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Come under the basketball coaches

ahunshiwo2010-03-03 11:11:12 +0000 #1
I am 15 years old, height 163, spring is also OK, you can touch the rim. Shooting, pace, breaking through, passing fairly general, would like to have coaches gave me to develop a training plan, do not copy. And how long tall ah? Universities can not enter into the professional basketball team?
25029922010-03-03 11:24:06 +0000 #2
according to what you said, you can touch the basket 163 to prove that you bounce a very outstanding, and you only 15 years old, which has my full potential, but should pay attention to, bouncing basketball is only a small part, you is still small, it is recommended should first basketball foundation to big real, do not think about what practice dunk, first learn well the basic skills. In addition, usually have a lot to exercise power, alone bounce enough. As you said, training programs, according to the information you say is impossible to help you plan, you also have to consider many factors, and now give you are fake, and I was small when the mother is the Sports Commission, and then is a dedicated basketball coach called me a week before the observation of the development of training programs, it is proposed to find coaches. Also to remind you, do not put all the physical as basketball, awareness and technology are also important. You say that the University is not able to enter the professional team, that would be difficult, depending on whether you have the opportunities and to the phase of your scout, if you can on the sports university, and that there are many professional teachers for your guidance, help You raised went to college and those who never went to college there is a big difference, and even if you can not enter the future of professional teams to jump you can still outstanding in the sport finally found his one days! Finally I wish you grow up happy!
I'm afraid my brother2010-03-03 11:42:27 +0000 #3
What to play basketball ah, 15-year-old is not going to work, your parents raised you can easily do, would like the basketball, go and earn it, so high when the model ah long, but also what the university, working to earn money quickly ah, do not think of anything into the basketball team, and has anything to eat enough, such a good health soon scrap
sdgoben2010-03-03 12:10:02 +0000 #4
15-year-old was 163 ... can touch the hoop?? basket support under the iron along the bar??? if so conditions in the school and thought the bar! - This is a long way to tall! -

professional basketball team .. What are you referring to?? is a professional team?? in general you are not from the Sports School has been l up or watching a relatively high degree of competition is particularly striking and few want ... is to basketball as an amateur bar ..
chat big Basketball Club2010-03-03 11:23:48 +0000 #5
If you can afford to go to the next measured the height of bone age and the future is not if too strong, or their own physical activity as a hobby, after all, basketball is better because the giant sports
Lancekot2010-03-03 12:23:21 +0000 #6
15-year-old 163 touch basket??

I have 180 of the 15-year-old.

you are tall and short to even think about entering the professional basketball Team of
469,794,5582010-03-03 13:36:13 +0000 #7
bar into a large school teams at least something to balance school and basketball,

may also play a part-time copies. Outstanding performance can give the team selected



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