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Why Chinese players could not stay in the NBA for a long time

leom0706_21emo2010-01-21 18:01:14 +0000 #1
like Battle, Wang very short time in the NBA, this is why? Is a power problem?
lucky2010-01-21 18:14:25 +0000 #2
yes! Strength is the most critical! Strengths include: technical, physical fitness, height, bounce, speed, experience, course reading, and so many aspects, and technology also includes: rebounds, blocked shots, assists, steals, shooting scores, dribbling, etc. breakthrough. Real strength, competitiveness would not, not competitive, in the NBA this extremely competitive on the big stage is not tenable.

In the NBA, a move rarely eat around days, as long as there is outstanding talent on the line: potatoes are too short, but he was bouncing well, will be able to get Slam Dunk Champion; answer only meter eighty three, speed Qikuai, scoring ability, bursting with No one can keep up with peak defend him, he is a super-breakthrough-type guard, and even Michael Jordan had his great praise.

Wang, Battle is not too obvious expertise, lack of overall strength, it can only be sitting on the bench, and back seat sat a long time, too little playing time, it will not go to stay, they can only choose to leave for home.

Big Yao They are not with the same advantage of Yao Ming, height, 2.26 meters tall and it is obvious advantage, it is other people do not have extraordinary advantages, no way, in the basket he can hoodwink. Yao Ming will play injured is estimated that after a good few years, the Asian players in the NBA Yao Ming, the longest battle, because he has such strength, his height advantage enough to Defied NBA Stars, big Yao NBA All-Star was selected several times for his strength affirmed.

Do not know the answers to your satisfaction?
0 Orange flavor 02010-01-21 18:24:11 +0000 #3
of course, have their own strength, but there are NBA players not suited to the environmental issues and Asians in the power of physical endurance of the body conditioning than Europe and the United States players (you do not call me). Of foreign players in the NBA is the largest European players, representing the highest level of basketball in Europe and the United States also .. not just in China, foreign players in the NBA to have such strength YAO Africa, Europe and the United States is also a few of the players .. in Shanghai, when the team has demonstrated YAO out far more than the strength of the CBA (and 81 that several championship, Yao averaged 41.3 points per 21 rebounds and 4.3 blocked shots)
yulei86672010-01-21 18:17:44 +0000 #4
or strength of the questionnaire to each player to go before the NBA are prominent, not just Chinese players, European players are the American players, but experienced a higher level of competition on the apparent disparity, and if older, there is no room for growth, and nature will soon be eliminated.

Like a rocket has just signed David Anderson, also averaged a double-digit performance, but others in the national team in Europe is very eye-catching performance.

In fact, Wang, Battle, and his experience do not it like only difference is that people are still He holds the Champions League in Europe and the Russian league title, Battle but has not yet won over the domestic league title.
Smile Package2010-01-21 18:34:22 +0000 #5
Yes, strength is the first element.

However, attitude is everything. We see, when Yao Ming first entered the NBA, that arm thin people feel bad, later? This need to say. The buses, Big Zhi, to the time that way, come back and still so. This does not mean they do not have to pay, but could have done more. Moreover, the Big Zhi Why was abandoned calf? As a center or a big ago, Is beyond the arc is his position? One-third of quasi-good, but the NBA has three split, or that the Mavericks were missing three break up? I said it was "honest work"! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Or to say no implementation of the coach's intention to grab a position of playing the same time, why Eduardo Najera on the line? This is not OK ah master shot, but the positive ,,,,,, rebounds, breaking, everything is better than Big Zhi, this is a spirit, an attitude.

Similarly, the same bus.

So, this is the Chinese player in the NBA needs attention and much-needed improvement.

Of course, China's space the players shooting remains high.



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