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How singles inside

Appalling XX2010-03-04 04:10:55 +0000 #1
I am now 16 years old 1 meter 85

elementary school to play small forward when the ball inside where it is quite good

I played a good speed, power can also be

usually play games are rebounds and blocked shots

but too thin of the 122 pounds

never met a tall, strong inside

but when I encounter a higher than me or are the Zhuang and powerful I have been brushing rebounds and insider singles are plummeting, but I am pretty flexible and speed fast is great before playing the occasional guest center

ask me how to play explosive and strong than me ah? ? ?
▓ Jujue 恋 嗳 ℡2010-03-04 04:23:36 +0000 #2
hello -

to practice basketball in practice and in actual combat but also to maintain a good state of mind

good mentality: Do not think they can not think of failure No more shame to play good teammates to his embarrassment

want to know basketball is not that hard training in order to show the basketball court to prove his own -!

To never give up -! Persist in the end -!

The next step is to say in detail under the -!

To constantly practice and practice in actual combat to be a serious effort to deal with

detailed explanation click back the body's singles


Let us look at two video:

1, Boozer back body

2, the foreign body back teaching video is particularly useful -- !


back singles who are mainly close to the defender's legs that made power. Because it is not only inward squeezing force. More to maintain the whole body balance. the other foot is just a balancing role in Bu ..

upper body-fat advocate rely on Yao Li. .. waist and leg muscles can be transferred to the shoulders made. it depends on how you fought back. is hip to the strong fight it, or use the shoulder to the strong play .. play with the words of the hip waist fat force be used directly in the that. However, this move has to be very Zhuang people .. not the case with Cai Xing useless .... If the north shoulder body singles words. It is about coming to look at. Force is about what's available. so that its ability to fully explode ..

non-dribbling hand should be flat Taizhi waist to the chest during this defensive position .. who try to resist. . to protect their dribble .. because you are farther away. you have the ball more secure ..

if the counterparty does not Tieshang Lai. This has the recipe for .. First, if you have the ability to shoot the preferred proposal .. .. but if you shoot too far away from the words or multi-pass bar. If it is in the distance shot of the .. if you are fully capable of, or other defensive player of the ability is less than you. You can also choose to rely on up singles ... There are . .. the most useful trick when they do not Tieshang Lai. huang a fake .. all likelihood, at the other side of this move and then himself when .. .......

in the low singles should be correct based on the pace of each other's physical movement and jumping ability, etc. to carry out, if the other side stronger than your speed, or jumping on top of your good, you should not take back the body's singles, back the body's singles response should be weaker than some of their own players, this will not lose out! the practice is to rely on one to one carried out by a person unable to complete these actions, in the back should be back playing when the next hard-packed closely aligns the other side, dribbling as possible to lower waist naturally to be bent some, pushed you in the range of the ball when you can pick up the semi-turn to play board shots!

play basketball, how to deal with close defensive

hands holding the ball, find a pivot foot, first to the side of the half-turn around, he move with you, you turn around a half in the fast in the opposite direction. Are talking about are from his back to defensive players, defensive players in the face of the process of rotation. Transferred twice, and I remember the ball held high, and prevent cuts, when the go to the front when the first probe to the left shoulder, and then followed the direction of earlier, so that defensive players think you are still the same as the order before the turn, suddenly from the front bar put the ball to right, and then speed up, step by step over from the right.

Trick is to be transferred, no matter how you turn, as long as the center of gravity with the other's defense up like, and then a reverse to the other focus Akira did not, you can breakthrough. Of course, this depends on your ground-breaking initiative is not fast enough.

Can not Crimping him, but he can be issued to you when secure in power stopped. I think the main points of close defense and the first step should be broken quickly, keep pace with each other. Second, the other party to determine the action to be sensitive to some, for instance, when he wants to move quickly against his body (do not touch the arm), to give him the appropriate pressure. His playing stronger effort to fight when a firm enough. The most important defense is to close to each other interference, so do not think the total cap, to keep in front of him, but Akira does not eat, so that he does not jump up and running is not up, wearing no ball is the most successful of the

I wish you an early success! ! !
capturer20102010-03-04 04:21:58 +0000 #3
resalei21212010-03-04 04:32:40 +0000 #4
Yan Miao Xin Yao Sen Biao2010-03-04 05:06:55 +0000 #5
use your flexibility.

Do not stop painting area has been consumed with him, pulled the ball near the foul line, if you played the small forward shooting and dribbling it certainly still can, if you are one step away from the other side more than you can shoot it if it is affixed anti - on the break, but should pay attention to defense and double team, do not steal each other's little man.

Also, the above said is the general situation, if the opponent's physical fitness is a Howard-type, bouncing power of speed is not ... then you can only use La Xiafeng the footsteps of the basket there is a hook.

Propose that more take a look at Chris Bosh and big dreams video (Bosh attack range, you can pull 3-point line, breaking ball is also worth learning, as a dream does not say much, but if the pace of big dreams good practice, then take a look at Luis Scola also OK)
quzeyuqq2010-03-04 05:48:07 +0000 #6
to technology, flexible, aggressive tactics and more than learning subjects, the main thing is to have the air, along with take-off, being down, you have not down, you will Good beat



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