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How to lay a good center?

FBI's KGB2010-03-03 20:11:24 +0000 #1
My height 184, a high one, because we are tall, relatively few classes, coupled with relatively strong, we can only play center (although I do not like), it should be how to lay? (Because of any knowledge center play, so I hope more detailed)
▓ Jujue 恋 嗳 ℡2010-03-03 20:24:17 +0000 #2
hello -

to practice basketball in practice and in actual combat but also to maintain a good a good attitude

mentality: Do not think they can not think of failure No more disgrace to his teammates to play well embarrass

to know whether they worked hard on that basketball is not the basketball court in order to prove that they show themselves -!

To never give up -! Persist in the end -!

The next step is to say in detail under the -!

Center there are a lot of skill, according to the different types of centers have different skills, such as the great O'Neill's dunks. Yao's turnaround jumper. Well, like Duncan as a large plate. Although different types of centers have different unique skill, but the will be outlined say they still have common gender: the first as the peak should be board, which is the most important, there is to have the ability to score at close range. to be able to give teammates a reasonable time passes and so on.

One shot back center in-situ, using the time:

1, when the center hands the ball players turning its back to the basket when the defense pressed in the face of the other cases can be directly backward shooting shot;

2, when the Players turning its back to the basket with both hands holding the ball center, has been turned to shoot, or the use of stepped hook shot no shot, they can use in-situ backward shooting;

3, when the center turning its back to the basket ball player, it can combine false action, such as the use of around the upper body feint, or turn fake fool the enemy, the back top of the shots.

2, action method: (to turning its back to being the basket case) When the center player in the restricted area off the place, received a companion pass, the feet or so before opening, knees peg-leg. When the other defensive player close behind, the elbows the ball naturally droop, visual midpoint of the side the basket, his arms back the top of the stretch, their hands the ball cast a uniform force.

3, Technical points: center team members should be back to feel each other's defensive situation, eyes the basket as this side (assuming two goals basket for a line), in which the other party in accordance with their distance and angle of the basket to assess their own shot shot curvature of the strength and determination. Force should be uniform when shooting with both hands, the body should be coordinated.

4 advantages: easy to learn moves, shooting of a sudden, shooting concealed easily sealed, the other very hard to detect, is "a small play big", the "Ling system of large" an attack on the highly technical.

5, less than: than shooting the basket for the basket or shoot the high side. The need for deliberate efforts to reinforce the training. Center team turning its back to the basket after the ball with his partner should be noted that complement each other, looking for the opportunity to attack and attack methods, not in order to demonstrate their use of turning its back to the basket and blindly shot back in situ. I believe, "Practice makes perfect, Qiao could Sheng Zhi", and shot back to the basket in situ anti-technology people do not try it out.

6, center essentials of several actions and precautions:

1. Backhand shot

Action Methods: The bottom line from the basket on the right breakthrough, shooting to the left as an example. Footwork and shooting the same basket with one hand on the shoulders. The first step should be big next step is to take off brake to control the momentum, while upper body slightly thrown back, looking up basket, the ball from the direction of the chest directly to the basket move. When the right arm going straight along the little finger when the wrist twisting inward direction, with the little finger, ring finger, middle finger, index finger dial ball, lateral the ball touch the plate after the spin shot.

2. Hook shot

Action Methods: A cross-cutting to the basket player shooting the ball with his right hand as an example, taken the right foot caught the ball at the same time, side pedal force, and then his left foot a large step to the basket, the body center of gravity down, upper body tilted to the left, left foot firmly placed in take-off, raised his right leg on the knees, right hand holding the ball from the chest by the side of the body to do curved upward swing, lifting the ball into the cephalic top of the highest point of the ball at the same time visual basket with wrist and finger strength to shoot the ball touch the plate.

Action points: two-legged vertical jump force, vacate relaxed balance is good, give the ball to stabilize the head, the time to master clever shot.

