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Tianjin Adi monopoly which can identify the authenticity of shoes? Please Zhijiao Thank you

lunwen200882010-03-03 23:11:35 +0000 #1
Network purchased a pair of shoes, a great difference with the counter could not find the local identification, suspected to be false, but there is no place to open identification proved Shop owner said the firm must prove in order to return, help! !
Nama Red2010-03-03 23:22:09 +0000 #2
LZ may be a bit troublesome. Unless you are buying in the counter products, or counter it is impossible to help you identify the authenticity and issuing identification to prove. Now that you have net purchased, then I can think of the authenticity of identification methods are:

1, NIKE ADIDAS shoes, the greatest way to identify the authenticity of shoe standard, you can go to counters look like you is the same style of shoes marked Or, secretly filmed by the camera, as evidence.

2, Tianjin, there are many private shops, such as T-shirt source, Yong-yuan, silver balls, etc., if you are good enough relationship with the boss, you can also get shoes so that they can identify with me (and difficult) to 3, to big shoes forums (such as size, etc.) where the person in charge of professional identification (but also through shoe label).

Therefore, shoes marked very important position of the above numbers, letters, and so have great knowledge, no matter how high the rate of false simulation shoes, shoes objective is to can not and imitation, and hope the above help you.
ぃ dirty の Shuai2010-03-03 23:34:47 +0000 #3
Now Adi plant a lot of fake goods ah, fake, and really almost the same standard, from 3.0 to the TS series are this way, hey, the best monopoly, net purchase bad, after all, a price of a sub-sub - Cargo



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