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James and Pippen some stronger ones?

1230abab2010-03-03 13:11:13 +0000 #1
Suddenly thought of this question, thought for a long time not have to answer, the two men are the strongest in history, one of a small forward, from the success point of view is undoubtedly a strong Pippen too much, but James was still young, and, after all, James is not as strong teammate Scottie Pippen. From the physical point of view while Pippen's body is not bad, but James is still a great gap in comparison. James, no doubt, judging from the field data are quite gorgeous, but Scottie Pippen is not bad, in the Jordan retired the 94-95 season, Pippen has also staged a take-off free-throw line dunk (dunk, but that his right foot stepped on a little bit-line , so it is not so perfect), rebounds, assists and steals and blocked shots last season the team scoring first, whether it is Jordan or James, we can not do this. While James scored more, but Scottie Pippen is far from the number of his shot, and the 90's defensive intensity of the game too much stronger than it is now, when the Union encourages the defensive, referees do not like the present to take care of players, (but James because it is the core team, so opponents emphasis than Pippen strong) Comprehensive point of view, James's offensive means stronger and Scottie Pippen, but it does not account for an overwhelming majority. Pippen's defense from a defensive point of view is undoubtedly strong, and in Pippen to the Bulls just when the one on one training, often offered to fight against Jordan, but Jordan can not account for what is cheap, with Pippen's own words, " Jordan to deal with other people's stuff right I do not care to use, "while James's defense looked as if a lot worse than that Pippen is not true! Pippen Because it is the team's underboss, so take a strong defensive task, every game he would be responsible for defending the other side of the striker sharp knife! But James is the core of the team's offense does not require too much invested in his defensive end (like Jordan and Kobe Bryant, as both offensive and defensive ends, after all, the culmination of too little), so that is certainly a very formidable defense Pippen, but James has not seen was Chaitai Duo. And both are very formidable pass, very good at grasping the opportunity to pitch too, but I think the sense of better than James, Scottie Pippen, because the two people holding the ball in time could not be starker, and James by the opponent due to frequent attack from both sides so obviously easier to detect opportunities for teammates, so horizontal comparison, Pippen assists more valuable.

This is my view of the two men, in fact, this comparison should be added where Grant Hill was originally the name of our generation have seen Hill play in the Pistons who impressed him, but such a genius has been It is a pity that injuries ruined.

I do not know how you look at James and Scottie Pippen, and hoped that they talk about their views.

midy232010-03-03 13:14:49 +0000 #2
I think it is more stronger Pippen. I am from the defensive point of view, in the era of Pippen abnormal defensive teams like the Pistons, but the general level of defense than it is now high, Pippen although not a lot of offensive opportunities, but his offense is to commit wins, the way diverse, scoring ability, can be a very good state of ups and downs Jordan reinforcement problems. James is also a strong, but now the level of the entire Union defense placed in there, will not the same strong Pippen era.

To their defense, Pippen advantages more apparent, if Russell is the originator of defense, that Pippen is the master of modern defense, and at the peak when a person Gaoding Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing. Gao Ding is now equivalent to Duncan and Kevin Garnett, I think James Gao Ding difficult for them to bar.

Said that the old saying goes, and as strong as the Scottie Pippen also knowingly sell Jordan's assistant, the more powerful players on the highlighted Jordan's powerful, Jordan is a god.
kinggxr0072010-03-03 13:59:16 +0000 #3
Pippen strong! James has more than most of his success!
21 ° Watching the Sea2010-03-03 14:23:23 +0000 #4
Pippen bar ... ...
Feng Yu-Wei Yue2010-03-03 15:02:59 +0000 #5
Pippen strong! James has no achievements
ChengDong11252010-03-03 14:09:16 +0000 #6
Now James is the League of nearly emperor by the union to take care of, so James will exceed Pippen
Emperor Wu Yi-ping2010-03-03 14:42:42 +0000 #7
LZ will say, PP strong sense of more, then a stronger PP bar

may we all know, as long as no major injuries LBJ, sooner or later would be beyond the PP

can be the Achilles heel of PP there is one point, there is no LBJ's leadership qualities
fear of people lit2010-03-03 15:38:59 +0000 #8
Pippen's defense stronger than James there's any question, take a look at skin Peng named to the NBA defensive team will know the number of times, it is estimated less than a highly Zhanmusida.

Offensive words hard to say because the reason for lower scores Pippen because of his life under the wings of Jordan, but his forces into the function of no less to see Qiao Bangzhu for the first time that retired two years know, James Knight now is basically a people to fight, shooting a very casual, which is Pippen does not have privileges. However, the comprehensiveness of James strong, scoring, rebounding, assists, blocks, steals, Xiang Xiang is not bad, and very young, have a good future, look at the performance of the future.
Elemental Druid2010-03-03 14:11:43 +0000 #9
First of all, 90 years is really quite encouraging defense, when there are many a lot of physical contact, gave us the feeling that they are very strict strength of the defense are great, but you have to know the time, the defensive technology or is very backward, and often see anti-leakage, in fact, more time, players will make use of physical contact to complete the defensive (which is, and then defend the Union to encourage physical contact).

James and Pippen back to it, the era in which they are themselves the strongest striker. But the very thought of as the core team, Scottie Pippen is clearly not good enough, in his own when he led the Bulls failed to prove that he can only do the millennium second child, technically he did nothing wrong, and James, but compared with the lack of that kind of despot who but myself had.

But think of James, the body flow, I have a little more like the technology, a comprehensive Pippen, because James is a lot of offensive and defensive terror on their own to complete the body, although this season he has developed a two-thirds, but the people feel the quasi-less.

Are disorderly views, there is nothing the system processing.



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