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Great General Arenas2010-01-22 02:01:51 +0000 #1
Do you think the NBA five different locations Who? (Looming)






2009-08-24 19:34 supplementary question

In fact, do not impose, in accordance with their own views
cgfgftyxn2010-01-22 02:04:16 +0000 #2
PG: Paul (MVP-level data) Delong (End blasting all the best point guard but has not been finished explosive) Nash (2 sessions of strength is still MVP) Billups (take a look at the Nuggets and Pistons Change bar) Londo game (3 pairs? playoffs? is his)

SG: Kobe Bryant (Needless to say) Wade (data even beyond Bryant) Joe Johnson (Hawks did his belly that is) Carter ( averaged 20 +5 +5 + or persuasive) Manu Ginobili (health, he is indeed comparable to Kobe Bryant)

SF: James (not say) Anthony (single-scoring, big heart Juesha) Pierce (though not, as best in the world, he said. But the strength impress) Kevin Durant (his data may be brushes. but his talent is absolutely horrible) Hedo Turkoglu (Grand Final runner-up team spirit )

PF: Tim Duncan (as long as he is, no one wins this position is not to go) Kevin Garnett (he refers to a little less than the Stone Buddha) Dirk Nowitzki (which can be said to be the most difficult defensive power forward of the) Pau Gasol ( championship inside the pillars) Small Adams (he was the first one to me is that people who do nothing other Stone Buddha)

C: Howard (doing my part, the current center. did his strongest) Yao Ming (To be fair, Yao Ming Dang Deqi this location ) Ai Erjie Folsom (data and physical terror, blasting finished Yao Ming, this is John Howard, have been not to do so) big shark (a old shark. is still a shark) Andrew Bogut (never a stable data, powerful the ball the wind, in my opinion., he is the most underrated center)
0 orange flavor 02010-01-22 02:23:45 +0000 #3
PG Nash, Paul Williams, Billups small Aia Ruina Si (Personal imposed.)

SG Kobe Bryant Wade, Ginobili Katemaidi

SF James Anthony, Duncan, Garnett, Pierce, Nowitzki马里昂阿泰
PF - Chris Bosh Jermaine O'Neal


Aopan Howard YAO small Sijiasuoer personal views, the above Many people who are the swing positions, such as T-Mac can be SG or SF, is a score looks pretty on the back, as he should be characterized by SG Duncan, Stoudemire can play PF and C Pau Gasol to the Lakers after .. position to play more of a PF .. did not say on the ground floor to add

add one thing: Arenas strength is definitely enough for the top 5, only the injury last season they did not let him gnaw his advantage to play .. Like with the obvious shortcomings of the offensive not to say that defense is poor, I think, with the personal Nu do not work hard does not matter, only his basketball philosophy which does not value defense. I remember early on when he said (not into the NBA seems to ): "I am not that defensive, but I am defending someone else the power of a two-point shot enough to one-third of the time I play." Whilst this may sound very crazy, but it also represents the characteristics of his high-Jay ....
2010-01-22 02:10:16 +0000 #4
pg: Ross

sg: Wade

sf: James

pf: Kevin Garnett

c: Howard



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