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quiet youth2010-01-22 03:02:07 +0000 #1
My unit wants to basketball, I would like to know what foul play please Xiangjie!

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Strong personality tenderness2010-01-22 03:08:44 +0000 #2
, thugs that the "illegal hands."

Hand touching the other players are not necessarily a foul.

Referee shall determine whether caused by contact with team members received unfair benefits. If the team caused by contact with the other members in any way limit the freedom of movement, such contact is a foul.

When the defensive player in the defensive position, and his hand or arm placed in a ball or ball of the other players and to maintain contact with the body in order to impede his march, took place on the hands of illegal or illicit extended arm.

Repeatedly touch or "stamp" ball or a foul ball to the other team is, because it can lead to violent games.

This is the offensive team fouls:

• In order to obtain unjustified benefits, with arm or elbow, "hooks" or winding defender.

• In order to prevent the defensive player of the defensive or try to challenge for the ball, or; in order to prevent members of his or create more space between the "pushing" defender.

• dribble when the forearm or hand with the extension to stop the other team get the ball.

Non-ball attack player for the following reasons "pushing" defender against the rules:

• out to catch a ball.

• Defensive Player of the defense to stop or try to challenge for the ball.

• defender between him and create more space.

2, walking that "the ball away," are illegal, not foul.

When a player on the floor holding a live ball, the foot or feet beyond the limits described in these rules to the illegal movement in either direction is the ball away.

Players holding the ball sliding, rolling or trying to stand up and be the ball away illegally.

3, twice, that is, "double dribble" is not a foul is illegal.

Team after the end of the first dribble allowed to re-dribble, except in between the double dribble, he has lost control of the floor live ball, because of:

• shooting.

• was the other player touched the ball.

• pass or fumble, and then touched another player or another player touching.

Note: The fumbled the ball is not considered dribble.

4, pushing people is the player forced to use any part of the body to move or attempt to move the control or the control of the other players occurred when illegal physical contact.

5, and gave the driver, there is a ball or a player without the ball to advance or move to the other players on the trunk of illegal physical contact.

6,2 Yun, see section 3, is illegal (not foul).

7, return to field, "the ball back after the field" for short.

The ball back to the backcourt three elements - the team control the ball; control team last touched the ball before the games; control the team hit the first ball after the games.

Who meets these three factors controlled the ball back to the team after the games are illegal in making the ball back after the games, is illegal (not foul).

Note: The three elements of the sequence, but also place the ball back to the order after the games.

8, over the shoulder, that is, when the players dribble occasionally happen, hand the ball is still in contact with the ball bounce too high (with the players head high or higher than the head) phenomenon. Is not necessarily illegal possession of the ball, it may be legitimate dribble.

To carry the ball, the rule does not expressly defined in the rules of the offense, but there are plans in the relevant referee gestures.

According to the terms of the definition of the rules Dribble "When the players hit the ball with both hands at the same time or allow the ball in one hand or both hands when dribbling the end of the stay," even dribble over the shoulder, so that dribble moves look very coordinated, but as long as transport the ball player's hand is down, and the palm of your hand does not exceed the vertical plane of vertical extent, it should be seen as the palm is still down, the ball can not be in the hands of the stay, it can be seen as a legitimate dribble, not sentenced to carry the ball offenses. If the palm of your hand face up on the vertical and more than vertical, the ball can remain in the hands of clearly, this can be regarded as an illegal dribble offense carrying the ball.

9, wrist turn, namely, "to carry the ball" known offenses, not foul
Dong Song2010-01-22 03:44:46 +0000 #3
pushing people, double dribble, roughnecks, stop, I just know that. Looking forward to master to answer,



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