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Xiang Jie basketball skills

372,827,4992010-03-03 21:10:49 +0000 #1
1. The bottom line How to prevent a breakthrough jumper?

2. How to defend themselves faster speed than people?

3. How to prevent back body singles?

4. Stuck half a body how to place the ball?

5. How to break the double-team?

6. Dribbling the ball and focus on how to adjust the time?
BloveL282010-03-03 21:17:22 +0000 #2
1. The bottom line breakthrough, upper body swaying, pretending to go inside, and then change hands crotch dribble away the bottom line, defensive players came after the emergency stop evacuation step jumper.

2. Defensive faster than their own people, can only do the pre-contracting, multi-hit games, multi-accumulate experience, or you can note changes in each other's waist, as you can see his waist change in the direction of a breakthrough in the last of his teammates can rely on inside defense.

3. Back body singles, sideways dribble hand away from the other side, relying on its own weight on live defensive player, the times correctly, hook, or turn a breakthrough.

4, and block the defensive player once, with the side away from each other's hands, it turns to the same time, pay attention to his side of the defensive players behind the movement.

5, double-team, the best way is to pass around the edge if you can throw to each other's body, Oh, if we have to break, needs some space, disguised with body sway, from the middle of the gap over the past 2 and difficult,

6, dribbling the ball and focus to maintain consistency, you can always do the next action, emergency stop or turn around in disguise.
pig_p2010-03-03 21:30:13 +0000 #3
1. in the low line to face each other, due to the bottom line let out, let him go to sudden bottom line. , Which is basically anti-pitcher must take a time to put their hands up before him, would rather let him break through.

2. Anti-breaking speed and powerful people who want to lower their center of gravity, his hands open

3. If the other party is to be able to use technology-based prevention and Crimping top side of the chest do not give him too much movement, if it is the power type should be the focus of reducing defense Do not let him near the basket.

4. Take a step forward when the ball came to 5., Patrol ball head buried in the middle of the two from two sudden or bypass one of them.

6. Do not dribble the ball when the racket is too high



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