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Check the information of two people

Hidden wing2010-01-22 02:01:33 +0000 #1
the first person called Angel Garrido, forget which team has.

The second is Bogans, Orlando Magic seem to have in effect.

Both personal details, thank you!
0 orange flavor 02010-01-22 02:11:15 +0000 #2
Keith - Keith Bogans Keith Bogans 03-04 Magic 04-05 Bobcats 05-06 Bobcats 05-06 Rockets 06-07 Magic 07-08 Magic should now be completely free agent

Position: Shooting guard

Height: 1.96 meters / 6 foot 5 Weight: 97.5 kg / 215 lbs

Date of birth: 1980-05-12

Draft: 2003 No. 2 No. 14

School: Kentucky

Nationality: United States

last season's salary: 2.44 million U.S. dollars

Contract situation: 3 years 7.5 million, 2006/7/13 sign, the summer of 2009 due

advantages: a very strong physique and action are quite agile, the shape of a track and field athletes can rely on physical impact on of a typical basket to dunk. Has an NBA body to adapt to, and even rounded out singles inside, and completed a beautiful two-plus-one. Bogans-one singles while the ability is not strong, but his attack power is not weak. Specializes in open-ended attack

Angel Garrio安吉尔加里tend to follow the English translation should be done, I search for a long time NBA official website did not found, this person is not active? NBA hit or not? ? If you play in Europe, please note, I would help you look up on the Internet



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