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How to lay a solid audience

twinsyuwo2010-03-04 07:11:15 +0000 #1
I am 173 tall. I usually play half-time friend of the relentless fierce. But now I am familiar with other people who do not hit 55, how do I go on the resigned suddenly, they dare not hit like them. Like to wear a ball. Have the opportunity to also in the cast. And ridiculously biased. I ask the audience to change how to fight 55. To the point brother. Guilt today, I die, like a beginner. -
zdtx1231232010-03-04 07:27:46 +0000 #2
you do not play I'll tell you, first you have experienced professional basketball training, is not itself was born to play baseball. Second, if the experience of professional training that you ask such a question you are really sorry coach, if it is baseball related to the many problems it was born, half-court and the audience is completely the concept of two half-time when you play you are relaxation winning or losing do not feel anything, basically anyone who goes in the case who is the ball, but the audience is to play by the five individuals on the pitch, Consciousness, there is your basic skills of basketball, you get the ball on the pass is because you are afraid of, Therefore, only the ball on the pass I'll give you advice that you have to carry on to go through what basketball professional training, Enhancing the awareness of the basic skills can be good, you practice balls are not good to talk about awareness of transport,

there is basketball is to mindless play, and gradually you will know listen to your questioning, you are basically no entry to be properly connected Basketball ask you where under the old-timers called them to bring these you hit play, you have a natural would be increased.
Street No Fukui M2010-03-04 07:23:48 +0000 #3
Louzhu Hello,

described in the case against you, you is a kind of psychological problem.

For your situation there are two kinds of methods:

1. And teammates to play with, do not go it alone, as half the same as

2. More for audience practice, mental qualities honed in the game

I hope you come as soon as possible to overcome the monster, so that the same audience, and half-smooth
cxr705172010-03-04 07:19:40 +0000 #4
is very simple, I am now in the United States in peacetime, and foreigners playing audience, as long as Enhancing endurance, practicing like the shuttle run, and the rational allocation of physical , if your technology can also be the case, do not drag on the team like the Do not go it alone. We may not be the same situation, I play half-court, or the man on man, horse, foreigners can win, but the game-playing audience when the foreigner is the sprint, I can not keep up, and in China, there is a difference between playing audience , as long as able to run, the audience will be able to play well, and technology is very important to not shoot, physical good is the most critical (⊙ o ⊙) ...



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