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Basketball storm had not shot man Who's that?

xiaogang20182010-03-03 11:10:53 +0000 #1

Ouyang white2010-03-03 11:26:19 +0000 #2
No points have a question - -! ! ! ! !

Sad! ! !

First of all we all know, is the four star PG: 拉塞尔韦斯 Brooke, who I have 20 numbers, the test 48 minutes after the games are played, averaging 0.9 times shot! ! ! And the same is the four-star defensive than PG Mark Jackson is not weak! !

The second is the three stars SF: Makuisisi Stokes, who I only play in the ultra-5 numbers there is a rest either HC, no brush or a mountain out of broadband, games are played 24 minutes 【 Midfielder replaced】 14 seconds rest, averaging 1.0 times shot】 【tactics or Princeton in the fall Need Samsung SF, second only to offensive side of Luke Walton, and defensive end Bruce Bowen. This person 【56 blocks, 85 passing, 91 speed, 91 dribbling, 75 stamina, 56 anti-plate, 74 offensive boards】 can swing to the SG and PG, on

and I play this super-ri No. the first one there is no helping hand Male: 拉塞尔韦斯 Brook, the two men are not shot, a PG, a SF, with my 614 to play at Princeton, the results of 614 per game of not less than 30, each shot not less than 25.

Of course, to the intermission with a good 14 seconds when the suspension of replacing three individuals better! I generally replace midfielder Steve Nash and Pierce, IV replaced Webber! ! This data is basically good, the general also can not lose

But Makuisisi Stokes, it seems very difficult to brush out and want to help you! ! !

Oh, no points is also playing so many characters! ! ! ! ! Really sad! ! !
06lw992010-03-03 11:35:44 +0000 #3
Liu Wei



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