This has the recipe for .. First, if you have the ability to shoot .. shoot .. I suggest you first choice but if the distance is too great, then pass or multi - bar. If it is in the distance shot of the .. if you are fully capable of, or other defensive player of the ability is less than you. You can also choose to rely on up singles ... well. .. the most useful trick when they do not Tieshang Lai. Huang a fake .. all likelihood, at the other side of this move and then himself when .. .......

in the low singles should be the correct basis for the other's physical movement in such areas as the pace and bounce to carry out If the other side stronger than your speed, or jumping on top of your good, you should not take back the body's singles, back body singles response should be weaker than some of their players, so as not to lose out! the practice is to rely on a on a conducted, a person can not complete these actions should be playing in the back to back, snapping each other's next hard-packed, dribbling as far as possible to lower the natural waist must bend some, in the range of your scope of pushed you you can pick up the ball turned and hit the semi-plate shot!

improve basketball skills to use (sell what)

is my hair so much

on the I wish you an early and successful
tuoqi2010-03-01 02:25:43 +0000 #3
more go to the gym it, dribble to training, the body is also back on your body's singles, Peng Zhao Guo Zhuang you are not a bar ... ...
aiying98762010-03-01 03:15:34 +0000 #4
best to go, after all, there is no physical or fitness Hehe Baidu will not do more push-ups on the video you can go and see a lot of ah proposal should first learn well the dribble, after all, can only make such a high guard
z10233262010-03-01 03:09:41 +0000 #5
need to strengthen my body is the first

second it to see if the Lakers Picasso Er how the play, watching games and video is a good learning process

In fact, basketball offense nor the amount of breakthrough, jumper, all are founded on these two basic skills, and do not like to dribble how to do want to fully do not want to dribble, where there are so good thing ah



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