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Seeking the NBA Eastern All-Star coach.

weiwei32622010-03-04 13:10:15 +0000 #1

owenshanghai2010-03-04 13:18:25 +0000 #2
NBA officially announced today that the Denver Nuggets coach George Karl will serve as 2010NBA coach the West All-Star Game. 2010NBA All-Star Game will be held February 14, 2010 in Arlington, Texas, cowboy Stadium.

Thursday as the Dallas Mavericks lost to the Phoenix Suns to 112:106, as of January 31, Nuggets team winning percentage (31 wins 14 losses, winning 68.9%) will be at least Mavericks (30 wins 16 losses, winning percentage 65.2%) were flat, ranked second in the Western Division. Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson, because last year was the Western Conference All-Star head coach, so that they would not meet the qualification selected. The case of a tie in winning percentage, most recently served as coach of the All-Star game will be eligible for exemption. Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle was elected in 2004, the Western coach, but Karl was elected in 1998. In addition, Carl in 1994 and 1996 play-off coaching the West All-Star Game.

In the six seasons coaching the Nuggets, the Carl to 255 victories ranked second in the Nuggets history (the first was Doug Moe, 432 games), but his 62 percent winning percentage is that no one can reach The. This season, Karl led the Nuggets in the team's first 45 games history of achievement and the team performance was flat, and recently won eight consecutive games.

In the NBA's 22 seasons, Carl in NBA history with 964 wins ranks seventh. Including 17 consecutive seasons of winning 50% or more, followed by Pat Riley (19,1981-82to2001-02) and Phil Jackson (18,1989-90 to the present) ranked third. Apart from NBA history have won 900 games record 10 coaches, Karl is also a coalition of 1,500 games in the history of Zhi Jiao's 11th coach. Nine, he was NBA Coach of the monthly honor, ranks fifth in NBA history.
No culture is wonderful, terrible?2010-03-04 13:58:36 +0000 #3
2010 NBA Eastern All-Star team coach will be based in the eastern part of January 31 deadline when the entire record to determine

the West is obviously a coach has been baked Denver Nuggets coach George Karl
Wang Ren-jian2010-03-04 13:29:45 +0000 #4
East has not yet come out, the west is Denver's Karl



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