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I fight for what position?

wangpanda19932010-03-03 14:10:23 +0000 #1
Height 170cm, weight 160 pounds, jump 2.7 meters, shooting touch unstable, 40% or so, a good dribble. With team-mate with the sense of almost. Our team height of 1.88m, 1.85m, 1.78m, 1.75m, 1.70m. I should play what position?
S50975243262010-03-03 14:27:03 +0000 #2
have to look at speed. . . If the speed, bouncing, they could play small forward. If the teammates shooting is poor, in particular, the two 170CM more, then you have to play offensive guard. . This is look at the whole system. Suggest that you try playing the, which is equipped with high efficiency, on the use of which. . Height is more important, because the defense usually make a decision on height, so you do not play in center. You say feeling of instability, then make sure you play more appropriate to a small forward. NBA patterns and are usually not the same as ordinary people when playing golf, so we can not simply copy the. For example, the other side there are so strong defensive Mody? May not need to have the ball over the course of the organization may not need a lot of tactical systems. If you have offensive ability, and when the guard, then it would be more waste.
ん Last Love2010-03-03 14:34:26 +0000 #3
Control bits
yudai20062010-03-03 14:31:38 +0000 #4
Your height limits of your position, because you feel unstable, it is impossible when the sub-Wei, dribbling good, you can practice what point guard. If the training point guard, body weight is your advantage, the impact is estimated that very few people up and you can Lande Zhu. Learning Template: Deron - Williams
Crux1232010-03-03 15:14:33 +0000 #5
If it is PG (point guard) training and organizational agility and most importantly, your eyes have to be the intersection with the teammates know how to play fast-break! 3 minutes to practice.

Also tell you: fast break style of play, when the enemy shot the ball, do not crammed into the looting, you do not grab win, you only see them a shot immediately ran to the center line, if the ball to get their own teammates, indicating biography, his calm layup, do not give teammates disappointed ...
SOYBEAN Lord2010-03-03 16:18:02 +0000 #6
do not need to ask such a question.

A good basketball player, not what position he'll play, but his location is playing a very good, every aspect of practice, try to think about it, coach is like a fixed position can only play the players still prefer each positions have played a very good player? ? ?

Is mainly physical, which is in the university in the future is the key strength is the foundation, a powerful force can break through, 1 on 1 defense, card bit, washed grab rebounds, etc., much more.

Refueling, a good exercise!
Mrsishiman2010-03-03 15:24:05 +0000 #7
Small forwards bar
Remembrance broken2010-03-03 17:38:23 +0000 #8
back bar other physical conditions, I like you 170CM

self-evaluation can also be faster than the body in Zhuang-point shot will be able to stabilize the mass strike footsteps better!

I have always played all 180 + of the Dasha are in a very interesting inside

Entertainment Bar -!
nashpx2002010-03-03 17:16:23 +0000 #9
Bar shooting touch scoring position and thought they would come over to play point guard, but the required awareness and passing ability is relatively more difficult to practice a little of your dribbling, and good words in your weight training breakthrough that will easier
anyeice2010-03-03 17:05:12 +0000 #10
with your 160 pounds of weight you are suited to play center
xiele10012010-03-03 18:14:13 +0000 #11
can only point guard. . . Then pass on the access co-ordination and one-third of practice, and look at the ability of your organization, it is best to find a teacher to counsel under
the strongest voice LP132010-03-03 17:56:50 +0000 #12
replacement. . . . .
wuruishengaa2010-03-03 19:22:48 +0000 #13
large before or center bar. 160 pounds is not how the flexible bar. ! Not fit to play guard.

Do not want to do with the sense of difference is even more point guard. Multi-practice offal can do more.

With their own body in 3 seconds more than the district had forced scores.



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