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James, 7, and Kobe 4 Comparison!

cmv1223342010-03-03 20:10:21 +0000 #1
The price seems to be almost, that is more popular? Bryant 4 is purple, James 7 What are the colors? ?
fatfatze2010-03-03 20:15:38 +0000 #2
upstairs is really a lot of information, I still pales.

LBJ7 fit strikers, because the whole palm max air is not blowing, and highly protective, but there is no carbon plate, as a pair of shoes for thousands of signatures are not honest and kind.

And the shape is difficult to see it can be said, too domineering, and some slightly elegant appearance are not appropriate.

Kobe 4 is the most popular basketball shoes of low-help, although the low to help shoes, but the protection is nothing bad on the inside of your ankle and will not tamper with, coupled with anti-reverse system, carbon panels on the even more powerful by.

Hind paw of the zoom air cushioning ability is indeed not so good, the former charge of only foam rubber, but worth a try.

This is only to see the body which set the LZ, as well as the extent of the love the two men.
PubMed military schools2010-03-03 20:49:00 +0000 #3
James 7 generation. Is the transformation of the LBJ made. There is the main black, but also the main white tone. Personally prefer white. Clean, clear


1, design, appearance

Let me talk about the appearance of this pair of shoes, bar, LBJ series is a post-AJ Costa Times NIKE shoes. Although for the designer, but 7 as a whole was rather simple. Use of technology is necessarily the most advanced.

This pair of shoes I feel very good design, white and green color at last high school color, shoes, body flying line is very texture of lace holes is also very simple. White leather and white patent leather mixed with a meeting to get though the first hand feel a little stiff, but a long time still feel good, in this pair of shoes on you can see the shadow of hypermax, tongue on LBJ's hometown LOGO

2 , Hopewell feet, wrapped

in front of said Colombia because it is one of the shoes, although the sense of patent leather on the foot of the upper post seems a bit stiff, but it can use the time to prove himself worthy of being known as the LBJ shoes.

This pair of shoes boots inside the semi-palm design, encapsulated, but in general, overall they do not feel like the 235 parcels that look like a sense so strong, fit, I personally think that a good extent, the former palm relatively wide, suitable for fat feet of the brothers, my foot is feeling fat, but inside there is some room for

3, protection, support for

protection I think the most important part is the ankle, and ankle part of the application of the two solid patent leather, so just to wear at a time when very blunt Low-help is free of the socks I see. The last two shoelaces shoe buckle to the tongue of the local mill will result in patent leather black patent leather. If the first time we could see that TZ had a quick wipe. Otherwise, a long time would be very difficult to take care of

supportive, I think it is a drawback in this shoe, due to cost reduction point of view, or highlight the signature shoes but also because the reasons for not supporting the use of C in the bottom shell, but rather a hard LBJ Laser plastic film, think of here, miss the steel plate that C ah

4, cushioning, the reaction

cushioning for improved LBJ was definitely a piece of cake AMX360, whether it is called take-off or landing felt that it was great. . I am more fat due to bad knees. Wearing these shoes, feeling the whole two hours to play one ball is absolutely no problem, there is no sense of pain. . . (However, AMX, or storm the latter I feel comfortable... Do not know why) Large cushion scratched easily in actual combat. . I cried. . Because it is improved before the palm of the AIRMAX so it can paste to. Reflect is good. Overall, the relatively more rigid shoe. How should I say the real soft-shoe boot Daoshi will appear clear-cut phenomenon. The LBJ7 basically no -

5, durability, grip the ball

a few games down, feeling wear too badly. The only previous high-end shoes, on the basis of that fragile feeling -

grip well. . Here I would like to say one under the two kinds of color rubber outsole, a special adhesive - I tried on the slopes under 65 degrees. Experiment with the 1-7. . 7 finally firmly in the slopes. . Herringbone pattern + using fish bone cutting slots, can help you quickly cut into the help does not appear the slightest slip of the phenomenon of

6, breathability, weight

permeability is also one of the drawbacks of these shoes, shoes with ventilation holes while the body design, But I feel very sad to not achieve the role of ventilation, flywire the upper presumably we have already tasted the bitterness of the sultry HD and HR. . Therefore, foot note of Khan

weight these shoes are really well done, large air-cushion impression is cumbersome. The general and LBJ4 Bibi is definitely one days 1 to

overall rating, LBJ7 is a two-good shoes. In this age of rampant white. In fact, only allow him to sacrifice on the pitch. .
11047305622010-03-03 20:38:01 +0000 #4



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