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Refined Wind2010-01-21 17:01:54 +0000 #1
Yao Ming, there are those top players apart? U.S. NBA season how the division?
yulei86672010-01-21 17:12:19 +0000 #2
first NBA season, said division bar:

NBA game in general is the annual late October early November start to the following year between the end of June to July.

Probably in the second year in mid-February is the middle of the season, in the middle of the time All-Star Game will be conducted, of course, more important is that in the middle of the season is also the trading deadline, from the beginning to the end of the season deadline shall not be making the team player transactions.

(For example, is the 09-10 season, in February 2010)

with the following year's regular season will end in mid-April, when the East and West with the top eight teams into the playoffs. Ranking rules more complicated, in particular, say a few words:

the same division three partitions first and a second best performing district record of the decision by the top four of this Division. (Such as the eastern Atlantic, Central, Southeast Division of the first three even if the total score can also be well qualified, and the top four)

If you have two teams ranked the same as the distinction between ranked according to the following rules:

1. With each other a good record among the top 2. in their respective league's high winning percentage among the top 3. in the Division of the winning high among the top 4. and where the League of negotiating with other top eight teams with high winning percentage among the top , 5. with another League top eight teams with high winning percentage of negotiating among the top 6. pros and cons of high points differential among the top

from the second year of the month beginning in mid-playoffs, playoffs each system of four wins to seven games, according to the Ministry of the regular season ranked 1:8,2:7,3:6,4:5 area to compete, and ultimately the East and West champions championship title.

Playoffs probably ended in mid-June the following year (ie, a complete end to the season)

As with the related activity or competition season, time of day is probably as follows:

1. Postseason when carried out by lottery will be conducted draw (that is chosen for the next season and draft of the order)

2. playoffs will soon be carried out after the draft. (Probably in July or so)

3. Probably from July started, players can trade, free-agent signings and draft picks signed.

4. Probably will be conducted from July to August in summer league, the teams will take the draft picks and free agent visits (at this time are not necessarily those players have signed up) There are of fringe players.

Then in October at the end of the season is officially begun.

Also on the way fighting games, also said this:

the regular season, teams will each play 82 games.

In different Region East District〕 〔game two of a season, the same region in different season, a small district tournament three or four games 〔computer-generated random and which〕 combatants spar in three games, the same plot of a four-season tournament field, on the formation of the 82 regular season games.

Consecutive home and away which should not exceed six.

=============================================== ========

below the point of the rocket bar -

First of all, like the upstairs as a friend put it, in addition to the most famous, of course, Yao Ming, "McGrady."

02-03, and 03-04 two-time regular season scoring. In the history of 9 even scoring one of the village, and three young. Not many others introduced.

The second of course, is Luis Scola. Although he is only in recent years in the NBA play in the Rockets point whatever, but he was abroad (outside the U.S.) very loud, but well known.

When playing in Europe, won the Spanish league title, but also served as league MVP, in the Champions League have also been scoring, but also repeatedly named the best team in Europe.

In the national team performance is also outstanding, world championship silver and Olympic champion Argentina, the main hero and the Olympic Games All-Star team, but also won the American championship MVP.

Shane Battier, this is a player everyone likes to defensive reflexes. However, we always thought that he only popular in China, if a mistake to think so.

Last season after the Rockets were eliminated, I remember like "New York Times" article said he was "the best team player", positioning it quite high.

And Shane Battier in the United States has been very famous, high school is the "McDonald's American high school star line-up," a member of the college is led by Duke University NCAA championship. Is also the third consecutive year to become the nation's NCAA best defensive player, and get NCAA Player of the Year.

Has represented the U.S. national team played in 2006 world championships, but also a frequent visitor to the national team training camp.

In the NBA defensive player of the past two seasons, respectively, ranked No. 3 and 4.

Brooks, although a lot of Chinese fans did not like him, but the offense is still very capable, once the NCAA in three-point.

There are old Bari - Brent Barry

Although it is basically no chance to play, but he may from time to time of scenery anyone less than a rocket.

And we all know he's one-third of the ball accurately, but now very few people know that Barry is a former dunk champion! 1996 Slam Dunk champion, is the only one white dunk king.

In addition, he has a rocket of Gegesike dhabari effectiveness and retire here (Yao initially) had led the University of Kansas won the national championship, and his father, Rick Barry is NBA superstars - ABA and NBA championship, NBA Finals MVP.

There are just joining the Trevor Ariza, the Lakers last season to win a championship one, although the data are generally, but still the team's starting small forward.

And rumors that he will join the Dominican team.

There are reserve power forward - Landry.

University, the nation's first college team and won the League MVP.

Hayes, ha ha, there are a lot of players like, though is the role of Chun-chun, but his origin is not simple.

High school, was selected as Mr. Basketball in California. Subsequently joined the prestigious University of Kentucky basketball, and then selected the most home SEC Rookie League team. However, not being selected in 2005 draft to the NBDL to play for some time.

James White - While the rocket is almost never went to court, but the dunk master and truly over.

In the high school league, NCAA, European leagues are the slam dunk contest regulars, and often get the slam dunk champion.

There are reimbursed because the newly-signed center Yao Ming, David Anderson, also a star abroad.

Playing in Europe, won Russia's super-champion, the Russian Cup, European Champions League title. In the national team also won the Oceania champion, Australia's Olympic Games, players 04 and 08.

The last to tell you the Rockets this year, touted rookie - Chase Budinger

Ba Dingge family came from a volleyball that he also played high school volleyball, outstanding special bouncing his basketball area is also very good.

Before being admitted to universities, including UCLA and many other giants of the pursuit, the final choice of Arizona.

Although still a rookie, but overall is not high, but the young ... It's also very scenery, he and Kevin Durant to share McDonald's American Star Game Most Valuable Player title. Douai, France Nike Youth Championship Most Valuable Player. Has also won the nation's McDonald's dunk contest II (preliminary first)

In fact it, as long as there is power into the NBA are very famous, at least in his place of birth, before playing clubs and schools.

Look at those who have been NBA players abandoned the battlefields of Europe have come to CBA and even then the dynamic will be able to know that all is a very powerful role.

Just one mountain there is a high mountain, just like the entrance examination, primary school results first came to focus on junior high school then? Is also among the best, then to focus on high school then? Zaiqu national first-class universities?

Just played half something happens to go, come back to you make up -
clipper light Qiu2010-01-21 17:21:03 +0000 #3
Rockets Yao Ming is the best known outside the two-time scoring champion Tracy McGrady, and there are Argentine captain Luis Scola, defensive hatchetman Shane Battier, Brooks, Landry, Hayes, the new from the Lakers for Trevor Ariza to join such great changes in lineup this season, there are several new signings do not quite understand. NBA season is a multi-year, usually by the end of October each year war, which next year in April to the end of 82 regular season games, the top eight Eastern League playoffs, decided at the eastern and western titles, and then win a championship.
Phone 16452599812010-01-21 17:39:19 +0000 #4
Rockets history, a big e, there are Hakeem Olajuwon, the Rockets center is a classic insider-type team. Like Yao Ming, Dikembe Mutombo, along with a super scorer, such as Yao and McGrady.
Benefits State Cool yuan2010-01-21 17:28:37 +0000 #5
<p> So the new season, many fans looking forward to. </p>



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