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I am 1.66 meters weight 78 kilograms love to play basketball, but why do not grow tall. Who knows to

awpliming5212010-03-03 14:10:43 +0000 #1
yes men will shoot two times a week, how long can we can slim down

morning, two sub-groups a set of push-ups and 30 sit-ups 2 group of 30 is also a group of night. Who can answer help me a favor
Boiling bottomless pit2010-03-03 14:24:52 +0000 #2
How old are you hey, and one developed it?
Good as gold, I am obedient2010-03-03 14:41:16 +0000 #3
Long Jump: standing long jump, or run-up can be. Tap jump take-off to be strong, in the air quite knee Show hips, arms on the extension, the full show body; fall before the feet touch the ground when, knees buffer. According to their physical situation, and so can be 7-10 times, the middle of proper rest. Pull back: sitting mat (bed), the legs protrusion, feet side by side, abdomen Hanxiong, trunk flexion as far as possible, bow, Shen Jing, arms-reach at the same time, touched the feet are good. Each do 8-12 times, 3-4 group is appropriate. Done Note that from slow to fast, action range from small to large, step by step to prevent ligament strain. Mogao: In-situ, or run-up (35 steps) take-off, knee, hip fully upright, vertical waist chest, his arms hanging on the stretch a hand to touch the objects in the air, the height of objects in order to try to be touched is appropriate. The left and right carried out five times for each group, a two-minute break between the two groups. According to their own situation, and so the body can be 3-5 group. Preferably in the open, flat, soft and hard practice on the site appropriately. Diet should be sufficient to balance the quantity of food, grain, meat, fruit, vegetables should be eaten, food diversification, the thickness of both, meat and vegetables with, and mutually reinforcing. Calcium due more foods containing calcium milk, dairy products, eggs, fish, shellfish, tofu and beans, sesame, pumpkin seed and so on. In addition, vitamin D, vitamin C, lactose and so contribute to calcium absorption and utilization. Iron, zinc, essential in the daily diet, animal liver and other offal, red meat (refers to beef, mutton, etc.), egg yolk, fish, and beans are very high iron content and bioavailability is also high; In addition, zinc gonadotropin secretion and gonad, as well as other related, juvenile growth, development, and intellectual effects are great; Thus, zinc-rich foods such as oysters, liver, etc. should be regularly supplied.
heyinbakobe2010-03-03 14:56:08 +0000 #4
height are nutrition and genetic and acquired decision, you say those things and thought fitness
pocket Zai Zai2010-03-03 14:34:38 +0000 #5
low shot point, shot 1 a week or do not shoot it, right kidney bad. Let your dad something for a reference hormone stew eating, playing basketball more than grab plates, a glass of milk before bed, with hot feet, bed early, eat breakfast, eat more, will be high.



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