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My jumping ability to increase the number of

Guo 1E2010-03-03 23:11:16 +0000 #1
I am now 162cm, just be able to template, standing 275, according to the following methods every day if I exercise, I ask for six months and a year later my jumping ability to grow the number (which can be touched), physical quality to what kind of a level?

1. Sit-ups (since slow down the fast) 30

2. Lower body on the bed by someone else Crimping, head next to, the upper left vacant, and then suddenly lifted his upper body to the highest point of 20

3. Skipping 100 , 2 groups

4. leapfrog 20, group 2 to 5. dumbbells held 20 times, group 2 to 6. jump from a height in the landing immediately jump up, 15, 2 Group
Wani a rustic _2010-03-03 23:16:49 +0000 #2
buddies. you're really strong, and

1 meter 62 will be able to touch version.

I am than you are high. also practiced it,

I bought sandbags leggings on the train.

This not only the leg muscle strength training.'s high jump is absolutely beneficial.
pk3043942602010-03-03 23:50:28 +0000 #3
basket slam dunk is a mere trifle more
Sirius Wrath2010-03-03 23:40:06 +0000 #4
probably can go to 300
to suffer depressed _2010-03-04 00:44:50 +0000 #5
be able to adhere to the words. Should be able to hit a basket. I am also such a practice over the
SPACEeca2010-03-04 01:39:19 +0000 #6
be able to adhere to the words. Should be able to hit a basket.

Probably can go to 300
dong22026112010-03-04 01:43:59 +0000 #7
If you have always insisted it will go

bdyl1996992010-03-04 02:38:50 +0000 #8
Your 162's that strong? How old? Certainly not raise the issue



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