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l62502010-03-04 14:11:33 +0000 #1
My 14 years old and 175 height and weight 90KG or so are often physically very hard, but you said technology is not very shun rough dribble the ball into the recent vote in 10 other seven balls into the playing field is not all rely on the top sideways into the lane and then Lutz defensive forces in the absolute defensible type of person so far no one from the top here, I went to play 2 months of the time but only half a day on weekends to play footwork is poor, not do the footwork rebounds fairly OK Please enlighten master I like to play is O'Neill's type
for Zeng Ge Lapi Article2010-03-04 14:19:14 +0000 #2
Your age should be in junior high school do you?

呵呵 with your physical condition can be tough in the middle of the absolute size of the

center in the insider's singles when the dribble not seek how fast

attempt to find a stable character to understand it?

Would like to make people first of all we need to protect themselves are generally physically strike

Yi Zhu and then people look at me for a moment forget the inner side of it dribble strong ties hit

and then you have to turn some simple shooting (not Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant's turn, after Yang!)

in practice should pay attention to his pivot foot must not walk

呵呵 on the Internet also will be able to use words to say that these had

I suggest you had better look at the video

There are more than you have a body O'Neal has been able to dominate in the NBA for ten eventually becoming just rely on his strength

and his footsteps and flexibility you see him turn around very quickly this is after a long time to reach the realm of practice
fanghuaxinling2010-03-04 15:01:12 +0000 #3
As you have the height, I think you are more dribble and improve their own ball to play a good bit larger center will definitely increase your shortcomings reason, you have the flexibility that the hook shot is not good, of course, if you are confident is also OK , Lutz need to hit rate, if the vote does not enter, rebounds hard to guarantee. More than the pace and thought. Multi-step cross-training to improve physical coordination.
dada2009l2010-03-04 15:16:28 +0000 #4
center are not required to dribble well, mainly attack the basket, triangular shooting area (the paint on both sides of 45-degree angle and the free-throw line), there is also turned and shot, their own stations, etc. Basically, you can a



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