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Wrist became too frequently wash loose how to deal with?

Silence is golden2010-01-21 18:01:39 +0000 #1
Wrist became too frequently wash loose, and bring more loose, serve to protect the role of the.

Should be how to deal with what can the relatively tight wrist to restore the state?

Thank you!
0 orange flavor 02010-01-21 18:10:54 +0000 #2
you are sewing good, apart from the inside sealing a length of white elastic band ... from the outside does not affect the appearance of ..

PS: normal wash time wrist Do not wash inviting from both sides, from the two opposite Qingrou mouth. Drying time can be stacked up and clamped with the clip .. a little personal experience, you want to help
jerrykids2010-01-21 18:44:54 +0000 #3
Oh, proposals for a bar, the elastic wrist band can not change the.
ljdd19992010-01-21 18:38:14 +0000 #4
My shorts is true ah!



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