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With regard to basketball extraordinary problems

woai62d2010-03-04 14:11:07 +0000 #1
I have the basket the way that the total is very monotonous dribble to the free-throw line and then three-step layup, the main body bit by surprise into the power of speed. However, when faced with higher than themselves, or of the Zhuang. . . . . Although he has been practicing dribbling extraordinary on the face of the old fear of anti-steal my (little scared and ashamed), so to not. Want to help expert help.

In addition, I met a few tall and wingspan are all bouncing NB were people, they always have been faced with cap, not to mention the breakthrough in bursts if not their heads off the ball to the extreme danger of being cap, but they do not Huang I really helpless to eat them is my good friend, able to seize the third-year basket (of course, can not dunk) would like to teach younger brother how to fight such people
DOTA_Goblin2010-03-04 14:22:47 +0000 #2
Your fear steal on, then Do not panic , tell the truth before me, and your style of play is somewhat similar to, but I generally lay-time position based on the other side dodge.

You can first free-throw line in the vicinity of the ball under control, take a look at the location of teammates, I want to be afraid of being broken in situ dribble, right? Then you can carefully think about this time, or slowly with the eyes and slow movements to reach a point of passing a fake. Because you move slow, so it is very realistic, and then a moment of explosive look inside the conflict, this time it is difficult to reflect ordinary people over, because this is the first slow and then suddenly changing fast.

You have the time and thought they could be more than waist strength, so that easy to do after take-off bar-like movements, and my middle school prior to the time apart from basketball team training at home every day and did sit-ups. In this way, you can take advantage of take-off after the others stayed in the air to escape blocks.

And then more useful way is to exercise his own sense of balance, in the layup when stepping into the rhythm slow, but the steps should be big, and then like you are the first step is to the left a little cross, and others will certainly come prepared to move cover you, because it upset the rhythm, so you can at this time someone else's position so that the second step to right across, and sometimes can be directly cross-step, which is Wade's Behind the principle of step, and so is difficult to cover someone else you.

The final is relatively 好想 is dumped, such as your free-throw line, just go past people began to speed up preparations for a layup, and this time the other side will certainly be ready to move to the basket blocks you, you can simply do not cross the 2-step, direct throw, so that God can not also cover you, but as long as the co-ordination is good, action is generally more elegant handsome, but this needs to practice, as accuracy is concerned with the feelings, fueling bar.
Smile_ Xiaoxuan2010-03-04 14:17:58 +0000 #3
breakthrough is most important is to find someone to sew the conflict, rather than relying on the body and strength of the rash to break through. . . Breakthrough in speed more appropriate to pull your opponents when the free-throw line near the break with speed. . .

As to the risk, this is a learning process, I was playing inside, and individual feelings as long as you shot fast, accurately find the time difference, it will not be at risk from. . . Is the risk is also a learning process.
Cold Night Crow2010-03-04 14:56:17 +0000 #4
play must pay attention to think I play like Dan Lian look at the NBA's shot to see if they break their shooting ratio and Madison breakthrough in academic disciplines than in a matter of fact, when Bryant just joined the NBA is simply a replica of Michael Jordan because of his every day Jordan has repeatedly watching a video game to see and learn from Me High School sophomore, I started playing I now have a school team of wish you every success
JessenLee2010-03-04 14:49:02 +0000 #5
Lou Zhu and height should generally not a lot of people with his bad right place, right? If it is misplaced, then it simple, in fact, after the break-point shot is a good choice, because you are tall air-defense when he was bound to escape anti-big one, it is tall, the smaller one of the ways of human existence ah . If it is not misplaced, then it should first ball to someone else, diligence Paowei to find space and opportunities for re-shot when the bar. Actually, no matter how to play, passing and Paowei will have more opportunities.



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