A good center technical requirements have to versatility. In the attack, the center position near the basket should have the ability to singles, he must be able to do singles back facing the basket moves, turn shot is the most common one, while the jump hook, hook shot is a more defensive scoring. Defensively, to be called a good center, that apart from a good defensive player to see outside of their own to the timely help teammate's defense is necessary. Simply put, if the enemy's defensive player go past the teammate to the basket and come in, they should have one husband when the center closed the courage to defend one's own a taboo subject. Of course, not to say that every time can be impermeable to water, but always have a "can help" capability, if a center can only hold their own people, it is not enough (unless the other party is the superior offensive center).

Center there is a deformation, that is, outside the so-called center. He and the normal center of the difference is that his offense was mainly to go out to vote outside, but do less restricted singles work. As the center of the heads high, not restrain the other shorter people, so to the outside shooting can leads to the other side of the center, so its very useful when a strong forward, and in defense, he is no different with the general center, still defend the other center, still to grasp rebounds and Utah's Mehmet Okur is an example.

The following bounce teach you their personal training methods, more practical:

First of all you have to master the jump method, when you dance with the toes hair force, remember to take off the moment abdomen (this may be the beginning a bit difficult, but the for a long time will naturally be of the abdomen), bring up the whole body, especially hands, jumping up when the hands are too forced! take-off Respiratory breathing when, after landing breath! refueling exercise bar, in addition to emphasis on training jumping should also pay attention to basketball practice!

followed by a big jump training methods other than those outside the more practice you have to fine Aberdeen focus on:

1, power, this practice you can sprint 100 meters, so make a very good calf muscles The explosive, a lot practice and from 100 meters or 50 meters sprint bar.

2, usually more than skipping a day, hundreds of thousands of sub-total hop. In this way, can reduce the fat, and increase the leg muscles to enhance sexual drive .

3, you are still young. you later there is still much room for growth, so the first hope for success Do not worry, slowly, step by step according to the Ministry of the training courses, will definitely be a success, believe yourself, and strive to pay a There will be rewarded!!!

I am sure you will not bounce now very poor, you just want to improve your jumping, I just say that. You are more practice before the big training methods, now pay attention to those details of the training methods, but also diet, do not let that I'm too fat, some thin and do not prefer more fat. because the thin people are often very high jump, like the legs tied more What ah what, it is best avoided, I've tried, simply does not work. Gaode feet, and very tired, not any results ..

The key is to practice exercises leg muscles (thigh, calf) and the calf of the explosive ...

Oh, and then add that you are squatting, put his hands behind, and then skip steps, just started jumping a 2. and then slowly add up, and so well trained in their own feelings , and jumped on their feet and hands can also be a natural place ... so ... there is to be practiced long jump, standing long jump and red running long jump, these details are the key to determine your jumping ability ah!!!

to constantly practice and practice in actual combat to be a serious effort to deal with

detailed explanation click back the body's singles


look at the 2 Video:

1, Boozer back body

2, the foreign body back teaching video is particularly useful -!


in the low singles should be the correct basis for the other's physical movement in such areas as the pace and bounce to carry out, if the other side stronger than your speed in the If you have a good bounce on top of or you should not take back the body's singles, back singles response body should be weaker than some of their players, so as not to lose! the practice is to rely on one to one carried out by a person unable to complete These moves should be playing in the back to back, snapping each other's next hard-packed, dribbling as far as possible to lower the natural waist must bend some, pushed you in the range of the ball when you can pick up the semi-turn to play Plate shot!

hook shot

First of all, the general location of the ball are the center and power forward position. At this time, you received a back pass you the ball, his back to the basket. Hook shot to the first use of the opportunity created.

The first step to use the shoulder Kaozhu each other to suppress the body to live with him.

The second step is a step to the restricted area inside the great strides of the left leg (usually by attacking the basket at all times the right side of the rim, which is accustomed to shooting right-handed people the way).

The third step is to turn toward the basket. At the same time the high jump, with his right hand the ball high over his head, preferably straight arm. When you jump to the highest point of time, the land allocated for the ball with the wrist gently into the basket.

