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Why Guangdong Hongyuan Guangdong CBA fans are the least popular?

Honest Buddha2010-03-04 15:10:34 +0000 #1
Why Guangdong Hongyuan Guangdong CBA fans are the most unpopular?

Why so long as the news on the Guangdong Hongyuan, message where all fans are all over the country criticizing it?

Why do the fans have been in Guangdong fans across the country was called a monkey?

Do not know really do not understand, I think CBA, but I think people will not be unprovoked on the curse.
jiawenbin112010-03-04 15:25:07 +0000 #2
Guangdong Tigers have been severely criticized not because people jealous because the

1, from the CBA is concerned, Cantonese born five short stature, can not play basketball, so there is no sports school in Guangdong, no run can only dig up someone else's wall, to dig people 15-17 years of age throughout the country a good seedling is about talent, but also have to talk about their own culture, their own sense of shame that can accommodate the world is dead, the whole of Guangdong team up to now have two Guangdong-born players, is strictly speaking one (because Yi Jianlian parents are not Cantonese) Guangdong Hongyuan Guangdong people say that they are, there is money to bribe the scouts came to China to NBA, Yi Jianlian blowing into God, into the NBA, Yi Jianlian went to the NBA ball the result did not play well, but Shuada Pai, the chair called the U.S. fans disgrace the Chinese man's face, Guangdong Hongyuan do not know repentance, but also continued to advocate an unlimited chair male talent to surpass Yao Ming , there is a fight boxing Guangdong playing the same game as 12 people take turns playing, as long as the other players to score the ball, they are taken "hard" fouls, let the other party serve, or to the other injured, the coach of the Guangdong Hongyuan Li Chunjiang believe that a strong "hard" fouls is the man, who would play whoever injured and Guangdong, the Guangdong Hongyuan that there is no professional ethics, nicknamed Guangdong Sanda team.

2, that is, within the Guangdong Hongyuan fighting professionals, lay outside the war, as long as a hit international competitions for the Guangdong Tigers do not play like a team, and strong "hard" defense, it is not hard up, but those in the domestic Guangdong Hongyuan league, but with no other team out of players fighting for the Chinese team failed to score, so that the Chinese team win. Asian Championships last year, the Guangdong Tigers, because of national team players accounted for more than half of Jiangshan, who in order to make their coach to replace the current national team coach Li Chunjiang Guo Shiqiang, even regardless of national honor, the collective released Guo Shiqiang pigeon, deliberately lost Guangdong Province to help the game actually lucky that the podium, reporters also shot down. Let the Chinese team, became an international joke, called the "lucky door."

3, is only my personal guess, the Guangdong Hongyuan Basketball Association is likely to have given the officials the whereabouts of each year, because last season Guangdong Hongyuan staged a "finger gate", a black six seconds event, Shandong beat events, the result not only failed to Guangdong Hongyuan Unluckily, CBA severe punishment, but is that the victims of the team.

Let us Laijiang Jiang Guangdong Tigers fans why do you always have been severely criticized, not without reason people criticize them, reason is that

1, they not only refrained from criticizing the Guangdong Tigers of the shameless act but unrealistic, stop being the major forum to say that black and white, anyway is beneficial Hongyuan like.

2, the Guangdong Hongyuan fans say is like a traitor to China, they say they support the Nanjing massacre, comfort women accused of Jiangsu were the descendants, who accused person is the Russo-Japanese hybrid Liaoning, Liaoning Province, said with so little Japanese people only arrested and experiment, blaming the Xinjiang people are thieves, who have the taste of pork, cursing Beijingers Boxer Rebellion left hybrids, condemning the opium in Fujian people are ghosts, I think that the words of Cantonese can be executed more than 10000 back.

3, Cantonese is the most powerful eyes of Yi Jianlian, Yao Ming has been known to do Taisha Canton, despite the fact the contrary, but the writers are still not spare the Guangdong defamation Yao Ming, Yi Jianlian advocate.

4, Guangdong, Guangdong fans do not love the quality that is unpatriotic, to say ill of the Guangdong Hongyuan were all referred to as traitors, general merchandise
Chen Zhang2010-03-04 15:55:34 +0000 #3
Personal Interests
13,128,996,4052010-03-04 16:09:19 +0000 #4
because we are jealous hearts why it has been criticized on the Rocket We are all jealous of the Lakers beat



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