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How to crack this tactic?

Friends, where are you2010-01-21 18:01:32 +0000 #1
Chinese team Stankovic Cup match with Turkey for the last few minutes of the fourth quarter, the Turkish team to reposition itself in a full-court press tactics, especially for point guard conducted a pincer attack, due to not meet and psychological the pressure is too large, Peace and Harmony, there have been several mistakes in a row. Of course, errors can not completely blame the Peace and Harmony, Peace and Harmony, the strength of this is not very strong, coupled with pressure, there are injuries, teammates the ability to read the game is not strong, like one by one, like wood piles, there is no reasonable Paowei collusion, the coach has not addressed the of the deployment (perhaps Guo Shiqiang are fundamentally did not expect the other side will adopt a full-court press). I believe there was a point guard Liu Wei on the floor before halftime, the same will be mistakes. The key is how to break full-court press. China coach Jonas Kazlauskas to think, before there was a time the Chinese team is afraid of full-court press, do not know how to do. I ask you, with other teams fighting hand to hand, encounter each other using full-court press, it should be how to do? How well have ruined each other's full-court press?

0 orange flavor 02010-01-21 18:06:09 +0000 #2
Louzhu problem is long - - I came to A Bar

breaking audience double-teamed, if the ball back strong, then everything it say, the problem is the ability to back men's basketball can not be resolved, then only by passing the. LZ then added a "teammate ability to read the game is not strong, like one by one, like wood piles, there is no reasonable Paowei provided assistance to the coach there is no targeted deployment of the" think so to do Mozhe the men's basketball .. it is a problem that for years, Yunus has no good solution, let alone an amateur like me .. Here's a little bit personally that the recommendations of

the first full-court press is itself a form of gambling-style defensive strategy was successful, of course good, but the same will be back fouls and the risk of errors (usually the last moment is tantamount to opponents of the fouls sent the free-throw line). followed by men's basketball point guard ability is definitely no way to break double-team, so the collusion of passing and team-mate is very important. I will talk about how to break double-team pass the ball bar .. The first is poor to the rear of the C field the ball, and then to make the cover of G , G, after catching up in time if the other party did not double-team off the dribble half, once the dribble off each other again after the physical contact is very easy to foul. If one was double-teamed, you can take the ball to the other G or SF, At this time you have not seen half (long pass can easily be broken, especially in face pressed) because it is double-team G, this time catching one is certainly no air-defense up, hurry over half, the ball to the front a lot of pressure on small the. If the ball who can go to the basket strong offensive play (see the other side of the defense is contracted to the basket), can be made to attract defensive foul or pass the ball missed the PF. Be sure to select a high hit rate way. If you do not want to attack the basket on the other C to find a good location, this time playing the ball to the G look for opportunities to pass slowly.

short faced double-team does not panic, there must be collusion of teammates and understanding .. because the other side to make a double-teamed, and psychological pressure better than you are small (the ball right in your hands, the other party is not a good judge of your tactical) ..

to answer a few questions Hello, and add a little bar .. am tired to play side to side of the
bad guys2010-01-21 18:28:35 +0000 #3
I am more love basketball, personally breaking full-court press that the guard is one thing, mostly small forward and shooting guard the collusion! Both direct and non-empty ball running for cover! Full-court press the other side will definitely miss our players, mostly running as much as possible and pass the ball, when the leak was somewhat against the players, I think the other side would not be full-court press the! The Chinese team that no one is mainly to collusion! I also saw that game! Very angry! ! I think the Chinese team's physique! Physical and so much to!



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