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The origin and development of modern basketball

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Basketball in 1891 from Springfield, Massachusetts, USA (formerly translated as "Springfield"), City YMCA Training School physical education teacher James Naismith (Jallies Naismith) PhD students in order to solve the cold winter in the physical education problems and the invention of indoor group games, activities and projects, developed gradually after the world's most influential sports one of the very popular. Since the main equipment is about 10 feet hung on the wall 305 centimeters) high basket (Basket) and the need for investment in the basket ball (Ball), so named "Basketball" (Basketball). Initially, the Naismith nailed two peach baskets in other key body in the room grandstand railing, peach basket on the ground along the distance of 3.04 meters, using football as competition tools, throwing to the basket. Pitch into the basket is worth 1 point, by what score decide. Each pitch into the basket after the ball out to Pa Tizi again start the race. Gradually after the end of the basket into the living iron basket, and then replaced by hoop nets hanging below. To 1893, the formation of similar modern rebounds, ring, and the Nets. The original basketball game, the number of people playing, the venue size, race time, there was no strictly limited. Just the two sides must be equal to the number of people participate in the competition. Start of the race, both players were standing on both ends of lines, the referee whistle and throw the ball the middle course, both sides ran to the venue challenge for the ball, start the race. Holding ball can shoot the ball and ran toward the basket, first of all to meet the preset score the winner. In 1892, Naismith formulated 13 rules of the game, the main provisions are not allowed to ball running, is not allowed to rough action, are not allowed to use boxing ball, otherwise they foul fouls three consecutive sub-negative-1 pm; Match Time provisions , the second half, each 15 minutes; right size space is also provided. Gradually reduce the number of games played per team 10 people, nine people, seven people in 1893 as each team playing 5. 1904 Olympic Games in section 3, the first time carried out a basketball exhibition match. In 1908 the United States has developed a unified national basketball rules, shifting languages and has been published in the world, so that the gradual spread of basketball the Americas, Europe and Asia, has become a world sport. 1936 11th Olympic Games men's basketball will be listed as an official sport, and harmonization of the world's basketball contest rules, then, to 1948, more than 10 years, the rules have been revised many times, with the existing rules of important changes are: would have to be after the jump ball in the circle to replace units lost in the post-field outside the end line throw to continue in the competition; offensive team must advance the ball within 10 seconds Daoqian Chang; the ball into the front court shall not come back to after the post-field; offensive player shall not be in the "restricted zone" to stay within three seconds; shooting team has been infringed, hit a free throw a second, investment is not in the free-throw two second-rate. 1952 and 1956, 15-16 in two Olympic Games basketball competition, there has been more than two meters more than twice the International Amateur Basketball Federation to expand basketball court a "restricted area" (also known as "three zones") ; also stipulates that a team controls the ball, you must shoot shot within 30 seconds. 60 early on and the ball back 10 seconds after the field provides a time for the 17th Olympic Games in 1960, after the abolition of the midfield line drawn sideline to change the midpoint of the suspension. The 18th Olympic Games in 1964, after they returned to midfield line, these provisions also continue. In 1977, an increase of at least 10 times each team foul after foul when the defensive two free throws, anti-foul shot two free throws with one second when you are not in the plus 1 penalty provisions. In turn 10 times in 1981, the provisions of free throws after the foul reduced to 8 times. Obviously, the personnel changes in technical and tactical development caused a rule change, the rules change has promoted the personnel and technical and tactical changes in the further development. Especially since the late 50s, the rule changes on the offensive and defensive basketball game speed, the athlete's body, technology, tactics and will, style has been constantly put forward new and higher requirements, promoting the rapid increase in the level of basketball skills , women's basketball in 1976, before the 21st session of the Olympic Games as an official event.

1940 years ago, along with the United States basketball culture, religion, expansion, through the YMCA organizations as well as teachers, student exchanges between, has spread around the world to promote. Along with the game of basketball activities, fitness and entertainment features such as, basketball competitions came into being and developed.



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