With his back to opponents threw you back basket, is unlikely to be covered, because the other side responded too late, up by you scared, I've moved it into before, state high

A more detailed introduction to center, as well as Skills -

more detailed footwork and scoring skills please click html? si = 4 & wtp = wk

Action defender rebounding methods: defensive rebounding team in a favorable position, is located inside the attacking team, most people adopt the "block grab." First of all stations should maintain a correct posture, knees peg-leg, upper body slightly forward, the focus falls on two legs between the arms elbow lateral Zhang occupy a larger area. When the opponent shot after shot, first of all should pay attention to the movements of opponents and, in accordance with the opponent's position, using the step, step, and turned to seize the withdrawal position for it to opponents behind me, at the same time, observation to determine placement of the ball ready to take off . Before take-off foot pedal force, the upward arm and raised waist, hands the ball impact point to the direction of stretch, jump to the highest point of touching the ball with both hands, one hand challenge for the ball or the ball to the Enlightenment from peers. If in the air and grab the ball and failed to spread, floor should be kept in physical balance and protect the ball, and timely use of transmission or the operation of the offensive.

Action key: accurately determine the direction and placement of the ball rebound, robbed-bit block people, and timely take-off, a quick pass.

Offensive rebounding team

Action Method: offensive players generally located outside defender, in a location not conducive to grab rebounds. Therefore, the offensive rebounding team to highlight a "red" is used. When the peer or themselves shot, the last basket of the offensive player the first to accurately determine the placement of the ball, using a fake body feint moves from the defensive player of the block, around the cross, pushed in front of opponent's front or side, to seize the favorable position, with tipped in stride, or run-up take-off or rebound.

Action key: accurately determine the direction and placement of the ball rebound, stepped around the red-step or grab a timely take-off.


see more recently discovered a Web site devoted to basketball skills - Five Tigers Basketball Network (wohoops), personal feeling is quite good, and should help a friend like basketball Oh! ! And there is more to explain the rules of basketball. There are a lot of high-definition video technology. There are first-class coach to the U

Cool potatoes are a great video site

inside the search they want to see can find

take your time - are fine, ah

呵呵 加油 Zhu you are an early and successful -
West Lake Chu Min2010-03-03 20:47:33 +0000 #3
see more NBA star center to play, ever see, to remember the main points on the OK 啦
cspiaoxue12010-03-03 21:07:04 +0000 #4
Note Cards practicing good bit! Win Pool must learn well! Even if you are a center! Yun Pool is the Pool in the basket the most fundamental and important part! also depends on your sense of 対 rebound! no sense of what to say no to use
283,299,5132010-03-03 20:25:03 +0000 #5
center at the two to see which one you like, for what kind of . One is by virtue of excellent physique, you can keep red rebound, coupled with powerful powerful defensive center.

One is a good shooting touch, to coordinate the offense plus a good sense of tissue-type center, scoring ability.

Amateur cases, the name of play, then an active grab rebounds on the good. There is also turned back, back turned to the use flexibility is definitely a very good score means, I am a school team's power forward and center similar to the technical movements. Forget the adoption.
Shanghai roaming gunmen2010-03-03 22:09:27 +0000 #6
card bit is used does not change the focus of C,

how to play will depend on how your team to configure the

In fact, you can play as center forward

184 should be very flexible and can be washed grab rebounds


Can learn

Dirk Nowitzki
Liu _ a _ a2010-03-03 22:54:34 +0000 #7
school basketball, it is no excessively stringent requirements on how you must have to stand the basket ball shooting himself how to

184 These are the basic skills you can have conscious 啦 to STOP jumper with a ball outside the basket, etc., after all, then further on your height will not be considered a very high now, under the cultivation of the first outside the conscious ability to take precautions Well ..

As for the present position in the blue of the lower active Dianka Pinqiang have increased Advantages grab the ball and strong on the 10 there are 67 can enter the bounce is also a factor

someone else feed the ball to give you back baskets technology itself hone honed strokes back turned to the best school it can be really proficient in nirvana ..
lzhh20082010-03-03 23:47:25 +0000 #8
1, C of the most important card bit

2, Society of force,Does not necessarily make use of force strength through large, physical coordination ability of the high requirements of strength followed by

3, we should be passing, do five individuals hub

This is my summing up playing center for 10 years of experience, my Your height has not yet high, He He. Need to exchange words



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