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Shorter people inside to how to fight back

heart sky high2010-01-21 22:01:37 +0000 #1
want to know a number of shorter people inside technologies, including offensive and defensive, knowing to use the pace to fight, but do not know the specific
0 orange flavor 02010-01-21 22:16:17 +0000 #2
shorter people a specific Multi-dwarf, basketball is a level of 5 cm, 10 cm is one days by one - Zhang Weiping at a Rockets game guide said. (Do not talk to me, NBA Stoudemire 2 meters inside 2.10 Chutou can Dabao .. there are so good body parts and technology directly NBA play good ..) offensive players in shorter people, then pull out of shot, or break, you want to fight back is extremely difficult, if not .. the first weight (under normal circumstances) in basket the next confrontation will definitely suffer, but the other side height advantage, coupled with arm span, the general raised his hand after the shooting of your space will be extremely limited, which means that when he defend you eat can reduce the risk of fake (like the cap of the except, I think the defensive mainly by interfering with shots and then grab plate), so back to play or not suitable for shorter people to .. offensive pulled 45 ° angle, or top of the arc, so that both directions can be sudden, his defense out on the break, not Anti-out of the shooting (the basket must be accurate, if people are not allowed to let you vote, vote in one basket is equal to a mistake.) pay attention to the words of defense around the former, not allowing the enemy easier to catch, we must stick to the defense, once the other side tall players or very comfortable shooting started, the remaining Otherwise put men free-throw line, or else .. you are a defensive driving course can do little tricks, push-pull short squeeze throw into confusion the top .. so he is not comfortable to become. . regardless of defense or offense, relying on multiple mobile multi-step mobile ...... As for how to do specific actions, I am not playing inside, and can only tell you that these simple things - -



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