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Vertical Jump Training How long will see the effects of post-Lian Wan

michael2010-01-22 02:01:03 +0000 #1

2009-08-25 17:59 supplementary question

vertical jump training program, 15 weeks of that, Lian Wan in
UC2010-01-22 02:11:28 +0000 #2
ways to improve jumping :

1: weight-bearing toes name implies, is focused on carry things to mention toe with personal ability, the former two groups each of 20, finally a group of 25-30, toes upward when the outbreak of the rapid upward to mention, at the highest point of set 1-2 seconds, then slowly drop, can not look down.

2: Saudi leapfrog, I have a friend who is a provincial swim team practice, he did not make good training, coaches are often punished leapfrog, over a period of time, and we play together, they asked him to buckle not? He did not know, we tried the up, I am eyeballing a bit, at least in the Mogao 3.35! He just jumped in the concrete floor, if the sand, then leg strength to withstand twice as much cement should be. Each group of 30! In the plains, then 30 meters back and forth a group, so three groups.

3, weight-bearing squat, depending on individual abilities, hoisting barbells, do squat, and toes as fast from slow down, one thing to say is that a certain waist straight! ! ! Done after the thigh muscles ache, the former two groups of 10 each, the third group of 13-15 months! If we can do I can not move up, this should take care! ! Do what.

4, pull the steps to find the Achilles tendon, standing on tiptoe above, and the toes, like, straining up top, then slowly fall and fall when the heel must be met as far as possible, the way each of 20, do three sets of .

5, exercise waist, abdomen that is sit-ups, slow down fast from each group 20, 3, waist, looking for help, you first you have the waist on the bed, so you friends and family hold him down, so the entire upper body would be vacated, and then let the head next to land, suddenly raised to the highest point of stopping 1-2 seconds and slowly fall, each group of 20, three groups!

Diet: the growth of muscle requires a lot of protein. Therefore, in the days of strength training, better nutrition is also essential. The proposed six eggs per day for more than practical. If you are also conducted in other parts of the power of the training, I suggest you also to enhance protein intake. There is also need to increase the weight of staple foods, carbohydrates are the source of your strength is your guarantee of completion of training.

This is my practice before the bounce and my friend practice some experience, you can try if they feel a good practice.




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